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Friday, May 1, 2009

Saturday 2nd May 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – in whatever you speak you will convey your annoyance, that can create differences of opinion and make you frustrated
Do – from your side you remain pleasant to others, at least don’t show your inner feelings as they are agitated at the moment
Don’t – don’t be dissatisfied with your own loved ones, you are being too rigid in your attitude which is not good, don’t get into that kind of thinking
Vrish – extremely auspicious period for financial prosperity, your own abilities will shine and you will be happy to perform well
Day special – while doing good and maintaining this goodness you should not have unnecessary apprehensions on your mind, trust yourself and you will find that you can do anything and achieve everything
Mithun – financial situation is stable and you are happy about it, but in your routine matters you are continuing to make mistakes which need to be avoided
Do – these mistakes are a reflection of your unplanned moves, that can create upsets which need to be avoided
Don’t – don’t also trust anyone blindly on money matters, there can be an upset and a hidden upset connected with this stage, don’t let that happen
Karka – you are very firmly thinking about certain travels or making improvements in your life, those can prove to be beneficial and help in your growth in life
Day special – this shows excellent self confidence from your side, but some amount of carefulness is required so that you do not go wrong on the planned changes that you have in your mind, take the advise of others and that will help
Simha – you may be unhappy at this stage but the period is very supportive to lead to overall prosperity, you may be worried to arrange for funds which are required but don’t worry those funds will be arranged
Do – continuing on financial matters you need to be careful on account of your own uneasiness and impulsive decisions, that can actually protect you and take you on the right path
Don’t – don’t if you show your displeasure to others or doubt others then it will lead to differences and conflicts, don’t let that happen as that can be distressful, you have to show lot of maturity at this stage to handle this situation
Kanya – extremely auspicious period for your professional and financial prosperity, luck is favouring you immensely and motivating you to work hard, that is the goodness of this period which is reflecting
Day special – as far as your efforts to gain knowledge is concerned there are deficiencies, even in overall relationships there can be pressures which need to be handled better, you have to be careful on that
Tula – even though you have tremendous will power yet the stress can be there, in whatever you are doing I can see pressures as well as obstacles,
Do – these issues may be small but need to be handled carefully, this also requires total commitment from your side in your involvement so that these issues are kept under control
Vrishchik – generally auspicious period on financial front, but day to day stress is immense which keeps you very occupied,
Day special – in family situations as well as relationships you need to take extra care, otherwise this period can lead to differences of opinion and disputes, you have to be very careful on that
Dhanu – weak period as there can be minor differences of opinion, even in your professional career you have to avoid any kind of difference on account of your stressful situation
Do – first and foremost keep your mind absolutely cool and only then you will be able to handle this situation, someone may be talking negatively about you at your back for which you have to be careful
Don’t – don’t ignore the goodness and the fact that you are now very forcefully moving ahead to work hard and achieve, don’t therefore, let any negativity of your thinking spoil this good situation
Makar –some love relationship can be very strong, but at the same time there are oppositions which you will have to face
Day special – there are many factors which are connected with the present situation, obstacles in your personal life are indicated, but partly you are yourself responsible for whatever is happening
Kumbh – personal weaknesses have inherent weaknesses, that makes you dissatisfied and agitated, you want to achieve your desires at any cost
Do – you have to make yourself very mild to understand the views of others, don’t have a shifting stand or view point as that cannot help
Don’t – don’t therefore, let any misunderstandings come in your way at this stage, especially misunderstandings within the family must be avoided so that goodness of relationships is maintained
Meena – extremely auspicious period in many ways, God is helping you to work hard and achieve your desires, this includes your emotional desires and your love relationships also
Day special – professional matters are becoming more and more stressful now, you will have to take careful decisions especially connected with your work as you cannot go wrong on that

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