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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Monday 27th August 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are able to convey your thoughts to others and that will improve your relationships, and as a result overall happiness in personal life is improving.
Do – You must listen to your elders and take their guidance, and even if you have doubts on your mind you must give importance to the views of others.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have the ability and you can use it very well, but don’t still be wasteful in any manner as that is not desired.

Vrishabh – Financial prosperity is indicated and you will be able to arrange funds the way you want, but you are also pressurized because everything will be achieved with hindrances and with delays.
Do – The pattern is such that you are not performing to your utmost, you have diverted focus and you are thinking of so many things at the same time.
Don’t – Don’t jump to any conclusions as for as any opportunity is concerned, therefore don’t take any decision hastily as it is not required.

Mithun – Relationships are becoming stronger and where ever distance had been created those distances can be bridged, and that is why this period is helpful.
Do – You must try and reach to others and communicate with others, that will lead to a situation of harmony which you can create with others.
Don’t – Don’t forget that whatever be the pressures and problems in some love relationship you have something to gain, you must try to look at the goodness despite all the problems which you are facing.

Karka – Change of place may be on your mind but you are worried for that, this is a situation which can lead to disagreements on account of these very factors.
Do – Even on financial matters certain disagreements and problems can be there, you have to therefore take adequate precautions from your side.
Don’t – Don’t let your financial planning go wrong, restrictedly utilize your money the way it is planned so that wastages are avoided.

Simha – Gains from work are indicated and your hard work will definitely bring rewards, but somehow routine types of issues and pressures will continue to bother you the way I can see.
Do – Your abilities have to be used properly, you have to study well and increase your knowledge also in the process.
Don’t – Don’t forget that making efforts is something which you must do, but more than making efforts you have to showcase those efforts to others so that you are benefitted.

Kanya – Extremely auspicious period as there is help for you and there is support for you, even to the extent that you will be able to execute your plans the way you want.
Do – Your savings may not be helping you as much as your own loved ones in home and family may be able to do, and for that reason you have to take that help and guidance as much as possible.
Don’t – But don’t neglect the expectations which the others have from you, any reduction in your involvement can lead to unnecessary arguments.

Tula – Your efforts may not be as pointed but the circumstances are very favorable, and that is why this can be called a luck period in many ways.
Do – Where ever deficiencies exist those deficiencies must be removed, and if your own hard work is lacking then you can definitely take some positive steps towards that.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the strength of this period in terms of financial rewards, your work can be highly rewarding and your own knowledge in the form of studies can be highly motivating.

Vrishchik – Any changes or any far of linkages may not be comfortable for you, and for that reason you are getting into many discussions with your loved ones.
Do – You have to take care of others and showcase that affection towards others, that will help you to resolve the pressures and problems of this period.
Don’t – Don’t in the process be too wasteful in any manner, some amount of wastage can be there but still adequate care is needed.

Dhanu – If there are disagreements on account of money then you are yourself responsible for that, even to the extent that you are creating those disputes in your mind and not controlling them from your side.
Do – Help others and support others, try to understand the view point of others that will be beneficial.
Don’t – Arranging money is not so much of a problem, but protecting that money may be a bigger challenge which you may have to understand.

Makar – The goodness of this period is somewhat reduced because you are getting away from situations and circumstances, remember that by running away from your responsibilities nothing is going to be achieved.
Do – You have to understand the views of others, that may include the views of your children or your loved ones also.
Don’t – Don’t think that your efforts are not adequate, you can do a lot and that goodness must be maintained in your mind.

Kumbh – Very luck period and very favorable period, not only for happiness but also for your accomplishments and achievements this is a good period for you.
Do – You can plan for investment and you can take care of others, and all this will give you happiness.
Don’t – Don’t still be too wasteful in all this goodness, careful planning and overall carefulness is definitely needed.

Meena – Pressures and problems are bound to be there, but a little bit of effort from your side can resolve those issues also as I can see.
Do – Work is important and that should be your priority, but that will have to be done with lot of trust in your own abilities.
Don’t – Don’t forget that work related situation will be very demanding and challenging, there will be upsets and you will have to protect yourself from those upsets.

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