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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Friday 9th August 2013, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Relationships are strong on your mind and you are able to get the support of others, but you must convey your honesty in taking that relationship to the next level.
Do – You still have many confusions as far as your next step is concerned, you are undecided which path to take and which way to go.
Don’t – Don’t forget that people around you are generally happy with you, and on account of that you will get the support of others in personal life as well as in professional life.

Vrishabh – You are caring towards others and that goodness will help, but at the same time you may also be showing your stress and dissatisfactions towards others.
Do – Somehow this is a period where misunderstandings can arise, especially in home and family that aspect has to be kept in mind.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your present circumstances are helping you to achieve success, and that is on account of the fact that you are focused and determined from your side.

Mithun – Travel or changes may be there on your mind for which you are seriously thinking, but at least you are able to discuss your matters and convey your thoughts.
Do – As far as your relationships are concerned you are a bit uneasy and dissatisfied, because there are too many issues which you will have to handle simultaneously.
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial aspect is generally well indicated, and to that extent your thoughts and desires are in the right direction.

Karka – You will be happy with your finances as your savings are growing, but it is on account of your positive efforts and your favorable planning that you are able to do so.get success in that as many misunderstandings are there.
Don’t – Don’t forget that whatever you speak must not lead to any problems, especially in handling your finances you have to be careful that you do not create any wastage.

Simha – Involvement in your work is very strong and your efforts are positive, but you are a bit impulsive also in your thought which must be controlled.
Do – There is some amount of uneasiness which you carry on your mind, on account of that you start doubting your own abilities which is not right.
Don’t – Don’t forget that wastages are of your own making, you are not able to plan as effectively as it is desired.

Kanya – You may be trying and testing your luck and that is why you are inviting trouble for yourself, any kind of loss therefore will have to be controlled.
Do – You may not be happy with your savings and on top of that you are risking your savings also at the same time, that is where you have to safeguard your situation adequately.
Don’t – Don’t forget that money from your work will be coming and there will not be any problem, but that does not mean that you increase your outflows or expenses unnecessarily.

Tula – You are focused and determined and that is why your financial position is well indicated, you may also be inclined to put your money into some kind of venture.
Do – There is some dissatisfaction which you carry on your mind on account of which you are not able to decide, that is why there are some obstacles also which are of your own making.
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial aspect is very well indicated, to that extent luck is helping you and favoring you immensely.

Vrishchik – Your partners are supporting you at your workplace, but you are careless in your own way and not able to control your expenses.
Do – Impulsiveness in any manner will have to be avoided, especially in handling your efforts as well as your finances that carefulness is needed.
Don’t – Don’t forget that minor issues of day-to-day nature will continue to be there in your workplace, you will have to therefore try and handle that peacefully from your side.

Dhanu – Financial aspect is well indicated but you will have to plan more effectively, that is why you have to use your maturity and carefulness in taking decisions.
Do – Rewards of your efforts are adequate but you are not satisfied, that is the reason that some amount of peace is required to be maintained in your mind.
Don’t – Don’t test your luck unnecessarily as it may put you into difficulties, even in relationships that aspect has to be kept in mind.

Makar – Relationships are difficult to handle and you are not able to get peace in that, even in personal life you will have to be careful on account of that.
Do – Your pressures are such that you are not able to handle, that has its negative impact even at your workplace.
Don’t – Don’t forget that disagreements can appear in many ways, even with your partners or well-wishers that aspect has to be kept in mind.

Kumbh – Very favorable and lucky period but you will have to keep peace, your extremes of negative thinking is something which is not right.
Do – Luck is favoring you immensely but you are not still happy, that is why you are blaming others for whatever is not being achieved.
Don’t – Don’t increase your problems with people around you, whether in some love relationship or with your boss you have to be careful from your side.

Meena – Obstacles are there which are continuing, your efforts are also becoming wasteful in the same manner.
Do – This is a period of stress and upsets which you are carrying on your mind, that is why you may be inclined to be careless from your side.
Don’t – Don’t forget that there can be stress in relationships, and despite your efforts which you are trying to make you are not able to fully achieve success, that is where you have to be more careful.

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