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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday 22 February 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You may not be happy with your financial position but still there are many factors which must make you happy, you have to therefore learn to be happy in every situation.
Do – If your loved ones are not careful about money then this may be one of the factors of stress, and that is why some care may be needed.
Don’t – Don’t still make a mindset which is full of problems, deficiencies are bound to be there at every step in life, but still we have to move on.

Vrishabh – Relationships are important to you and you are somewhat stressed on account of that, if distance is created that problem for you then this deficiency has to be addressed.
Do – Work is important and your responsibilities towards work have to be understood, if you are stressed with your partners then this is creating problems for you.
Don’t – Don’t in any case increase your pressures and problems, try to resolve these issues one-by-one.

Mithun – If there are issues on your mind connected with your health or the health of your loved ones then you have to take care, but at the same time remain motivated that you have to do a lot from your side.
Do – Your knowledge will have to be used judiciously in making efforts and making your career, and that effort can bring enormous success.
Don’t – Don't forget that luck is therefore supportive to you in many ways, but you have to become stress-free.

Karka – Some love relationship is important to you but it is making you very angry, and that is the reason that you are making some mistakes from your side.
Do – You must try to have trust for others which is very essential, in carrying any relationship this is the foundation on which the building of relationships is built.
Don’t – Don't forget that routine kind of expenses may still be there, especially if you are trying to please others this is very essential.

Simha – Issues of home and family will have to be addressed, for that you have to reach out to others in a bid to help them.
Do – Your expectations from your loved ones are very high, and that is why you are trying to associate with them from your side as much as possible.
Don’t – Don’t do all this with some amount of dissatisfaction on your mind, that is not going to help in any manner and that is going to cause further problems.

Kanya – You are not happy with the efforts which you are making, you know that there are deficiencies in them and they have to be improved.
Do – On account of these very factors you are not able to plan effectively for your efforts or for your money, all these factors are showing some negativity which needs to be improved.
Don’t – Don't forget that money can still be arranged, borrowings can be done, but whenever wastages occur then they cannot be recovered as fast.

Tula – In love relationship your dissatisfactions are showing, and you are conveying it to others in whatever you are trying to speak or do.
Do – Your rigidness is playing a negative role, for that reason you have to become very flexible from your side so that you are able to understand others.
Don’t – In any kind of emotional desire you have very firm views, and that is why you are creating problems for yourself as that desire is making you very rigid.

Vrishchik – While you are helpful to your loved ones you are still careless in your thoughts, that is why there is some amount of ups and downs which you portray in your thinking.
Do – Any big changes may not be sustainable as there may be subsequent changes in them, that is why decisions will have to be taken firmly and with very clear thought.
Don’t – Personal life issues are such that they require constant careful handling, otherwise issues will continue to crop up every now and then to cause problems.

Dhanu – Thoughts of far off linkages are possibly bothering you, and that is why you will have to constantly handle situations from your side.
Do – Luck may be supportive to you and people around you may be helpful to you, and that is the goodness with which you are moving forward at this moment.
Don’t – Don't forget that disagreements are there because you are not able to understand the situation fully, and especially where things are not known to you, you must remain quiet.

Makar – Financial angle may stress you because your responsibilities are high, on top of it you are risking your money unnecessarily.
Do – Your past memories also bother you and make you unhappy, on account of that also your stress is indicated, that must be removed from your mind.
Don’t – Don’t let your personal life issues get complicated because there are problems in that, if there are changes or if there are obstacles then you will have to discuss those matters from your side.

Kumbh – Dissatisfactions connected with work can continue to be there, but you will have to depend on your partners or well-wishers to resolve those issues.
Do – Your own forcefulness is such that it can also create loss for you, that is why it is essential to remain very humble from your side.
Don’t – Don't forget that help, support and care can be there from others towards you, and that is very essential at this stage.

Meena – You may be creating problems for yourself and blaming luck for that, therefore misunderstandings are of your own making.
Do – Disagreements with people are such which may cause problems for you, and therefore any change will have to be considered very carefully.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the fact that money saved is money earned, and that saving can be there if you protect your wastages from your side.

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