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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Monday 12 December 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are trying to work hard but somehow your confusions are overpowering you and you are not able to accomplish as much.
Do – You have to condition your mind to remain optimistic, even if there are obstacles you have to face them and try to remove them.
Don’t – Don't forget that you have the ability and you can influence others, that includes your efforts as well as your relationships.

Vrishabh – You are not satisfied with people around you and that is complicating the matters, also whatever you are speaking to others has lot of ups and downs and you are changing your views also.
Do – Try to understand the fact that you have to remain connected with your loved ones, any kind of lack of trust for others is not desired.
Don’t – Don’t say anything which may hurt others, even if it is a small issue or an utterance of small nature you have to be still careful.

Mithun – Anything to do with health may have to be taken seriously, especially if the full facts are not known to you or there is lack of clarity you have to be careful.
Do – Try to understand that disagreements are not advisable, especially if you are not aware of the facts then you must know those details to avoid any difference of opinion.
Don’t – Don't forget that money may come and that can be a satisfying factor, but still your outflows and wastages are taking away a large portion of that and your financial position can be of concern.

Karka – Relationships are important to you but you are not getting that satisfaction which is needed, possibly you want to fulfill your desires and your desires are bigger than what you are able to achieve.
Do – Try to do as much as possible for others, try to speak to them and understand their views, that will help.
Don’t – Don’t be too aggressive in your thoughts or do sensitive in your viewpoint, that is not going to help at this stage.

Simha – You are not happy with your personal life issues and that is why you are complicating your thoughts unnecessarily, but you must understand that there are responsibilities which you have to fulfill.
Do – You may have thoughts of investment or improving your home and family, but you are unstable in your thought which is not right.
Don’t – Don’t hesitate to be supportive to others, don’t hesitate to help others as much as possible, that will bring about the happiness which you desire.

Kanya – Your efforts are not directed in the right manner and on the right path, but still there is lot more needed to improve that to improve your work situation.
Do – Work hard and stay focused in what you are doing, having diverted mind and diverted focus is not going to help.
Don’t – Don't forget that work is important and your involvement is important, and the more you take others along it may be helpful, thoughts for travel or changes have lot of confusions and must be set aside.

Tula – Your dissatisfactions about money are showing and that is a complicating factor, on account of that you are not able to plan effectively.
Do – Your routine kind of expenses need to be curtailed as that is where the problem lies, but you are still depending too much on luck and trying to depend on your savings.
Don’t – Don't forget that in these moments of uneasiness or dissatisfactions you may even speak something which may prove to be harsh, and that may spoil your personal relationships unnecessarily.

Vrishchik – Your dissatisfactions is showing and your psychological unrest is getting revealed, and for that reason small issues are also becoming big.
Do – Condition your mind in such a manner that you do not trouble yourself, because these are the thoughts of dissatisfactions, worries, or anxieties which you are carrying.
Don’t – Don't forget that money may come and money may go, but the bigger question of remaining happy is all important.

Dhanu – Out of stressful thoughts you may be a bit careless as far as your issues are concerned, and that includes your expenses, your outflows, and your unplanned financial status.
Do – Connect with others and help others, even if you think that the situation is not as harmonious you still have to do your duty.
Don’t – Don't forget that we all go through these ups and downs of our thinking, but that should not complicate the situation in any manner or in any sense.

Makar – If you have uneasiness connected with financial position then you may even go wrong and make wrong decisions, that is where your own mistakes may get reflected.
Do – Disagreements may be there and may have to be controlled, especially with friends or elders those factors will have to be kept in mind.
Don’t – Don’t therefore let any psychological uneasiness come in your personal life or marital life also, that is where some protection is needed as much as possible.

Kumbh – You may not be happy with your professional situation although you may be getting the help in several ways, but you have to perform better and you have to show your performance to others.
Do – You have the ability but there is some amount of instability which you are carrying, that regularity is needed to perform well.
Don’t – Don't forget that relationships are important to you and you have those mixed up thoughts on your mind, but you are not sure whether those thoughts should be carried forward or not.

Meena – You may be depending on luck and luck may not be supporting you as much as you desire, that is why this period can be called weak from that perspective.
Do – Personal life issues are important and you have to address many of those factors also, especially if there are disagreements you will have to remain peaceful so that your thoughts do not become complicated.
Don’t – Don't forget that obstacles will be there in workplace, and to control those upsets you will have to try and protect yourself from any eventuality which lead to loss, and the best bet is to show improved performance so that you are not harmed.

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