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Friday, February 15, 2013

Saturday 16th February 2013, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Work is important and you are devoted towards that, and in fact you may be considering many alternatives also at the same time.
Do – The goodness of this period reflects in such a manner that opportunities may be available to you, and people around you may also be helpful to you in guiding you and motivating you.
Don’t – Don’t carry that lack of trust of in your mind in any manner, if certain things are not clear then you have to clarify those from your side.

Vrishabh – You may be taking chances and creating problems for yourself, depending on luck can be dangerous and that is where some carefulness is needed.
Do – Psychologically also this is a weak period and you must protect yourself, especially if someone is trying to take advantage of you then there is all the more reason to be cautious.
Don’t – Don’t forget that any kind of change at your workplace must be avoided, lot of stability is needed and accordingly you have to condition your mind to create that stability for yourself.

Mithun – This is a period of stress, pressures and losses which you must understand, even to the extent that your own efforts are not as pointed as they should be.
Do – Your knowledge and your skills may not be supportive to you, your performance is not as favorably placed to give you the best advantage, these are the weaknesses which you must understand.
Don’t – Don’t therefore expect that luck will solve your problems at this stage, you will have to maintain lot of peace from your side and make every step with care.

Karka – You are helpful towards others and that is a blessing, with that kind of goodness you will be able to win the hearts of others and support others.
Do – Home and family is important and you are caring towards that, despite your own problems you are able to show a lot of goodness which is essential.
Don’t – Don’t still trust anyone at your workplace blindly, there are reasons to understand that people may not be as favorably inclined towards you as you expect.

Simha – Work related situation is heavy on your mind, you want to do so much more but somehow the circumstances are not as well placed.
Do – This is a period to work hard and show your abilities, but certain disagreements can also continue side by side which is not letting this happen.
Don’t – Don’t forget that pressures and problems are continuing at your workplace, and those obstacles can be from seniors or superiors as well.

Kanya – Very lucky period as many of those circumstances are becoming favorable for you, especially in highlighting your goodness or improving your image in the eyes of others.
Do – Relationship angle therefore also becomes favorable, despite hidden pressures and problems you are able to resolve your issues to some extent.
Don’t – Don’t think negatively all the time, even if there are problems you have to remain optimistic from your side because the situation is becoming favorable.

Tula – You are devoted towards your loved ones and helpful towards others, that is a blessing in many ways and can highlight your goodness in the process.
Do – Relationship angle is strong on your mind and can be supportive, even in home and family this relationship aspect will remain supportive to you and people in turn will also help you adequately.
Don’t – Don't carry any lack of trust for others in any manner, you have to try and look for goodness around you rather than problems as that is not needed.

Vrishchik – People around you may be supportive and that includes your loved ones also, despite disagreements which you are carrying with your own people you may get the help of others.
Do – This is also a situation where you have to remove the distress of your mind, you have been thinking more than what is needed in the recent past and that has been the cause of problems.
Don’t – Don’t plan for any travels or changes at this stage, that can unnecessarily complicate the matters which is not right.

Dhanu – Financial aspect is well placed and money may come from many sources, but unnecessarily increasing your liabilities is not advisable.
Do – This period should help you to study well and prove your goodness, if you are a student you can immensely benefit from these forces.
Don’t – Don’t forget that in any kind of attempt which increases your prosperity you will be successful, even to the extent that if you face any interview your success will be ensured.

Makar – Highly favorable period because whatever you want to do will be accomplished, and for that reason your own forcefulness will immensely help you to gain from these forces.
Do – Financial gains are also visible in many ways, and that is why your own loved ones are helping you and supporting you from their side.
Don’t – Don’t think more than what is needed, because routine types of issues and problems can mount and can reduce your gains.

Kumbh – Auspiciousness of this period is somewhat reduced because you are not able to trust your own abilities, that is why your own efforts may remain somewhat restricted from your side.
Do – On work related front at least your involvement can be strong, but that is again an area where you have to ignore those routine types of obstacles as a reality.
Don’t – Don’t forget that wastages is something which will have to avoided, and this period as such is showing those pressures and problems in the form of wastages or loss.

Meena – Money may come from suddenness and out of unexpected sources, but more than that your own positive involvement can be beneficial in my view.
Do – Your wastages are continuing and you are not able to control that, that is the reason that people around you are also becoming wasteful which can distress you.
Don’t – Don’t trust anyone especially in financial matters, because that is where some kind of protection is needed from your side and that must be maintained over a period of time.

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