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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thursday 9th August 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your efforts are positive to work hard but you are doing it in a slightly confused manner, because you want to do a lot for others also.
Do – This effort should be such that there are no obstacles, and if you remain dissatisfied then you are inviting obstacles for yourself.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the advice of others around you, they can guide you properly and put you on the right track.

Vrishabh – You have the ability to convey your thoughts, hence communication becomes very important at this stage.
Do – Anything connected with money will also be very important for you at this stage, and for that reason you may have to plan each step effectively from your side.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the importance of documents which you may have to handle at this stage, especially in terms of what you commit in those documents may be very important to understand.

Mithun – On one hand you have big responsibilities which you have to fulfill towards others, and on the other hand you are being a bit wasteful also and that is not helping you in any manner.
Do – Trying to get happiness for yourself and for your loved ones is a positive attempt, but side by side you have to create that protection for yourself which must become a habit.
Don’t – While conveying your performance don’t ignore the lingering obstacles which you are facing, because they will have to be understood very clearly as to the reasons for those obstacles.

Karka – Change of place or change of circumstances may be there on your mind, and that is why all your thoughts are connected with changes, travels or alternatives at this stage.
Do – You can do a lot and prove yourself in whatever you are doing, and that commitment is well placed and being appreciated.
Don’t – Don’t still ignore the issues of personal life as they are important, if there are obstacles connected with that then you will have to resolve those issues also side by side.

Simha – Financial gains are indicated from work as well as from your own efforts, and for that reason luck is actually helping you and supporting you adequately.
Do – Gains from home or property is also indicated, but you may not be able to hold on to those gains from your side.
Don’t – Don’t become too liberal or too impulsive from your side, if you make mistakes then how can you avoid those wastages which are showing.

Kanya – Work related situation is demanding and satisfying, investment may be needed in your work and rewards are also indicated at the same time.
Do – But you have to be careful in taking those decisions, especially handling your money can become difficult and your money may even get stuck.
Don’t – Don’t try to bring about any changes in this pattern of mindset which you are carrying, you can therefore try and understand the other person’s point of view which may be very essential.

Tula – In handling your issues you are depending more and more on your luck to help you and to resolve your issues, and that factor is generally supportive and without any problems.
Do – Your efforts to help others and connect with others is remarkable, but you are not able to bridge that distance which has been created with others as much as it is desired.
Don’t – Don’t still ignore the auspiciousness of this period, these patterns are highly strong and supportive for you and that can give you success in whatever you are trying to accomplish.

Vrishchik – Weak period as you may be facing pressures and problems in whatever you are thinking, and any thought connected with changes will have to be done with care.
Do – Most important aspect is to remain stress-free, and for that reason you will have to maintain lot of peace in your personal life.
Don’t – Don’t be stressed because luck is not helping you as much as you are thinking, hence routine types of issues and obstacles may continue to bother you which should be accepted as a reality.

Dhanu – Stress is personal relationship is evident, and that can be handled with your goodness which you generally carry towards others.
Do – You have the ability to perform and that will help you, especially in taking any thought forward with regard to your career this can be beneficial.
Don’t – Don’t create obstacles in your mind, don’t create those obstacles in a manner that you are yourself responsible for them.

Makar – Stress of differences can be there, but that is indicated only in work related situations.
Do – You must try and find happiness in your personal life in home and family, and that is possible because you are able to not only connect with others but also help others from your side.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the strength of your positive efforts at this stage, a little bit of effort can improve your work situation dramatically, but again those differences will have to be curbed.

Kumbh – Very lucky and favorable period in many ways, but there is one area of concern which is linked to your love relationship.
Do – People around you may not be as happy as you want, therefore disagreements are there which will have to be avoided.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the pressures and problems of your work, that is because of the fact that you are not able to work hard from your side at this stage, and that may be one of the reasons that people around you are not as happy.

Meena – You may be trying to do a lot for your loved ones in home and family, but still there are issues and hindrances which you may have to face.
Do – Try to convey your good thoughts for others, try to tell others as to what you wish to do for them.
Don’t – Don’t therefore suspect your own abilities in any manner, work is helping you as well as your own positive outlook is supporting you to move forward in life, then why this lack of trust for yourself.

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