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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday 27 September 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – Extremely auspicious period for overall support, happiness and prosperity, you are working hard towards achieving your goals and your own people are also supporting you in this effort
Week special – You are also trying to focus towards some love relationship which seems to be strong, but there are many issues which may not give you the direction in that and hence you may have to wait for a while
Vrish – Your focus is remarkable towards your home and family and that is giving you a lot of happiness, this period is indirectly supporting you on financial matters
Do – Psychologically you have to be more at peace as you must enjoy the goodness of this period, by remaining depressed nothing is achieved and that is important
Don’t – Don’t let wastages spoil the goodness of this period, for that reason also you have to remain aware of the situations which are causing those pressures, don’t neglect that
Mithun – Some changes or travels may be on your mind and those may be connected with your efforts, your education etc., for that purpose at least this period is very helpful which you must consider
Week special – In marital relationships however there are issues which need to be handled better, for that reason you need to resolve your issues through mutual understanding and discussion
Karka – Extremely auspicious period as nothing can be better than this, financial prosperity is indicated and gains from all sources are possible
Do – By little bit of carefulness you are able to control your health related factors also and that is the positive angle, you have to maintain that focus at this stage
Don’t – Don’t let your knowledge or efforts get reduced in any manner, that can have an impact on your work and that is where lot of protection is needed
Simha – Auspiciousness of this period is directly linked to your own hard work, indirectly on account of that you are being benefited financially also
Week special – Love relationships or any thoughts connected with that must be postponed, taking decisions in relationships with any confused manner will not possibly give you the right direction
Kanya – The auspiciousness of this period is getting reduced because of your lack of planning, you may be inclined to blame your own people for this situation but actually that is not the case
Do – You have to understand and accept your own mistakes, it is always better to be aware of your own weaknesses as only then you can improve the situation
Don’t – Don’t let pressures of your workplace cause uneasiness or upsets on your mind, for that reason also don’t ignore the need to have a stable thinking which must give regularity of your efforts
Tula – Extremely auspicious period which will lead to financial gains and prosperity, but such a situation can only be sterilized if you constantly work for it and not leave it to chance
Week special – You may have to take care of your own people and support them also, that may take away your time, energy and even your funds but that is essential to understand and implement
Vrishchik – Power of linkages are important in your work and those may gain momentum, you may have to invest or arrange money to improve your work and that is important
Do – Planning in the area of your work can actually benefit you in the long run, for that reason even if you have to do some investment at this stage it may prove to be beneficial
Don’t – Don’t therefore be distressed with that your savings are under pressure, you must have a long term view and only then you can improve the advantage in your life
Dhanu – Financial situation is favorably placed and you are benefited, but on financial matters you must not get into unnecessary arguments as that can actually be avoided
Week special – There is still need for you to plan your financial matters more carefully, especially the savings aspect needs to be planned properly for future, that aspect has to be given importance
Makar – The goodness is there in this period but this period also brings lot of pressures, success is not free but it has a cost attached to it
Do – As long as you are in the right direction you should be happy, whereas you are psychologically stressed and there is need to improve that thinking
Don’t – Don’t unnecessarily plan for major changes as that situation may not give you the desired results, as such I have told you that the situation is favorable, that has to be stabilized at this stage
Kumbh – Extremely auspicious period for your overall goodness and prosperity, especially in personal relationships as well as in some love relationship, there is happiness and advantage for you
Week special – This period can also support you to take your relationships to a higher level, but for that reason there can be pressures on your finances but that is also a reality which you have to accept
Meena – Weak period in many ways because there are many pressures attached now, work related issues and your own psychological make up is negatively placed which needs improvement
Do – Try to understand the weaknesses which are there at this stage, then step by step those factors have to be addressed
Don’t – Don’t get into unnecessary conflicts whether in your workplace or in your home, this is an important factor which needs care and protection otherwise it can cause unnecessary conflicts, don’t let that happen

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