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Friday, August 30, 2013

Saturday 31st August 2013, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your dissatisfactions are forcing you to think of alternatives, but even in those thoughts you are not fully decided what to do.
Do – If you work hard your present situation also can improve, you can convince others with regard to your goodness also.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that you have to remain good to others, any thought which is directed to harm others is not right.

Vrishabh – Misunderstandings are there because you are not careful from your side, that is why you may go wrong in your assessment also.
Do – You have plans to do good to others, and that thought will immensely help you to remain connected with your loved ones.
Don’t – Don’t forget that any change or alternative may not prove to be beneficial, hence your decisions will have to be taken with lot of carefulness.

Mithun – You are not happy with regard to your relationships, you may have lot of determination on your mind but that is not helping you.
Do – The more you connect with others you will find the solutions to your problems, for that reason you need to remove those dissatisfactions which you carry on your mind.
Don’t – Don't give so much of importance to money at this stage, there are factors which are more important than money in life which must be remembered.

Karka – You are thinking about your loved ones and getting depressed, that is why you are trying to come closer to your loved ones also.
Do – You will have to discuss your matters with people who are important, and while doing so you have to avoid getting into any disagreements.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you need to be more optimistic in life, and only then you will be able to take advantage of the present situation as it is emerging.

Simha – Your friends and well-wishers are generally supportive of you, but you are still not happy with them because you have bigger expectations from them.
Do – Financial aspect is still supportive and there is no cause for concern, and that is a blessing which will help you immensely.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that you are creating wastages for yourself which is not right, any aggressiveness on your part can lead to bigger problems.

Kanya – You are not happy with your financial position the way it is shaping up, but the problems arise on many fronts.
Do – On the one hand your expenses are high and on the other hand you are continuing to increase your borrowings, that is where the problem lies.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you are also putting your money into some kind of risk, and that is where you have to safeguard your situation from your side.

Tula – Overall position may be stable but your unhappiness is reflected, more than anything else it is your disagreements with others which are bothering you.
Do – Your prosperity is dependent on many factors, your friends and well-wishers are supporting you and helping you.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your partners may not be as supportive for you, and that is why you are carrying a lot of pressures on your mind.

Vrishchik – The pressures of this period are in terms of some kind of loss which is continuing, and if there are issues connected with some property then your problems are more.
Do – Psychologically you are distressed because circumstances are not helping you, you have to safeguard your financial position also in the process.
Don’t – Don’t try to depend on luck in any manner, because this is not the period to test your luck and then get into problems for yourself.

Dhanu – You have to do a lot to make your career, and your dissatisfactions of this period are not going to help you for that.
Do – Luck is favoring you and you have to take those logical steps at the moment, whatever you do at this moment will help you to make your career.
Don’t – Don't think of problems or distress all the time, because that is going to further complicate your situation which is not right.

Makar – Some misunderstanding can lead to problems at your workplace, and for that reason you will have to avoid getting into problems with others.
Do – Day-to-day issues will have to be protected, your seniors or boss may not be happy with you.
Don’t – Don’t forget that personal life issues require lot of carefulness, lot of trust needs to be maintained in your mind to find that peace.

Kumbh – Luck may not favor you as much as you expect, but relationship angle can be supportive and helpful.
Do – You wish to take some love relationship forward and that can be a blessing, but in the process you may be neglecting your work and that is not right.
Don’t – Don’t let your efforts reduce in any manner, don’t create problem for yourself where those very problems can actually be avoided.

Meena – There are many hidden factors which are not making you happy, apparently whatever is visible may not be the right situation.
Do – Disagreements in home and family are continuing, people around you and your boss may not be happy with you.
Don’t – Don’t forget that some love relationship is the root cause of many problems, you will have to understand that fact and try to resolve that situation from your side.

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