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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sunday 15 November 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – Just because you are not satisfied and uneasy you are blaming others for everything, but actually there is no need for that as people around you are supportive to you and helping you immensely
Week special – For that very reason if you try to look at goodness in situations in people around you then you will find that goodness, that is important to understand to get happiness in life
Vrish – Psychologically you are creating stress for yourself and thinking that everything is an obstacle, for that reason you are also putting pressure on your health which needs to be corrected
Do – You are being a bit rigid in your attitude and that is reflecting in your dissatisfactions, you have to therefore become mild and appreciate the other person’s point of view also
Don’t – Don’t blame others for the issues which are confronting you now, in fact indirectly this period reflects your own lack of focus, don’t let that happen
Mithun – Strong period for some love relationship for you, but you are concerned and stressed whether you can take that relationship to the next level
Week special – Certain obstacles are definitely indicated in your personal life, for that reason there are many confusions confronting you and that is why you are stressed
Karka – Family situation is stable and personal life is happy, but your expectations are high and that is why you are getting into conflicting situations with people who are close to you
Do – If you try to appreciate the other person’s point of view then you will find happiness, but if you remain dissatisfied then the real picture will not emerge fully
Don’t – Don’t therefore let personal relationships suffer as you have to give due importance to that, don’t let any weakness come in that as it will harm your own personal life only
Simha – You are very focused at this stage to improve your life circumstances, but some amount of dissatisfaction and lack of performance can reduce that focus, that is the only weakness which is reducing the goodness of this period
Week special – Trust yourself and trust others, by doing so you will have the necessary self-confidence to move ahead and to achieve what you wish to achieve, that is important
Kanya – Financial situation is stable but you are not happy, you want to invest your money for buying some vehicle or for some home improvement
Do – Avoid this desire for a while, postpone this decision as this period is not suitable for that
Don’t – Don’t therefore reduce the impact of the goodness of this period in any way, especially on matters connected with personal life this uneasiness will not help, don’t get into that kind of thinking
Tula – Your self-confidence is high but as far as your own efforts and hard work are concerned you are not happy, you wish to do much more but many factors are not letting that happen
Week special – One factor is connected with some stress and differences of opinion in your home or family, for that reason you are losing interest and that is not recommended
Vrishchik – Your dissatisfactions are connected with your savings or for creation of your assets, you realize that your expenses are somewhat high and that is the problem
Do – If you know the cause of problems then you have won the half battle, that is how you have to remove the stress and start working towards the accomplishments in life
Don’t – Don’t forget that the period is such which has some inherent weaknesses, whether on your performance or on your attitude, hence patience is the keyword as you have to wait for the good times
Dhanu – Your financial position is stable but you are still not happy, you are thinking of so many things at the same time and one of that is some property or home issues
Week special – Count your virtues and you will realize that many things are stable, hence don’t create unnecessary uneasiness in your life which is not required at this stage
Makar – Professional situation is stable but your uneasiness lies for various related factors, you want certain changes in your work in the form of alternatives or change of job etc.
Do – When you are not yourself satisfied with the alternatives then why you are thinking about that, you have to maintain the stability and find the goodness in that stability
Don’t – Don’t forget that your expectations connected with travels or changes may not be met, the best indication is to utilize your knowledge for your present involvements, don’t forget that
Kumbh – Luck is favoring you immensely although financial matters are not as stable as you expect, but everything takes time and this situation will also improve
Week special – Family is supportive and your own goodness is emerging, but remember that any dissatisfaction can lead to unnecessary pressures in your financial situation and that is what you have to understand
Meena – Psychologically you are putting stress on yourself and that is reflecting in your work in whatever work you are involved, for that reason you are creating obstacles for yourself
Do – Improve your own focus as that is the only way to remove your uneasiness, that will solve many problems
Don’t – Don’t let any love relationship overpower you at this stage, there are many factors which are not well placed and hence you need to avoid getting into any relationship at this stage

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