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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sunday 19th August 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal , Weekly

Mesh – You are able to show your abilities and show your performance, that can actually improve your image in the eyes of others.
Do – This is a period which can help you to think of some changes or alternatives as well, and therefore you may have various reasons to consider all those changes in your mind.
Don’t – Don’t carry any kind of confusion while you are looking at these options, you have to stay connected with the strength of your goodness and your abilities.

Vrishabh – Personal life happiness is intact and rewarding, and as a result your financial position is also likely to improve further.
Do – Care has to be taken in what you speak, in fact any kind of communication therefore requires that patience where you should not go wrong in any manner.
Don’t – Don’t also ignore the suggestion of your doctor or your surgeon, if any treatment or procedure is needed then it must be taken.

Mithun – You are able to work hard and prove as to what you can really do, but at the same time you are becoming too firm and forceful to implement changes in your life.
Do – Any change at this stage will have to be undertaken very carefully, especially in work related changes or in anything to do with partnerships you have to be careful.
Don’t – Don’t forget that there can be many obstacles in carrying some relationship forward, hence you have to consider all those aspects which are relevant today and only then take the next step.

Karka – Your forcefulness is getting reflected in whatever you are speaking or conveying to others, and on account of that you are becoming a bit wasteful also.
Do – There is need for you to become very mild from your side, because routine types of issues are continuing to bother you and those can be addressed with this mildness.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the fact that personal life issues can have certain complications in it, and those cannot be resolved by money alone, that is important to understand.

Simha – Your self confidence is high and helping you immensely, but the best indication is that rewards are flowing to you in many ways.
Do – Your own efforts are remarkable to give you the advantage, and work related goodness is such that gains are available to you in abundance.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the pressures and problems of your workplace, especially if you are not satisfied with the circumstances there may be reasons which need to be understood more clearly.

Kanya – Wastages are indicated because you are not taking adequate care, but as far as work is concerned luck is helping you and supporting you very well.
Do – Whatever you are doing in your work or profession is going to be advantageous, but still you have to understand that savings may not grow the way you expect, don’t forget that.
Don’t – Don’t also forget that your work may require some input or some investment, and those can also be the pressures indirectly which will have to be faced.

Tula – Whatever you are doing at this stage is turning out to be right, hence there is abundant advantage for you in whatever efforts you are making.
Do – Disagreements with elders or superiors must be avoided, and for that reason avoid thinking in any selfish manner.
Don’t – Don’t handle your savings in any confused manner, because carefulness may be needed as money may be required to implement your thoughts.

Vrishchik – Work situation is strong and stable but your partners or associates may not be as supportive, and if there are developments going on at your back then you have to be all the more careful.
Do – This is a wasteful period where pressures or problems may mount, and especially if you are moving in any unplanned manner then that may not be right.
Don’t – Don’t get into issues where you are not aware of the facts, you must therefore ascertain the reality and only then make your opinion.

Dhanu – Luck may be helping you and supporting you adequately, and for that reason financial advantage may also be well placed.
Do – You will have to take care of your loved ones from your side, and the circumstances are generally supportive for that which you can accomplish.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the views which others carry for you, and if there are disagreements in that then you must look at your own deficiencies as well.

Makar – Stress and pressures are indicated in many ways, whether in relationships or in your workplace lot of care is needed.
Do – But more than anything else you have to become peaceful in your mind, that is where the weakness of this period is getting reflected, hence that peace will have to be maintained with others also.
Don’t – Don’t get into issues with your seniors, superiors or your boss, that is an area where lot of care is in any case needed.

Kumbh – You are helping others and that can be a blessing, but there may be circumstances where you may have to improve your own performance.
Do – These matters may be small or insignificant, but they still need to be addressed from your side so that you are able to convince others of your goodness.
Don’t – Don’t let any big changes at your workplace guide your decisions, because that is not going to provide the path which you desire.

Meena – Stress and pressures in personal life are indicated, despite your positive efforts to maintain peace there may be psychological unrest which you are carrying.
Do – Obstacles are there and can be problematic, especially if you are careless in terms of hurt or injury then you are yourself at mistake.
Don’t – Don’t underestimate the strength of your work, that can actually help you and support you to do better in life, and that is important.

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