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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday 24 January 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your focus towards work is remarkable and will please you immensely, and your efforts are directed in such a manner that your hard work is showing.
Do – Your abilities are remarkable and your performance will show, and this goodness must be taken advantage of.
Don’t – Don’t also forget that you have to care for your loved ones, and this balance has to be maintained now which is very essential.

Vrishabh – Your efforts will give you the rewards and will make your destiny, and that will help you to even improve your relationships especially some love relationship.
Do – Your efforts are showing in terms of involvement in your work as well, and as a result you are inclined to take some risks also.
Don’t – Don’t put yourself into a situation where problems arise, hence restrict yourself to the gains of this period and draw happiness from that.

Mithun – Any pressures or problems created at this stage is of your own making, if you make mistakes then you have yourself to be blamed.
Do – You must discuss your matters in relationship in a very mild manner, otherwise it may lead to problems which you may create for yourself.
Don’t – Don’t therefore let your personal life issues become complicated, matters may be small but they are there nevertheless and they have to be protected.

Karka – You are caring towards others and that care is getting reflected, so much so that you are even willing to create loss for yourself to support others.
Do – Personal life issues are well placed from your side and you are making those efforts, but still there are problems which you are not able to resolve.
Don’t – Don’t therefore take any step which is not carefully executed, and that is why it is very essential to plan effectively and execute those plans pointedly.

Simha – You may be creating pressures for yourself because of your own rigid thinking, and that is the reason that you are not able to please others the way it is desired.
Do – If you create conflicts then you have to bear the outcome of that also, and that is why your carelessness is getting reflected at this stage.
Don’t – Don't forget that you may be making efforts to resolve your issues, but somehow the rewards are not getting built the way it is desired.

Kanya – Relationships are important to you and you are trying to get the best advantage of it, your focus and involvement is shown in such a manner that it may actually give you happiness.
Do – While you may get happiness from some love relationship you are neglecting your own home and family in the process, and that can get complicated unnecessarily.
Don’t – Don’t therefore let a situation arise which is not desired, you will have to become mild and try to understand the other person’s point of view also.

Tula – Your focus towards your personal life is remarkable and praiseworthy, luck is also supporting you in the process and you are able to do a lot for others.
Do – The overall pattern therefore is stable and happy, your involvement in some relationship is such that it may please you.
Don’t – Don’t still let any confusion arise in relationships, especially in what you portray to others you have to be very clear in what you are saying.

Vrishchik – Luck is helping you immensely and that is the way forward, but there are many risks also in the process in which some loss may be created indirectly.
Do – You may have to be careful in whatever you are planning to do, luck has a positive role but your savings will also have to be protected.
Don’t – Don't forget that the real advantage is in terms of your hard work, and that will give its rewards sooner or later.

Dhanu – Pressures are there and they can reflect in many ways, especially they can reflect in what you speak and how you convey your thoughts.
Do – You are giving importance to money and that fact is overriding in your mind, and that is why your mind may be diverted in many ways which is not right.
Don’t – Don't therefore depend on luck as luck may not support you as you expect, and anything which may lead to loss will be of your own making.

Makar – Your self confidence is high, and as a result you will get adequate support from others the way you want.
Do – Your involvement in work is also remarkable and that is something which is praiseworthy, and as a result your financial situation may lead to some savings as well.
Don’t – Don’t still neglect the ups and downs in financial matters, especially if you are risking your money then your money may get stuck also.

Kumbh – You are very pointed in your thoughts to create expenses for yourself, and as a result those expenses may be there on account of various reasons.
Do – You have to protect any stress in relationships as that is not desired, you will also therefore have to become very mild in your thoughts and not any complications arise because of your rigidness.
Don’t – Don’t neglect your health because that is an indirect factor on account of these pressures, and it is very essential to take those precautions at the right moment.

Meena – Happiness from relationships is indicated remarkably, but on account of that you are becoming a bit too careless in others areas of life.
Do – Neither you are handling in your finances well nor you are handling the situation of what you speak, and that is why there can be problems which you are creating for yourself.
Don’t – Don’t also forget that knowledge can be strength, but knowledge coupled with humility is very essential as only then it can give you the right path.

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