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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sunday 29 November 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – You are determined to work hard but something or other pulls you down, these are the silent factors which bother you and reduce your abilities
Week special – Your effort towards your own people is still praiseworthy, you may at time be unfair in your approach but people around you are supporting you in any case
Vrish – Your savings can increase but side by side your expenses will also increase, that is where you may not be able to sustain the stability of your financial position
Do – Wastages in the form of travels or impulsive expenses need to be controlled, you are aware of these facts but not able to implement them
Don’t – Don’t blame others for what is happening to you at the moment, you may find fault in others but still you will find that you are responsible yourself for many issues
Mithun – This period is keeping you weak and somewhat depressed, that is why many weaknesses are coming which you are not able to control
Week special – You have to remain very cool and accept many things as a reality, that includes your present financial position which is not making you very happy
Karka – You are not thinking rationally in taking certain decisions, you are focused but not getting the matching rewards of that effort also
Do – Your mental make up is becoming positive and that is a praiseworthy situation, you have to maintain that in future also
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own knowledge is lacking to handle your responsibilities, unless you address that factor certain weaknesses will continue to remain
Simha – Your prosperity can increase on account of your own focus, you are working hard and that is the goodness which you carry
Week special – You have to shed the thoughts for major changes at that at this stage as that is not going to help, you have to try and find happiness and stability in where you are
Kanya – You have many apprehensions connected with your work, but your own pessimism is the reason for these weaknesses
Do – Two factors need to be improved, give importance to relationships and give importance to your work, forget everything else
Don’t – Don’t try to weigh each situation in terms of your financial rewards only, that can be very unfortunate as that is not the way God has created this world around us
Tula – You are passing through an auspicious period which can boost your prosperity and your well being, you are helpful to others more than what others are helpful to you,
Week special – You may have certain doubts about people around you and also for your so called supporters or partners, but still you have to take their views take their advice and take their help
Vrishchik – Some amount of stress is inbuilt because you are thinking negatively, you think that everything is a problem and that is why there are factors which are not well placed
Do – You have to take care of your health as you cannot ignore that, earlier also you have ignored a lot and that is complicating the matters now
Don’t – Don’t think that luck can solve all the problems in life, that is not a reality and that is where lot of moderation is actually needed, don’t make a mistake on that as it can be costly
Dhanu – You are having lot of apprehensions on your mind with regard to your relationships, even some love relationship may not be moving smoothly and there are many hidden factors which make you unhappy
Week special – By carrying doubts or apprehensions about people or for yourself is not the answer in life, you have to understand that life is a mix of good and bad and to achieve goodness you have to trust people also
Makar – You are not happy about your health and you need to take greater care, if it requires investigations or treatment then you have to consider that also
Do – There may be need for you to take care of your own people as well, for that you have to appreciate their views and meet their expectations which they have against you
Don’t – Don’t ignore the fact that this can be a favorable situation for your work related desires to be met, this is the result of your focused attitude which is bringing this goodness and for that you must improve your performance
Kumbh – Your own abilities are not up to the mark, for that reason many weaknesses are appearing which includes differences of opinion as well
Week special – If you are not sure about the feelings of some one especially at your work place then your apprehensions are right, you should stay away from such thoughts as it may not give you any advantage or happiness
Meena – You are yourself not sure of certain decisions which you are trying to take, whether they are for family or for investment you need to be extra cautious
Do – On matters connected with relationships you are not very happy, you may be trying to find fault in others but actually your own faults are also many
Don’t – Don’t forget that on the monetary front this is a weak period, but gradually the situation is improving and that will resolve many matters to your advantage, don’t ignore the bigger fact that you are on the right path

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