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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wednesday 1 February 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Work is important to you and your motivation is making that positive difference, and therefore this period becomes successful.
Do – Some love relationship is important and you are committed towards that, but you follow a pattern of ups and downs of your own thinking which is not right.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that luck is supporting you in whatever you are trying to do, and especially in putting your knowledge into use you will be successful.

Vrishabh – In resolving your differences you are trying to depend on luck, that is not possibly right because your efforts are not as pointed in that direction.
Do – Home and family is important and your care towards your loved ones is all the more important, but somehow you are not able to bridge that gap which is getting created.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that these are the hindrances which will have to be resolved, and only then you will be able to achieve what you wish to achieve.

Mithun – You are dependant on your friends and getting distressed because you are not getting that support, that is the reason that you are getting away from your friends also.
Do – It may be a bit difficult to keep people happy, but that positive effort must be made from your side on a regular basis.
Don’t – Don’t in the process ignore the advice of your senior, superiors or elders, that advice comes with their experience in life and that is important.

Karka – Despite your care towards your partners you are getting into some differences, but your efforts are still there to understand the situation from your side.
Do – It may be difficult to resolve those differences which you are carrying, but it is never impossible, that is why that effort is needed.
Don’t – Don’t show your frustration or distress in your attempt, especially in matters connected with your knowledge or abilities you have to show a lot of humility as well.

Simha – You are yourself creating problems for yourself by getting into differences of opinion, matters may not be as big but your own attitude is becoming negative.
Do – Luck may be favoring you and supporting you to resolve those issues, but your own efforts are not as pointedly placed as they should be.
Don’t – Don’t therefore blame your luck for whatever is happening, sometimes you have to blame yourself because that is the bigger fact.

Kanya – You may think that there are big problem in carrying some love relationship forward, because it is a reality that your own loved ones may not be supporting you.
Do – But the problem also is that you are making your own thinking very depressive, that is where you are not able to handle these situations well.
Don’t – Don’t create any distance with anyone, don’t get away from people where there is need to come closer to them.

Tula – Care for your loved ones is important and that can be done in several ways, even by helping others in the moments of need is very essential.
Do – Positive involvement with your loved ones will resolve many issues, and for that reason all your efforts are also directed in that direction.
Don’t – Don't forget that some favorable investment at this stage can prove to be advantageous, you must therefore consider all those aspects also.

Vrishchik – You can get lot of motivation in this period, but that motivation is not in the right direction as there are many divergent thoughts on your mind.
Do – Your distress is also getting created with people who may not be appreciative of you, and somehow you deserve that people should understand as to what you are capable of doing.
Don’t – Don’t still become negative in your thoughts, there is a bigger scheme of things which is not in the hands of humans but in the hands of god.

Dhanu – In resolving your personal life issues there is a blessing and a divinity which is working its role, and that is the reason that you are able to connect with others very well.
Do – Psychological angle therefore must remain optimistic, and that is only possible by taking the help and guidance of others which is available to you.
Don’t – Don't forget that the more you remain focused you will be benefited, and that is the bigger fact which must be understood by you at this stage.

Makar – This is a period which provides improved status and sense of well being for you in a lucky manner, and that can provide you the necessary forcefulness in your work which you wish to achieve.
Do – But personal life issues also require lot of care, because the area of problems and distress must be addressed side by side.
Don’t – Don’t therefore plan for anything which may continues that distress for you, it may be prudent to postpone any big move at this stage.

Kumbh – Relationships angle is such that you are not able to achieve anything substantial, in fact this is a period which is creating that distance all the more.
Do – Your efforts must therefore be made to associate with your loved ones, and you will see that those efforts will start bearing fruit.
Don’t – Don't forget that money can also be a positive factor which can resolve your issues, but that should not be the priority in any case, there are matters which are more important than money.

Meena – Financial planning is a must at this stage, especially where your gains are flowing from various sources.
Do – You must discuss your issues in such a manner that there is no conflict, and for that reason a feeling of give and take is very essential.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that you have that philanthropic attitude of being supportive to others and helpful to others, and carrying this goodness is also a blessing.

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