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Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday 4th May 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – you have to protect your financial position at this stage, but you are yourself inclined to put it into risk and that is not right
Do – in some love relationship also you are trying to be too forceful to fulfill your desires, that is something which you have to reconsider
Don’t – don’t have stiff or rigid views connected with your decisions at this stage, especially connected with your profession or relationships, that can put you into difficulty or cause upsets
Vrish – extremely favourable period in many ways, people will help you and you will also work hard to achieve so much more in life,
Day special – side by side you are also inclined to think of changes or far off linkages, but emotionally you want to remain connected with your own people, that is the paradox you are facing at this stage
Mithun – your own hard work and knowledge will lead to your prosperity as well as to your future settlement, change is the way of life and you are also thinking of changes at this stage
Do – the best indication is to take the advantage and get happiness from your friends, they can be very supportive to you at this stage and that is what you should target
Don’t – to maintain this you have to think very rationally, you are inclined to make mistakes and not get full advantage of this favourable situation, don’t let that happen
Karka – extremely auspicious period fro financial prosperity, your financial needs will be met adequately and you will be happy with some property related decisions as well
Day special – the financial needs at this stage will be met for which you have to remain optimistic, if you are in some business then there is greater need for that and the difficulties in that regard will also be solved, but in the bargain don’t lose your temper
Simha – some amount o stress connected with differences of opinion may still be there, financial needs and requirements are quite under control, but work related pressures will increase
Do – in love relationship favourableness is showing and that can lead to long term stability, that auspiciousness has to be maintained
Don’t – don’t get into differences even in relationships as you are not able to trust others fully, for that your own rigid behaviour is responsible, don’t let that happen
Kanya – extremely auspicious period for overall prosperity, luck is favouring you immensely and your own hard work will pave the way for goodness of this period
Day special – but you are inclined to waste the goodness of this period by your impulsive thinking, on financial matters there may some hidden obstacles emerge which may make you distressed, you have to be careful on that to protect yourself at this stage
Tula – you are creating stress and pressures for yourself, this may include financial pressures also at the same time
Do – a little bit of carefulness can actually protect you, make yourself mild in your attitude and listen to others, that will help
Don’t – don’t ignore the strength of your relationships at this stage, especially those connected with your friend circle or your supporters, don’t get into any kind of differences of opinion with them
Vrishchik – you are trying to improve your knowledge to push your career further, even in relationships it is a happy period as the emotional angle is becoming very strong
Day special – there has been some weakness in the past in which you have stagnated on your knowledge, now a time has come to push it further and take advantage of that, that will improve your image further in the eyes of others
Dhanu – financial angle is stable and it will give you many opportunities as you proceed, this may include options for investment which can be very profitable
Do – but by doing so you have to be careful that your financial pressures do not increase, routine kind of stress in personal relationships, at home as well as your career, all have to be kept under control
Don’t – don’t be unnecessarily stressed on small and minor family issues, there is a lot of improvement happening in family happiness and you should look at the goodness of this period, don’t ignore that
Makar – extremely auspicious period as your emotional involvements are giving you happiness, you are getting adequate support from others but psychologically you are still at some amount of uneasiness which is not looking good
Day special – you are not convinced that everything can proceed smoothly, for that reason you are yourself creating issues in your mind which are nothing but self created mistakes, you have to protect yourself from that
Kumbh – the auspiciousness of this period gives you enormous gains, these gains are indirectly linked to your efforts as well as on the support and help of others
Do – psychologically you have to be more at peace as only then you will keep your health situation intact, for that reason you have to be aware and also be helpful to others
Don’t – don’t ignore the goodness of your professional growth at this stage, this will indirectly lead to financial prosperity also and all this will make you happy
Meena – slightly weak period as there are obstacles everywhere, but the goodness is such that you will be able to handle these issues very well and protect your interests,
Day special – luck is with you and God is kind to you in many ways, but still you have to avoid getting into conflicts or differences especially on money matters, that is something which you will have to remember

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