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Monday, November 16, 2009

Tuesday 17 November 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are trying to push yourself very well forward and that is a remarkable thought, but you are still not able to implement your thoughts fully into action and that continues to depress you side by side
Day special – For that reason routine kind of pressures or stress are inbuilt which needs lot of care from your side, first and foremost you have to become optimistic as that is going to open up the path of your future progress
Vrish – You are trying to improve your circumstances with your hard work as well as with your improved knowledge, you have also realized that knowledge is power and for that your efforts are well aligned
Do – This kind of positive thinking is likely to make way for your goodness eventually, you must continue this effort relentlessly as that will help you eventually
Don’t – Don’t be distressed thinking about some love relationship at this stage, it may not go any further from here and you have to keep your patience for a while
Mithun – Mixed period as there are factors of goodness and pressures side by side, but most of these pressures are made up in your mind yourself and they may not be valid also
Day special – The goodness lies in the fact that you can be very pleasant in relationships, but as far as money matters are concerned you will have to avoid getting into any pressure or differences as that can be upsetting
Karka – You are very focused to work hard and to fulfill your goals, that is the positive factor which is attached to you
Do – In some love relationship you are very distressed and very depressed, but you must understand that this is a weak period for that and your expectations should not become impractical
Don’t – Don’t therefore neglect the fact that there are other responsibilities on you also, those are connected with your work, but don’t also forget that your own people can give you lot of happiness which you should look forward to
Simha – You are very keen to resolve many of your issues by proper discussion and dialogue, that is the positive aspect or goodness which you carry and which you must take forward
Day special – The overall impact of your positive efforts is remarkable, by doing so you can actually improve your work related prospects tremendously, you must take advantage of these good forces
Kanya – You may be stressed because there are lingering differences or issues in relationships, by thinking like that you are also reducing your own efforts and your own focus,
Do – Financial situation may be generally stable but you cannot risk your money, you must also remain optimistic so that you do not lose interest in your involvements
Don’t – Don’t forget that there are linking factors of family responsibilities which you have to consider, you cannot neglect those factors at this stage as that can be harmful, don’t let that happen
Tula – You are spoiling the goodness of this period with your own negative thinking, actually there is nothing as adverse as you think but routine pressures can still be many
Day special – You are also somewhat stressed about money and your need for money for essential requirements, because of that reason and uneasiness you are not able to control or plan your finances well, that is where some care is required
Vrishchik – Luck may not favor you as much as your hard work can, this period is very supportive from your own people to be helpful and for even some gains from various sources
Do – Side by side if you keep your involvement stable then you will also be able to get happiness from this situation, in fact you are remaining dissatisfied and that is not right
Don’t – Don’t at the same time have over dependence on luck as it may not support you as much, there are hidden factors of differences of opinion also which may cause pressure, don’t let that happen
Dhanu – Pressures of work can be there and psychologically you need to be more at peace, by remaining positive you can draw the goodness abundantly as this period is generally auspicious for you
Day special – Any thoughts for big changes or big decisions may not work out favorably in that manner, you have to therefore try and maintain as much stability in your life as is possible
Makar – Overall situation is becoming favorable and there is no cause for concern, but your dissatisfactions about your expectations from your own people are not getting met and that is where you are stressed
Do – Try to fulfill the needs of your own people, whether they are financial needs or psychological needs both ways you have to fulfill those responsibilities
Don’t – Some pressures and differences of opinion can be there with your boss or people who are in your sphere at the moment, especially if it is a matter connected with money then you need to take extra care, don’t go wrong on that
Kumbh – Any changes or travels may not please as much, you are feeling stressed because of these thoughts imposed on you and they are not to your liking
Day special –For that reason you can make mistakes on how you react or what you speak, some carefulness on that will definitely help you in this regard
Meena – Your personal life situation needs careful handling on day to day basis and with regularity, especially on factors of your utterances you have to remain fair and firm towards others,
Do – While doing so show your goodness as much as you can, also protect yourself from being selfish in any manner especially on financial matters
Don’t – You may not be happy with some love relationship at this stage and that can stress you further, but don’t get into any kind of conflict as it is not to your advantage, don’t let that happen

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