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Monday, August 26, 2013

Tuesday 27th August 2013, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You may be distressed in the morning but as the day progresses you will be highly motivated, that is why you will be able to associate with others.
Do – You still need to improve your own thinking, a lot of negativity has been there which is not making you happy.
Don’t – Don’t forget that gains in work and finances can be achieved, and for that also you will have to associate with others and trust others.

Vrishabh – Relationships may be strong on your mind and yet there are pressures and problems, those disagreements will have to be addressed in any manner.
Do – Try to understand your own negative thought process, and for that reason avoid taking any big decision at the moment.
Don’t – Don’t forget that someone may be trying to take advantage of you, and that is the reason that you have to safeguard your situation side by side.

Mithun – Personal life issue require that you must communicate with others, but the bigger thought is with regard to some love relationship which is very strong on your mind.
Do – There may be confusions which you carry but still there is a desire which is very strong, and something which has been there for years will have to be given its own importance.
Don’t – Don’t forget that if you communicate carelessly then you will be misunderstood, and for that reason you have to be pleasant in what you speak.

Karka – Whatever you say to others will be understood very well, and that is the reason that any kind of communication will be helpful.
Do – Your desire to do a lot for your loved ones is very strong, but there are hindrances on that path on account of which you are not able to do as much.
Don’t – Don’t still let your work related situation suffer in any manner, if you look at the positive side of the picture then you will be able to do better in whatever you are doing.

Simha – Rewards from work are there and yet they may not be as strong, but as the day progresses you will be able to work hard and improve that situation from your side.
Do – While you may be positive in your thoughts you may still get into difficulties, that is why you have to remove any kind of pressure which you carry unnecessarily.
Don’t – Don’t forget that wastages are continuing to be there, and unless you are careful there can be bigger outflows which can be another form of loss.

Kanya – Luck may be supporting you but your own sensitiveness is not making you happy, you are also thinking a bit negatively which is not right.
Do – Gains are indicated and your savings may grow indirectly, but you will have to remain very mild in the way you put across your thoughts.
Don’t – Don’t say anything which may be hurtful to others, you will have to therefore try and appreciate the other person’s point of view also side by side.

Tula – Sudden upsets or obstacles may be there, and especially if you are not happy with people around you then you have to understand these patterns more carefully.
Do – This is a period which shows your abundant ability, and for that you must have faith in what you are doing because only then you will be able to achieve the goodness of this period.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your partners may not be as supportive, and what is going to help you at this stage is your own involvement which must be of a very high order.

Vrishchik – Your wastages and outflows are indicated, you are not able to handle that situation as much as required.
Do – Any travel or changes will have to be avoided, but if you are inclined to invest in your business then that may be a good idea.
Don’t – Don’t cause any psychological distress for yourself as that can have its own negativity, and that is why there is need for greater peace which you have to maintain from your side.

Dhanu – You are not able to perform as forcefully as it is required, hence your work situation is not shaping up as much as you want.
Do – Lot of effort is needed and that is something which you will have to understand, you must discuss, communicate or involve for getting that achievement.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your knowledge and your skills also needs to be approved, for that you have to study hard and somehow you are not able to study at the moment.

Makar – Generally stable and happy period although you may not be happy in relationships, you are finding faults in others and that is to be avoided.
Do – Personal life issues will have to be improved, because the deficiencies are witnessed which are not looking as good.
Don’t – Don’t forget that work is an area of strength which you can improve, for that you will have to plan more positively from your side and only then that advantage will be achieved.

Kumbh – Dependence on luck is not right as that is not going to help you, on the contrary your own efforts can be improved.
Do – You have to understand the problems which you carry, you are not able to trust your own abilities and that is where your weaknesses are getting indicated.
Don’t – Don’t forget that certain alternatives can be there on your mind which can be beneficial, and therefore you have to remove that uneasiness which you carry for taking those decisions.

Meena – Relationships will have to be improved for which you will have to convey your thoughts, but that seems to be a difficult situation in your mind.
Do – Some love relationship is weak and not giving you adequate happiness, that is why your distress is reflected in whatever you speak.
Don’t – Don’t forget that this is a weak period and you have to accept that reality, and accordingly you need to possibly wait for better times to come.

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