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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Annual forecasts (Rashiphal) 2012

Annual forecasts 2012

Rashiphal 2012


Career:  Protect yourself from differences from May to June, otherwise in other months you will get adequate support and your finances will also remain stable. In October you will have to become mild from your side to avoid problems. From December you may get promotion and growth.

Finances:  Your outflows will increase between June to December, don’t let this impact your savings in any manner.

Relationships:  Up to June you are involved and committed in some meaningful relationship, you are caring towards others in August and September as well. Subsequently after September and up to December you will have to avoid getting into differences or conflicts.

Health:  It can be a concern up to July and especially in June and July, but from August onwards health related issues may be quite under control.

Education:  January to June is a good period to involve in studies and get good results.

Upaya:  From September to November keep a fast on Tuesdays. In June and July offer your prayers in a temple on Saturdays.


Career:  Up to May you are getting into stress and problems as you are thinking of many changes, but in June and July you will realize the need to perform and show your abilities. From August to December you may have to become mild to avoid any conflicts arising in any manner.

Finances:  You are becoming wasteful from June onwards and up to December. Even routine expenses will have to be controlled.

Relationships:  From January to September you have to avoid getting into problems, take care of others and avoid any differences from your side. In October your loved ones will be supportive towards you.

Health:  In August and September you will have to care for health and protect yourself from some minor hurt or injury.

Education:  In June and July you are not focused and education is suffering, but the protection is that in this period there may be holidays.

Upaya:  Offer your prayers in a place of worship on Thursdays from January to May, and in November and December keep a fast on Tuesdays.


Career:  You are motivated from January to June, your rewards from work are also stable from January to May. Thereafter from June to December you are thinking of changes and reducing your focus towards your work.

Finances:  Financial position is stable from January to May. From June to December your outflows are increasing and wastages are also increasing, but you may incur some auspicious expenses also. In October you may repay your loans as well.

Relationships:  Happy period from January to May. Some love relationship is on your mind and giving you happiness, but in June and July you may have to face opposition from your loved ones. From August situation will become stable again.

Properties:  In July you may think of some property investment. You may be able to arrange loans also for that.

Health:  Take care of health in October, that is very essential as there cannot be anything more important than health.

Education:  January to April you are devoted towards studies, and from August to December you will again be able to work hard to achieve your goals.

Upaya:  In May and June keep a fast on Fridays, on Saturdays offer your prayers in a temple especially in June and July.


Career:  Very lucky period in your career. From January to May some growth or promotion is indicated, but avoid getting into any kind of conflicts. From August to October you will be able to use your knowledge in your work very well.

Finances:  Financial rewards from work are indicated from June to December. In October there will be further auspiciousness to give you gains what you deserve.

Relationships:  Some love relationship is bringing you happiness in October, but conflicts may appear in November and December, you have to protect yourself from that. In January 2012 you will take some love relationship forward.

Health:  Take care of health from August to December and especially in November and December.

Education:  You will work hard in July and August and thereafter in October, but your focus is reducing in November, be careful.

Upaya:  Keep a fast on Saturdays in June and July. In this year offer your prayers to Goddess Durga in a temple on Wednesdays regularly, especially in the months of January to March you must offer these prayers on Wednesdays. 


Career:  In April and May your career can shine, some appreciation or promotion is possible. From June to December your abilities and performance will be used adequately towards your work, but there will be obstacles and problems as well. However, overall peace can be achieved in October.

Finances:  From January to March you will have to take care of your money and not let it get into problems. In May and June financial position will improve. In July and August your savings will also grow.

Relationships:  Family peace and harmony is indicated up to May, but in June and July avoid getting into arguments. Some love relationship may emerge in November. In December conflicts may be there in home and family, be careful.

Health:  Your loved ones require care from your side in December. Overall pattern of health generally may be supportive.

Properties: Good period for property investment from September to November. You must take advantage of this good period.

Upaya:  Keep a fast on Saturdays in June and July. Offer your prayers in any place of worship on Thursdays between June and December.


Career:  May – June is period of professional excellence and rewards, but you may not get the support of your partners. From January to May your efforts may be remarkable towards career, in October there may be challenges also.

Finances:  Up to June your obstacles may continue and your wastages may also be there, your financial position however will be stable in July as well as in October, that will give you happiness. Protect your finances from getting into difficulties in August and September as well.

Relationships:  Relationships in home and family may be difficult up to May. From June to December there may be peace and harmony the way you want.

Health:  Take care of health in June and July. Even routine matters will have to be cared for.

Properties:  Don’t invest in property in November and December, that may lead to unnecessary obstacles from which you have to protect yourself.

Upaya:  Keep a fast on Saturdays in June and July. Offer your prayers in a temple on Thursdays from January to May.


