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Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday 29th May 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Because of your lack of regularity you are not able to achieve as much as you can, you have the ability but you are not putting it into focus and concentration
Day special – Your self-confidence will tremendously help you at this stage, you are being nice to others and that is another virtue which you carry, but all this has to convert into success for which you have to involve on regular basis
Vrish – Some amount of lack of planning is leading to expenses, losses or wastages, there is some amount of erratic decision making which leads to all this
Do – To protect from this situation you have to postpone all your expenses for at least one day, sleep over that thought overnight and then pragmatism will emerge
Don’t – Don’t waste the goodness of this period in irrelevant thoughts of relationships, your goodness lies in your excellent focus to improve your knowledge at this stage which must be remembered, don’t get into any selfish thoughts as they can be very negative
Mithun – Excellent period for your involvement and to gain fully from this situation, financial prosperity is indicated very well and that is a blessing
Day special – Your own views as well as the thoughts of your own people around you may have many ups and downs, but despite that the goodness of this period is intact and you will gain from this immensely, try to form a view and then stick to it without changing it unnecessarily
Karka – Decisions connected with your career may have many unstable thoughts, as such your career is moving smoothly and you are doing very well
Do – Your own self-confidence will help you immensely but you have to remove certain confusions and apprehensions away from your mind, that will help you to achieve much more
Don’t – Don’t try to bring about unnecessary thoughts of changes or alternatives in your mind, some amount of regularity at this stage will help you and that is something which you have to understand, don’t therefore bring needless thoughts for changes in your mind
Simha – Excellent period for financial prosperity, but your own rigid views can reduce that goodness to some extent, this period therefore requires lot of patience
Day special – The focus at this stage should be on two things, concentrate on your work in whatever work you are involved, side by side try to avoid differences of opinion which are made up because of your own thinking
Kanya – Financial prosperity is intact and that is the goodness which you carry, but on professional matters you are yourself getting into routine kind of pressures which are not looking good
Do – Some old issues on professional matters can resurface to cause stress on your mind, you will have to keep some patience for a while and then this problem will be resolved soon
Don’t – Don’t carry any thoughts connected with expenses to resolve your issues, even by doing so you will not be able to resolve those issues completely and therefore any effort on that can lead to your own loss, don’t let that happen
Tula – If you depend on luck then you can be put to difficulty or you may loose money, for that reason a lot of carefulness is required especially in all monetary matters connected with your work,
Day special – For this very reason there can be pressures and differences with your own people for which you will have to be careful, indirectly some good news can please you which will shape the goodness in the coming days
Vrishchik – Extremely auspicious period but there are routine kind of pressures and problems which you will have to face, you have to protect yourself from unnecessarily getting into conflicts or differences of opinion at this stage,
Do – For all these pressures which you may face at this stage you are yourself responsible, still the goodness is intact in many ways and you will be protected, for that reason keep a little bit of patience and everything will be all right
Don’t – Don’t get into any financial disputes at this stage, if any old matters are resurfacing then you have to be particularly cautious as that can lead to unnecessary conflicts in your life, don’t let that happen
Dhanu –Emotional relationships are strong and you will be happy with the circumstances as they are building up in your life, psychologically you have to be more at peace with yourself and try to maintain the stability and goodness of your life
Day special – There has to be greater focus from your side to increase your professional commitment, if you are studying or trying to improve your knowledge then it can stabilize your career further, for that this period is highly favorable
Makar – Some routine kind of issues can crop up in your family, but these are largely made up in your mind and you are trying to create those issues from your side,
Do – By doing so you are actually threatening the stability and happiness of your personal life, you have to be careful so that this does not become a mistake from your side
Don’t – On one side you are trying to be helpful to others, on the other side you are trying to have lot of doubts in your mind about others, this is a predicament which you carry, don’t carry this kind of negativity on your mind
Kumbh – Inherently you have the ability to work hard and that can shape up your destiny very well, but some kind of emotional build up or relationships can hamper this stability as there are too many ups and downs of your thinking
Day special – More than anything else it is making you psychologically distressed, you have to therefore be very calm and not get unnecessarily agitated, life has to take its own course and by your getting agitated the circumstances will not improve, remember that
Meena – You stand to gain immensely from your own people, this can be in the form of happiness as well as in the form of monetary rewards, for that reason relationships are important as they can be beneficial to you
Do – From your side you have to involve with others fully, you have to speak to them, communicate with them and try to improve the situation to your advantage
Don’t – Don’t get away and don’t isolate yourself, even if there are some pressures don’t become a loner, that is not to your advantage

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