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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday 14th May 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – The day starts with lot of auspiciousness, but that goodness is gradually being lost because of your own mistakes and your own rigid behavior
Do – Whatever you speak must be considered carefully, because that can make others against you for which you may have to suffer
Don’t – Don’t let this negativity come in your thinking at this stage, this period is making you very rigid in your attitude, don’t let that happen
Vrish – Generally gainful period in terms of financial prosperity, but as the day progresses your expenses will increase and that will lead to some kind of loss also, you have to be careful for that
Day special – I can also see that your efforts are not directed towards the right path, your mind is diverted and you are thinking of too many things, you must retain and protect your focus at this stage so that you do not make any mistakes
Mithun – Mixed period in many ways, you have tremendous abilities and that is a blessing, but you also tend to get into differences which must be avoided
Do – In whatever decisions you take you have to be careful as they may not give you all that which you expect
Don’t – Don’t therefore put your money into any kind of risky venture as this period can actually bring about unexpected issues on surface, those can be stressful and therefore don’t let that happen
Karka – Extremely good period in many ways, everything seems to be perfectly placed and therefore you have nothing to fear
Day special – When everything is so well placed there are ways of God which can create unexpected stress, some issues connected with differences of opinion may emerge, you also have to take care of your health as that is where the pressure lies
Simha – You may be generally doing fine but obstacles are now increasing, on the other hand financial situation is stable and that will make you happy
Do – These obstacles can be removed with your own knowledge and pragmatism, if you remember that then you will be able to take every step carefully and that is what you should do
Don’t – Don’t let any personal or family issues spoil the situation unnecessarily, while giving importance to your work you must also take care of your own people at this stage, don’t forget that
Kanya – Extremely good period in the morning, but as the day progresses many obstacles will arise which will put you under pressure, for that reason family issues or conflicts may also surface
Day Special – This period requires lot of care from your side, you have to remain very humble and very polite, at the same time try to understand the views of others as that will protect you
Tula – This may be a stressful period as there are many obstacles which you may face, in personal relationships especially you have to be careful as this can lead to unnecessary differences of opinion
Do – It is better to stay connected with your work in whatever work you are involved, getting into discussions or arguments is not going to help and therefore you have to keep a lot of patience
Don’t – Even in some love relationship don’t get into any kind of discussion, expecting too much from that is also not proper, don’t therefore get into that in the first place
Vrishchik – Stress in relationships as well as in family is indicated, you have to be therefore very careful in handling these issues from your end, it is better to stay away and not communicate for a while
Day special – Protection is better than cure and therefore you have to protect yourself at every step, even in financial matters don’t get into any kind of discussion or dispute as it may not be advantageous
Dhanu – Family issues need to be protected with your patience, especially on financial matters it is better to avoid or postpone any decision at this stage
Do – Devote your time and energy towards your family, while doing so keep yourself very cool and show a lot of patience
Don’t – Don’t plan any big decisions for change or far off linkages as it may have its own inherent stress, don’t therefore create complications in your life by taking any big decisions in any case
Makar – Extremely auspicious period but this getting connected with your own knowledge and abilities, you have that fire in you which can take you very far,
Day special – For that to happen and that to achieve a lot of careful planning and handling is required, for that you have to keep your uneasiness away and only then you can achieve everything
Kumbh – This period gives you immense satisfaction, on financial matters as well as on professional matters,
Do – If you are a student then your studies show a lot of ups and downs and instability, this is where you have to involve better so that you are able to show your abilities to the fullest
Don’t – Don’t ignore the fact that you have the ability to convert your challenges also into success, as the day progresses you will be motivated to do so and that is where your success story lies
Meena – In the morning there may be some obstacles, but as the day progresses lot of goodness will appear and you will be satisfied,
Day special – On professional matters however you cannot base your decisions with dependence on luck alone, you have to think of so many issues at the same time so that your decisions are in the right direction, for that you have to remember these influences so that you are able to take the right decisions

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