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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Monday 20 February 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are very focused in your work and that goodness will reflect in many ways, you may get growth in your career or even promotion.
Do – Your self confidence will give you the rewards and will help you to use your abilities rightly, but you must avoid becoming unstable in your thoughts or in your actions.
Don’t – Don't forget your home and family in the process, you have to depend on them and take them along in this journey.

Vrishabh – Luck may favor you immensely but the period may still remain very competitive, you have to perform to the best of your ability and get the rewards.
Do – Some amount of differences are indicated for which you have to protect yourself, and for that reason it is essential to understand your own shortcomings as well.
Don’t – Don't forget that your own efforts can bring you the desired rewards, and that is only possible if you understand the responsibilities which you carry on your head.

Mithun – Somewhat stressful period for money as well as for relationships, but you are creating more of obstacles on account of your own negative thinking.
Do – This period reflects some amount of goodness abundantly, and that is reflected in a manner that luck may favor you and help you, that is important.
Don’t – Don’t let your past memories bother you so much that you become depressed, for that reason you will have to remain optimistic from your side as much as possible.

Karka – Personal life issues are important in a manner that you are helpful and supportive towards others, and as a result you are trying to resolve those lingering issues which have been bothering you.
Do – Indirectly this is a period to resolve differences in your personal life, and that is possible if you connect with others and understand their viewpoint.
Don’t – Don't forget that you have that ability to be good to others, and that thought has to be carried forward for future also.

Simha – You are getting into stressful situations because you are getting into differences with others, not only in personal life but also in relationships you have to take that care.
Do – Extremes of thinking is not advisable, you have to condition your mind in a manner which is more stable and supportive.
Don’t – Don't forget that your own efforts can be very strong, but psychologically you are not able to take that right path which is very essential, that is why you may go wrong in your efforts also.

Kanya – Some love relationship is very strong on your mind and you want to give hundred percent to that, but there are inherent issues which can complicate this situation in some form or the other.
Do – Money is important to you and that is something which you will have to understand, and that can take care of many things which are needed.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that there can be issues and pressures with friends or well-wishers, you have to therefore understand that being too aggressive at this stage can be harmful.

Tula – Home is important to you and you are committed towards your loved ones, and they in turn are ever caring and supportive towards you from their side.
Do – Issues in home and family in the form of disagreements can however crop up, and that will be on account of your own rigidity which you carry.
Don’t – Don’t therefore let any situation emerge which is your mistake, don’t let instability arise as a result of your carelessness.

Vrishchik – Your efforts can be remarkable and luck can help you, but your efforts are also a bit directionless which may not actually please you.
Do – Your commitment is unquestioned and there is no problem on that, but still that pointed direction is missing which may give you bigger success in life.
Don’t – Don't forget that there are periods of ups and downs which you have to face, and this is one period where you have to look at the goodness around you which is very essential.

Dhanu – Financial angle is well placed and your savings will grow, and as a result your overall prosperity is indicated the way you want.
Do – Try to learn to be good to others, if nothing else showcase that goodness for others to see.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your prosperity depends on the love and care which your own people have for you, and that goodness and warmth is very essential in life at every step.

Makar – Your own sense of well being is remarkable and you are blessed, your involvement in your work can bring wonders to you at this stage.
Do – Relationships can be highly motivating to you to achieve greater success, but there is some amount of lack of trust which you carry for yourself which is not right.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the goodness which is associated with the help of others, others may be helping you and supporting you willingly and that can bring you a lot of happiness.

Kumbh – Pressures of outflows can be there which you are not able to control, there seems to be some amount of impulsiveness in which you are acting in haste without thinking.
Do – Psychological pressures are also on account of this very carelessness, this is where you have to protect yourself in any case.
Don’t – Don't forget that the expense part can still be handled because your financial inflows are stable, but still there are reasons for you to be careful from your side in any case.

Meena – Financial prosperity will have to be protected, just because God is kind you cannot be careless from your side.
Do – There can be many hidden obstacles which can surface, and those may relate to your decisions for changes, outflows or investments.
Don’t – Don’t therefore take any unnecessary risk just because money is coming, it can go away as fast and create as many troubles unless you are careful.

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