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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday 28 December 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You want to use your knowledge to improve your career, and this effort is remarkable from your side.
Do – You must take the help of others because this help can proved to be advantageous, and on top of it your performance will speak for itself and will give you the rewards.
Don’t – There can be disagreements which you are not able to control, especially in whatever you are trying to accomplish you may get into those pressures, don’t let that happen and don’t let your efforts get reduced in any manner.

Vrishabh – Personal life issues in home and family are important to you and you are committed towards them, and despite that goodness you are not able to create peace in your personal life in any manner.
Do – There are pressures and there are differences, and luck is not helping you as much as you desire, that is where you have to change your own thinking.
Don’t – Don’t let this lack of trust bother you and cause problems for you, don’t annoy people who are important as that is not advantageous.

Mithun – This period can be highly motivating for you despite your problems, any issues connected with conflicts will have to be handled very peacefully.
Do – You may be distressed but that does not mean that you cannot perform, you have that ability and you can use it rightly if you so desire.
Don’t – Don't forget that people are important and you have to connect with others as much as possible, and that will give you the rewards and the advantages the way you want.

Karka – Excellent period for gains and for profits, rewards from work are also indicated the way you expect.
Do – This is also a period which will give happiness in personal life, and the more you help others you will get that help back and you will be happy.
Don’t – Don’t lose your temper in any manner because that can be disadvantageous, don’t also let any pressure come in your relationships in any manner otherwise it can create distance from others.

Simha – Excellent period despite your psychological pressures, your work related issues may remain but that is where your goodness will come into play.
Do – Luck will favor you and help you immensely, you will have to stay peaceful and condition your mind in that peaceful manner.
Don’t – Don’t create losses or upsets for yourself in any impulsiveness, don’t also ignore your health because that is something which you will have to remember.

Kanya – This is a weak period in terms of pressures and problems, sudden obstacles can crop up to give upsets for which you will have to be careful.
Do – Especially in relationships you will have to be careful that you speak only what is needed, otherwise this can lead to problems in relationships.
Don’t – Don’t also be wasteful in any manner, obstacles will create wastages and wastages will create obstacles and this entire scheme will have to be understood by you.

Tula – Gains are indicated and financial angle is well placed, you are also able to help others and connect with others in home and family very well.
Do – Personal life issues are important which will have to be given importance from your side also, the more you focus your involvement with others will further increase.
Don’t – Don’t let your routine outflows increase in any manner, for that reason financial protection and stability is very much needed.

Vrishchik – Your focus towards work is motivating you further and giving you options in your mind, you may be thinking of alternatives all the time although you may still have to be careful.
Do – Any kind of risk or wastage is not desired, you will have to therefore protect yourself from this situation in any manner.
Don’t – Don't forget that even travels or far off linkages may not be as advantageous as you want, but still there can be thoughts on your mind for those travels which you wish to undertake.

Dhanu – Relationships are important to you and you are committed towards them, so much so that whatever you convey to others will bring lot of happiness to you the way you want.
Do – Your friends and well-wishers are supportive to you in many ways, and that aspect is going to be advantageous to you even on financial front.
Don’t – Don’t let the pressures and problems of your work hamper your happiness, routine issues will always be there and you will have to accept that as a reality.

Makar – Personal life issues are not as well placed, you are therefore taking too many risks which are not actually desired.
Do – You will have to protect your money also side by side, any risky venture can lead you to difficulties.
Don’t – Don’t think of any changes at this stage, because the overall pattern is not supportive and therefore you will have to take extra care on that.

Kumbh – Generally stable period because your efforts and hard work will give you rewards, but you are not happy for various reasons and psychologically there is stress which you are carrying.
Do – Circumstances are not totally adverse the way you are thinking, you have to therefore look at goodness also side by side but protection is needed.
Don’t – Don’t be impulsive in any manner, plan effectively and peacefully, that will help you to resolve your issues.

Meena – Circumstances are leading you to a situation of conflicts, and if there are issues then you will have to be handled them with care.
Do – Protect your money as that can be a difficult area for that also lot of careful planning may be needed.
Don’t – Don’t let any situation arise where it may lead to loss for you, and if you incur anything which is risky then you are yourself to be blamed.

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