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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sunday 11 December 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your efforts are pointed towards relationships as you have so many desires on your mind, but somehow your efforts are not able to give you the matching rewards.
Do – This period should be utilized to improve your knowledge, skills, and your studies, there are deficiencies in that which need to be addressed.
Don’t – Don’t carry any distress on your mind or apprehensions unnecessarily, that can unnecessarily lead to negativity dissatisfactions which are not desired.

Vrishabh – You are contemplating some changes and change of place also, but all those thoughts are directed towards your home, family or your loved ones.
Do – Even on the financial front you are trying to be helpful to others, but in the process you may have to incur higher outflows which may cause some instability.
Don’t – Don't forget that relationships are important and they have to be nurtured, any instability in that can lead to further dissatisfactions on your mind.

Mithun – Money can motivate you and for that reason some financial planning is needed, especially if there are issues of taking or giving of money to someone you have to be careful.
Do – Health is another area which needs care, especially if there are deficiencies in your eating habits you have to be careful.
Don’t – Don't forget that people who are important must be given that importance, that includes your boss and you cannot go wrong on that.

Karka – Rewards from work are generally well placed and you are blessed on that, but your dissatisfactions are continuing because your expectations are higher.
Do – There may be deficiencies in your performance for which some greater effort is needed, and for that you may have to remove that uneasiness which you are carrying on your mind.
Don’t – Don't forget that creating mistakes from your side is not desired, for that you will have to remain very peaceful from your side.

Simha – Very auspicious period and luck is favoring you immensely, even on the financial front the situation is favorable in many ways.
Do – This period is helping you and supporting you to make some decision for investment, and for that reason you may be able to make others happy around you.
Don’t – Don't forget that personal relationships are important and some love relationship is also on your mind, especially if it has some linkages to your workplace then you may be able to take that thought forward.

Kanya – Somewhat pressurizing period because there can be obstacles which you may have to face, but in the phase of adversity also you have to remain motivated and work hard.
Do – Any kind of changes may not be desired and therefore stability is very essential, and for that reason you will have to remove those dissatisfactions from your mind which you have been carrying.
Don’t – Don’t neglect your work and the regularity of your work, that is very essential to be maintained and only then you will find the goodness the way you want.

Tula – Generally lucky period for financial profitability and you are blessed, overall auspiciousness is with you and luck is favoring you immensely.
Do – Rewards from work are indicated although there may be some ups and downs in that, but as far as your savings are concerned your dissatisfactions are also showing side by side.
Don’t – Don therefore stress yourself on minor issues, they are issues of day-to-day nature and they have to be accepted as such.

Vrishchik – You may be stressed but work related advantage is with you, therefore you have to accept those pressures as a reality which you are facing.
Do – If there are pressures there are rewards also, and those rewards should motivate you to continue to move on the right path.
Don’t – Don't forget that there can be disagreements at the workplace, and that is why you have to be all the more careful so that there is no problem created in this manner.

Dhanu – Goodness of this period shows in the form of luck helping you and supporting you, but luck should not be pushed too far because this can also lead to loss for which you have to be careful.
Do – Work related situation is such that there can be pressures, and pressures from seniors or bosses can be there which need to be addressed.
Don’t – Don’t therefore let your own abilities get reduced and your performance get reduced, that is your strength and that must be maintained at all times.

Makar – Pressures and problems are evident and your partners may not be helpful, you may even risk your money unnecessarily which is not desired.
Do – If you are trying to resort to borrowings to fulfill your financial needs then this may have its own problems, therefore you may avoid taking any loans.
Don’t – Don’t therefore create distress on your mind on account of all these factors, stay peaceful and let this period pass peacefully.

Kumbh – Relationships are important and you are making efforts towards that, even professional relationships with partners are very important for you to understand.
Do – Your own abilities may have instability but they can still be used towards your work, for that you may have to remove your dissatisfactions which you have been carrying.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that personal relationship or some love relationship needs to be handled carefully, for that you have to create some amount of trust in others which is very essential.

Meena – Issues in home and family may be there on your mind, especially if it has financial linkages then it can lead to disagreements as well.
Do – Generally lucky period for personal relationships to be stable or peaceful, but there is a risk that these disagreements can lead to conflicts for which you have to be careful at this moment.
Don’t – Don't forget that the more you connect with others easier it will be to handle your personal life affairs, and for that reason you have to avoid getting angry in any manner.

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