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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wednesday 15th August 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are trying hard to improve your financial position, and luck is definitely going to favor you because you are making efforts from your side.
Do – Whatever changes you are bringing about must be done with lot of confidence, any confusions in that is not going to help.
Don’t – Don’t let anyone take advantage of your financial position, safety and protection is of utmost importance at this stage.

Vrishabh – Your self confidence will help you to gain a lot in life, your success therefore will be ensured as you have the goodness to influence others.
Do – Relationships are important on your mind and you will be able to please others, but on financial matters lot of carefulness is needed never the less.
Don’t – Don’t let anyone take advantage of you in any manner, therefore don’t trust anyone with closed eyes as that may not be in your interest.

Mithun – Wastages are indicated and your decisions can go wrong, that is why you have to protect your situation in any case.
Do – You may not be happy with your partners or associates, you may think that they are causing some kind of loss or problem for you and that is where your protection is needed.
Don’t – Don’t forget that some auspicious expenses can also be there, whether in the form of investment or for your family or children these expenses can give you happiness

Karka – Very lucky period as money may come from many sources, but your routine expenses and outflows are so high that you are not able to protect your financial position.
Do – If you are thinking of some change of place then you have to be careful, as it can take away your peace as well as your money in the process.
Don’t – Don’t forget that this can be a positive period for you to work hard, and for that reason your efforts can start giving you results in a favorable manner, your abilities will shine.

Simha – Obstacles will be witnessed at your workplace, and to handle them will require your positive involvement.
Do – You have the ability to handle many things at the same time, but psychologically you also carry so many diverse thoughts that you become stressed, that is where you need to change your self.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the fact that your savings are not building, and those savings can only grow if you exercise lot of restraint from your side.

Kanya – Personal life issues are well placed and that is a blessing, as a result you are able to work hard and prove your abilities in the process.
Do – Rewards from work can be positive and beneficial, and for that reason your own involvement in work will prove to be highly rewarding.
Don’t – Don’t still cause discomfort for others, if you are doing well then others around may be jealous of you and that is not desired.

Tula – You are not able to work as pointedly as it is desired, and that is the reason that there are many upsets which you may have to face.
Do – Work related situation may still be stable but unnecessary changes are not required, you have to maintain a lot of stability from your side which is very essential.
Don’t – Don’t become too aggressive from your side, even if you are very angry you have to control your outburst as they can be harmful.

Vrishchik - Financial position is stable and relationships are providing that happiness, but you are stressed for many hidden factors as you are not comfortable with what is happening.
Do – Lot of peace is required in handling the present situation, this is a period of loss which must be avoided.
Don’t – Don’t be wasteful in your financial position in any case, because you will not be able to control the outflows and they can become very big and problematic.

Dhanu – Personal life issues are such that disagreements can be there, especially if you are not aware of the facts then you can actually go wrong.
Do – Routine types of day to day issues will have to be carried on with a very peaceful manner, psychologically therefore this period requires lot of patience from your side.
Don’t – Don’t be too much in a hurry, circumstances are going to improve for you but it may take a little while for those factors to appear, hence the present period requires peace and patience from your side.

Makar – Your efforts towards relationships can be remarkable, but the advantage can be achieved only if you keep your expectations low.
Do – You have to understand that disagreements will be there, but they are made up in your mind and not as real, that is why you have to protect your relationships.
Don’t – Don’t have disagreements with your partner in any manner, even at your work place lot of peace is required as only then you can work towards your goals.

Kumbh – Financial angle is well placed and you will be happy with that, but your responsibilities are still higher and you have to do a lot for others.
Do – Issues in home and family are generally supportive, if you maintain peace from your side then this can be a happy period in the long run.
Don’t – Don’t forget the goodness of this period, your positive involvement can give you excellent rewards and luck can favor you immensely.

Meena – Work related situation can be motivating and positive, and as a result overall pattern of auspiciousness in personal life is very well indicated.
Do – Happiness is something which will definitely come to you, and indirectly it is a period of success and achievements for you.
Don’t – Don’t get into issues or arguments from your side, especially if you are handling people of importance then you have to give them that importance which is very essential.

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