A journey which started on 1st April 2007 with “Aapke tare” on Aaj Tak, comes to an end on 29th April 2014. We all have been together on this journey on a very emotional and personal level. Aapke tare touched the hearts and lives of people across the world every day. Your immense appreciation and affection proved it beyond doubt.

I am personally indebted to you all for this affection which made “Aapke tare” the biggest and most loved Astrology show on television history with unprecedented viewership.


-Deepak Kapoor

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Friday 16 December 2011, Hindu Calendar, Panchang

Shri Vikrami Samvat 2068, Shak samvat 1933
Paush maas
Krishna paksha
Shashti tithi upto 20:34, then Saptami
Shukra vaar (Friday)
Magha nakshatra upto 22:26, then Purva Phalguni

Moon in Simha rashi
Bhadra hai 20:34 se, aur Surya pravesh kareinge Dhanu rashi aur Mula nakshatra mein 14:14 pe, atah sankranti ka punya kaal manaya jayega 14:14 se suryast tak,

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