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Monday, January 9, 2012

Tuesday 10 January 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are happy with your loved ones because they are caring towards you, and you also getting the support and the gains from them adequately.
Do – It is essential to understand that to take your career forward you have to connect with others, and for that reason your goodness must be maintained towards others.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the fact that money is important, and the circumstances are favorable to give you those gains, you only have to protect that situation from your side.

Vrishabh – Your efforts and hard work is indicated and you will be benefited with that, but there are linking issues connected with differences of opinion at your workplace which are bothering you.
Do – Keep your peace and keep your patience, complicating your issues from your side is not desired.
Don’t – Don’t be too aggressive from your side, you must listen to others and maintain relationships at a comfortable level.

Mithun – Financial situation is stable and supportive, but relationships need to be handled with some amount of care.
Do – Speak to others and discuss your matters peacefully, that will help you to get that support and guidance from others which they are trying to provide.
Don’t – Don't forget that inherently there can be obstacles, and those can impact your performance at your workplace.

Karka – Your self confidence is high and you are able to help your loved ones in that goodness, but still there are issues in personal life which are not as comfortably placed.
Do – Not only you are under pressure for finances but also in personal life, therefore you have to take care of these areas from your side.
Don’t – Don’t try to have any false self confidence that everything is alright, if there are weaknesses then those weaknesses will have to be addressed from your side.

Simha – Expenses and outflows can actually bother you, and especially if you are thinking of travels or changes then this can become a problem.
Do – Health related issues need to be handled carefully, for self or your loved ones this care is required.
Don’t – Don’t let your performance get reduced in any manner, even if there are differences they must be managed very carefully.

Kanya – Financial situation is stable as inflow of money is available to you, but savings are not shaping up because you have many responsibilities and many problems.
Do – If you have loans to repay then this is another responsibility which you will have to fulfill, and for that reason planning for future becomes very essential.
Don’t – For these very reasons don’t forget that relationships are not as comfortable, in home, family or some love relationship your pressures need to be controlled.

Tula – Work related situation is stable and you are happy with that, also you are able to portray your goodness in a manner which will become beneficial to you.
Do – You must involve in such a manner that your performance is shown, and that will prove your goodness over a period of time.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the strength of this period as far as your professional achievements are concerned, you can accomplish a lot with little bit of effort at this moment.

Vrishchik – Luck is helping you and favoring you immensely, and at the same time it is making you think of major decisions which may be there on your mind.
Do – You must remember that wastages can get created unless you take care, and for that reason you need to understand that carefulness is needed. Changes of any kind may not be advisable, for that reason protecting your savings is very essential.
Don’t – Don’t therefore plan for any big change at this moment, because that will lead to some big expense also.

Dhanu – Psychological pressures can continue to be there and you are becoming a bit too forceful, you need to become mild at this stage.
Do – There are reasons for you to understand that your own performance can be very rewarding, and that effort must continue from your side.
Don’t – Don’t at the same time become too rigid in your thoughts, because that can lead to further pressures and problems which are not really desired.

Makar – The goodness of people around you is immense, and that can benefit you immensely in your work situation also.
Do – Understand the strength of your involvement in your work, that can immensely give you the rewards the way you want.
Don’t – Don't forget that your supporters and well-wishers can play very positive role for you at this stage, don’t therefore forget to take that support and advice from others which is essential.

Kumbh – Health related issues need to be taken care of, and especially if you are being a bit careless from your side you have to understand that.
Do – Pressures of outflows and losses can be immense, you have to therefore understand that you cannot neglect this area of planning from your side.
Don’t – Don’t therefore create any conflict from your side which may lead to such a loss, you have to therefore become very peaceful in your mind to avoid any such situation.

Meena – Relationships are important but there are inherent problems in that, obstacles and upsets can be there which will be difficult to manage.
Do – Financial situation is also such which needs protection, you cannot take risk at this stage in any manner.
Don’t – Don’t therefore think that strength of relationship is going to solve everything, you have to look at all other related aspects of life also side by side.

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