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Friday, August 17, 2012

Saturday 18th August 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Relationship angle is strong and stable for you, and that is a blessing which will have to be maintained from your side.
Do – You have to speak to others in a manner that it does not cause any problems, you may be having good intentions but somehow the situation is not as comfortable.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have the ability and you have it in abundance, and that goodness will have to be used to please others and to connect with others.

Vrishabh – Happiness in home and family is indicated, you are able to associate with other in a manner which is helpful to you also in the long run.
Do – While financial rewards are stable you are worried with regards to the obstacles, and you are carrying doubts about others on your mind which are not looking good.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the need to speak to others and communicate with others, whether you get the support from others or not you still have to convey your feelings at this stage.

Mithun – Your efforts are remarkable and you are able to work hard, and that will surely give you the rewards which you want.
Do – Any kind of change or travel may not be advisable, because changes at your work place may not have that goodness which you expect.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the pressures of relationships at this stage, if you are not able to fulfill your desires then don’t push that thought too hard.

Karka – Financial angle is well placed and your savings are indicated, but you are worried for your inflows and on account of that your planning is going wrong.
Do – You will have to understand that changes at this stage may not be advisable, anything which increases your pressures or problems will have to be avoided.
Don’t – Don’t try to get money from questionable means, because such money will be difficult to be protected or sustained.

Simha – Work related situation is good but you are not able to appreciate that goodness, and that is why you are just looking at problems only.
Do – There are obstacles and those will have to be removed, and if it requires your increased performance then you must do that from your side.
Don’t – Your self-confidence is high and that will help, but your own psychological makeup needs to be moderated or corrected from your side.

Kanya – Luck is favoring you and helping you, and you are blaming your luck only for whatever is happening or not happening.
Do – Your expectations are high and you want some magical results at this stage, but life does not ever show that kind of magic for anyone.
Don’t – Don’t therefore day dream something which is not going to happen, something which is there in stories may not be true in real life.

Tula – You are worried and stressed for various reasons, but the fact is that circumstances are well placed and without any big issues.
Do – If there are health related issues then you have to take adequate care, and if there is any kind of deficiency in the understanding of disease then you must take another opinion.
Don’t – Don’t forget that the strength of your financial position will take care of many things, and therefore whatever you are doing must remain very pointed and forceful from your side.

Vrishchik – Work related situation is strong and stable, the advantages will flow abundantly as you desire.
Do – You may not be happy with people around you, that is why those disagreements may also be there on day to day basis.
Don’t – Don’t get into any kind of lack of trust for others, you will have to try and appreciate the goodness which people carry and that can be a blessing for you at this stage.

Dhanu – Luck is helping you and supporting you adequately, but psychologically you are continuing to have that stress which is not generally required.
Do – Disagreements in personal life are also continuing which is not right, you have to therefore try and remove those apprehensions which you carry on your mind which is not right.
Don’t – Don’t ignore your responsibilities and duties which you have for other, and if you are married then there is all the more reason to avoid any conflicts in your marriage.

Makar – There are many obstacles which are bothering you, and on top of it if people are not happy with you then you have to take all the more care.
Do – Relationship angle therefore is weak and not as pointedly placed, you are not able to convey your good thoughts they way it is desired and that is the problem.
Don’t – Don’t forget your priorities, work is important but you have to take care of your loved ones also and bring that harmony in your personal life which can be a bigger priority.

Kumbh – Your care for others is remarkable and appreciative, but routine issues and circumstances may not still make you any happy.
Do – Personal life issues therefore may have stress and problems which you are facing, but from your side you have done abundantly for others and that is a blessing.
Don’t – Don’t trust anyone blindly with regard to money, even if you are connecting with your own loved ones you have to protect your money in any case.

Meena – Disagreements can crop up and therefore lot of care is needed, especially in what you communicate you can even go wrong.
Do – You are not being understood properly and that is the problem, hence you have to say whatever you want to say very clearly and without any ambiguity.
Don’t – Don’t therefore put your decisions or your money into any kind of risk, that carefulness will help you and protect you in the long run.

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