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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Monday 26th August 2013, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are creating some amount of distress in your mind which is not right, that is leading to differences in some love relationship also.
Do – You have to understand that personal life issues are continuing to bother you, hence you have to have a lot of trust in your loved ones and only then these issues will be resolved.
Don’t – Don’t forget that what you expect from others at this stage may not be fully met, and therefore you have to possibly keep a lot of patience from your side.

Vrishabh – You may be having lot of desire in your mind with regard to some love relationship, but you are distressed in your mind because you are not sure whether you will achieve anything.
Do – The pattern is such that it shows your negativity also, your efforts are not as favorable or as pointed as they should be.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that you may have a practical viewpoint, but the circumstances are showing that disagreements are in the offing, hence carefulness is possibly the keyword to protect yourself.

Mithun – You want some change of place to come closer to your loved ones, and if that is the case then you have to make your efforts also with lot of peace on your mind.
Do – Whatever you speak or convey will have to be done with carefulness, if you say anything in a harsh manner then your attempt may even go waste.
Don’t – Don’t forget that as such some love relationship may have its own share of problems, on top of it the present running period is also showing some weakness as well as obstacles in the offing.

Karka – Your involvement in work related situation may not be as great, but somehow the results or rewards may be stronger or better and that is a blessing.
Do – Greater involvement is similarly required in your workplace also, because that is the area of weakness at the moment.
Don’t – Don’t forget that in personal life issues there can be continuing pressures, but whatever you convey at this stage or discuss from your side can bring advantage to you, that should possibly be your effort at the moment.

Simha – Your efforts and your hard work may not be sufficient, that is why the rewards which you are getting are also not such that makes you happy.
Do – This is a period of wastages which you have created for yourself, and the more you depend on luck your wastages can actually increase.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your efforts are reduced because of confusions which you carry on your mind, and hence there is need for you to understand those obstacles as well as those deficiencies which are creating that situation.

Kanya – Even if the goodness is not as strong it is still a favorable period, but psychologically you are not happy and that is where the problem lies.
Do – Financial aspect is the reason for your dissatisfaction, and on top of it you are making mistakes by putting your money into some kind of risk.
Don’t – Don’t forget that whatever you say with lack of clarity can be more harmful, and therefore the first and foremost aspect at the moment is to remove that frustration and depression which you carry on your mind.

Tula – You are yourself creating distress in your mind, the reason is that you are not able to trust others as much as it is required.
Do – The period also shows your dissatisfactions at your workplace, that is why your work related situation also needs greater input and motivation.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own uneasiness is contributing to this situation, you have to therefore change your own thinking drastically for yourself as well as for others.

Vrishchik – The problems of this period are self created, your financial aspect is such that you have created wastages for yourself.
Do – Luck may not help you as much as your own efforts can, hence you have to understand that fact more clearly.
Don’t – Don't increase your outflows or your wastages in any manner, it is better to increase the clarity of your mind rather than take those steps carelessly.

Dhanu – You may be thinking about the career options but in a weak manner, lot of strong motivation is required to be maintained on your mind.
Do – Your loved ones are not as happy with you, relationships therefore need to be strengthen from your side.
Don’t – Don’t carry distress of psychological nature, because that is reducing the stability which otherwise can be achieved.

Makar – Work related situation is stable and your performance is also there, but there is need for some improvement because you are not as pointed in your involvement as it is needed.
Do – Personal life issues need to be handled more carefully, you have to therefore understand that each step taken at the moment must be done with lot of positive motivation.
Don’t – Don’t carry dissatisfactions with regard to your work, because that is reducing your own involvement which is otherwise there.

Kumbh – Luck may not favor you and that is why there are issues in personal life also, that is the reason that you have to plan more rationally.
Do – Your efforts are lacking and your involvement is lacking, that is the root cause of your problems even at your workplace.
Don’t – Don’t forget that this is a period where you have to start trusting your own abilities, and if you have faith in yourself then a lot more can be achieved.

Meena – Your efforts may not solve all your problems but it can be a right attempt in the right direction, that is why you have to try and understand this factor very clearly.
Do – Whatever you speak may be misunderstood and relationships may suffer, on account of that you have to be very careful.
Don’t – Don’t forget that any uneasiness in your mind can increase your upsets, and it can have a direct impact in your personal life or in your marital life.

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