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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Friday 2 December 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You have dissatisfactions connected with work but more on account of money, and on account of that you are getting into pressures in many ways.
Do – Your abilities are not up to the mark and you are getting into pressures also, that is why people who are important are not happy with you.
Don’t – Don’t get into any kind of differences of opinion because you are not able to put in the best effort, therefore the deficiency lies in you.

Vrishabh – Work related situation may be stable but you are not able to carry people with you, that is why you are isolated and you feel uneasy.
Do – If you try and connect with others then this period can prove to be advantageous to you, and that is why lot of carefulness is needed as you have to communicate with others.
Don’t – Don't forget that you are making mistakes from your side, being rigid and creating issues in your mind can lead to more of problems.

Mithun – Luck may be generally favorable to you but you are still blaming luck for whatever is happening, especially on matters connected with your health you may not be as happy.
Do – You will have to show your abilities and for that you will have to work really hard, any deficiency on that can lead to problems which are becoming evident at the moment.
Don’t – Don’t therefore think that blaming others or blaming luck can solve your problems, you will have to get up and get going so that this deficiency is removed.

Karka – There are obstacles is home and family and that is why you are not happy with the way relationships are going forward, in the process you may even say things which may be hurtful and which may cause further problems.
Do – Psychologically you have to condition your mind and stay stable, finding happiness with others is very essential.
Don’t – Don’t create any disputes in personal life as that can prove to be disadvantageous, and therefore it is very essential that you remove this dissatisfaction which you carry.

Simha – Issues within home and family are such that they can actually motivate you, but any kind of negative mindset can prove to be counterproductive and may cause further problems.
Do – From your side you are caring towards your loved ones and that is very important, but if you are not able to trust others then this advantage is also going to be lost.
Don’t – Don't forget that this period can actually help you to work hard and improve your performance in studies, and that can eventually lead to your success in life.

Kanya – Financial angle requires lot of careful planning, but you are somewhat disturbed because your outflows are heavy and uncontrolled.
Do – Raising loans is going to be further problematic, you may be able to please yourself or others but in the long run this can be a negative factor.
Don’t – Don't therefore carry this pressure in your mind, remember that instability of work has to be avoided.

Tula – Some love relationship is important to you but you are not happy the way it is progressing, it may have lot of strength but at the same time it may have many aspects to it which need to be considered.
Do – Look at the positive side of the picture, look at the goodness which is appearing, and you will be able to avoid small issues here and there.
Don’t – Don’t speak anything in moments of uneasiness, that can be very hurtful and that can give a different meaning to what you actually mean.

Vrishchik – Many changes may be there on your mind and that includes change of place also, and on account of so many diverse things you are getting stressed.
Do – Handle your affairs one at a time, and the most important aspect is to trust others in home and family.
Don’t – Don’t therefore complicate your issues by any decision at this stage, especially if it is going to be wasteful and lead to higher expenses you may have to be all the more careful.

Dhanu – Changes or travels may be on your mind and you may be stressed on account of that, but you may also appreciate that the forces of this moment can bring in improved financial rewards.
Do – Any changes or travels may not be advisable at this stage, therefore you will have to understand the goodness connected with stability which is very important.
Don’t – Don’t annoy people who are important to you, that may include your spouse also and those people who are very forceful in their thoughts.

Makar – Financial angle is such that you are stressed, especially if your money is stuck then you may not be able to recover it.
Do – You must understand that you have responsibilities to fulfill, and that includes careful handling of your work related issues as well.
Don’t – Don’t also neglect your health in any manner, maintaining discipline in what you eat is very important.

Kumbh – Work related issues are important and your partners or well-wishers are playing their positive role, but you are still not happy with them as you are not able to trust them.
Do – Try to understand that you are becoming too forceful in your thoughts, and that can lead to some differences of opinion as well.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that financial angle is generally supportive, for that reason you may have higher expectations also on your mind.

Meena – Luck may not be favoring you as much as you desire, and that is why you feel that everything is a problem the way it is appearing.
Do – Wastages will have to be protected and carefulness is needed, that is why any big plan or big change will have to be addressed very carefully.
Don’t – Don’t therefore blame luck for whatever is happening, you must blame your own decision-making which is very unstable at the moment, don’t let that happen.

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