Career:  In June and July handle your career issues peacefully, avoid any changes or big decisions. Career may also be taken care from June to December so that you do not get into differences or difficulties. Psychologically remain peaceful as you may get into stress very fast.

Finances:  The months of June to August requires extra care in handling your finances, let there be no wastage or loss. But the months of January to May and then October are very rewarding for financial profitability.

Relationships:  You will get adequate support from others in August and September and also in December. But there may be issues and conflicts in martial relationship unless you take care. Especially in June and July the issues of home and family should be addressed peacefully.

Properties:  December is a good month for investment, but in June – July you must avoid any investment in property.

Health:  This year requires regular health care from your side, especially in June and July you have to be careful. These may be minor issues here and there but care is needed nevertheless.

Upaya: Keep a fast on Fridays in May and June. Offer your prayers in any place of worship between June and December on Thursdays. 


Career:  From January to June your involvement in work will be strong, but in August and September you have to avoid getting into self-created mistakes. You must remember that you are working hard but not getting as much gains. From January to May avoid getting into differences of opinion as well.

Finances:  Financial rewards are available in June and July, but you are being wasteful in August and September. Gains may also get nullified because of lack of planning. There is need to plan effectively.

Relationships:  Relationships may become strong and supportive from June to December, but you have to avoid being too rigid or firm in October, as also in December. You have to avoid getting into differences in some love relationship from January to May.

Health:  Up to May you have to take care of your loved ones, even in August and September some health issues may bother you for which carefulness is needed.

Properties: Not a favorable period for any property related investment, you have to therefore wait for better times to emerge.

Upaya:  Keep a fast on Tuesdays in the months of August and September. Offer your prayers to Goddess Durga in a temple on Wednesdays from April to June. Offer your prayers to Goddess Lakshmi in a temple on Fridays from September to November.


Career:  You are constantly thinking about your career and getting worried also, but in August and September favorable circumstances may arise, you have to therefore try and take the help of others in June so that subsequently this benefit is available to you.

Finances:  Financial position is generally stable throughout the year, but in June and July your financial needs and responsibilities may actually increase. You may even be wasteful from October to December.

Relationships:  January to May is a good and happy period for relationships to be stable. In home, family or in some love relationship there is peace and harmony. But from June to December stress may arise for which you have to remain peaceful. In December especially avoid getting angry.

Health:  Period of June to December requires care, especially in October protect yourself from any sudden upset or injury.

Education:  The period up to May is supportive for your involvement in studies or gain of knowledge. But from June to September you are losing your focus which needs to be maintained.

Upaya:  Keep a fast on Tuesdays from September to November. Offer your prayers in a temple on Thursdays from June to December.



Career:  Excellent period for career stability from January to May, but there can be pressures, problems, and general slowdown in June and July. From August to December you will be again motivated. Business investment may be needed and August and September.

Finances:  January to June requires care in handling finances. In November and December also wastages are indicated, but the period from July to September gives excellent financial gains.

Relationships:  Excellent year for relationships to be strong and vibrant, your involvement in home and family is indicated from January to May. From June to December some love relationship will prosper.

Health:  Take care of health in June. Overall health situation is stable except in the months of June and July when care is needed.

Properties: Consider property investment from January to May. But avoid any such thought in November and December.

Education:  In May – June you will realize the importance of studies, but thereafter you will try to focus more from your side especially from June to December.

Upaya: From January to June offer prayers to Lord Hanuman Ji in a temple on Tuesdays.


Career: You will associate with your partners in work from January to June, but July to August can be difficult as obstacles can be there. In October you may even get some promotion.

Finances:  Rewards from work are well placed from October to December, but protect yourself from wastages especially in June and July. Generally stable year in terms of finances.

Relationships:  Family relationships will be vibrant from June to December, but you will have to become mild in June and July and remain caring from your side towards your loved ones.

Health:  Health needs care in June and July, but psychologically you must remain optimistic throughout.

Properties:  You may be keen to invest in property between June and December, but June – July requires care in any financial transaction also.

Education:  Generally stable period but greater involvement is needed in January – February as also in September and October.

Upaya:  Keep a fast on Saturdays in June – July and offer your prayers to Goddess Durga on Wednesdays throughout the year.


Career:  Career is rewarding from January to May and as a result you are motivated towards work subsequently from June to December. Luck will specifically favor you in your career from October to December.

Finances:  Care towards finances is needed throughout the year, but up to June as also in August and September extra care is needed. However, gains from work will remain stable and motivating.

Relationships:  Care is needed in handling relationships especially in August and September, but from your side you are trying to be good to others. Maintain your own goodness towards others.

Health:  Up to June you have to be extra careful in taking care of health, but generally there is protection for you in many ways.

Education:  Your efforts towards your studies will improve from June to December.

Upaya:  Offer prayers in a temple on Saturdays throughout the year. Keep fast on Fridays in September and October.

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