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Monday, February 11, 2013

Tuesday 12th February 2013, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You have a favorable period for financial gains, but at the same time you have to be careful to protect those gains for future use.
Do – While your own approach is positive there are certain stressful issues which still need to be handled, and that is why disagreements of any kind can reduce your happiness.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have to help others in the process, even if you are not satisfied with the response of others you must still try to connect with others.

Vrishabh – Financial gains are possible and from unexpected sources also you may get that advantage, for that reason your overall pattern of auspiciousness is intact.
Do – Work related involvement is very positive and you will get rewards of your hard work, and all that is also possible because your own performance is positive and in the right direction.
Don’t – Don’t still undertake any big change unless you are fully convinced, there are circumstances to show that there may be several thoughts on your mind in this regard.

Mithun – While luck is favoring you your own decisions connected with work may not be as advantageous, that is the reason that you have to look at the alternatives with lot of carefulness.
Do – You must avoid creating a situation where your loved ones go against you, that is why it is better to try and understand what others think at this moment.
Don’t – Don’t forget that pleasing others all the time is very difficult, and this is a weak period to that extent where your efforts to make others happy may not be as fruitful.

Karka – Financial gains are positive and you may get money from many sources, but you may still be unhappy because the planning angle is rather poor.
Do – Work related pressures are immense and your performance may not be up to the mark, that is the reason that problems from various sources may emerge.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that financial prosperity can take care of many things at the same time, but that is something which requires a very positive frame of mind in which you must try and remain happy.

Simha – Pressures and problems at work will continue to be there, but you have the ability to do so much more and that is always important.
Do – People around you will help you in many ways, they will also guide you and motivate you to do better in life.
Don’t – Don’t forget that finances as well as auspiciousness of this period is very helpful , and many things can be handled based on that goodness which you have in the form of blessings.

Kanya – Your home and family is supportive towards you although you are not able to appreciate that goodness, that is why you may have some stress connected with money also on your mind.
Do – Work related pressures are continuing to be there, and as a result your interest in work is reducing, that is not right.
Don’t – Don’t try to find fault in every situation and every problem, you are becoming too critical in your approach in this manner which is not right.

Tula – The weakness of this period reflects in a manner that pointing finger is towards you, if you are not able to prove yourself fully then you are at mistake.
Do – Your goodness is there but you are not able to use it properly, that is why there are some disagreements with seniors or superiors also.
Don’t – Don’t forget that alternatives will have to be considered by removing confusions of your mind, only then that clarity of thought and purpose will appear.

Vrishchik – Relationship angle may still be strong on your mind despite ups and downs which you have, that is the reason that your positive devotion is getting reflected.
Do – While this period may have its own share of problems you must understand your priority, and for that reason you have to maintain a very great balance in your emotional involvements.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you may have to please others in many ways, and even if you have to give flowers or gifts to others then it may be the right thing to do.

Dhanu – Personal life issues are stressed because you are not taking adequate care, you are only convinced that you are working hard and that will solve all the issues.
Do – More than your hard work it is that good word which is desired, you have to praise others or connect with others with that kind of politeness.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that pressures of this period can be resolved with very little effort, and if you plan for each step forward then it may become a pleasant journey.

Makar – Relationships are strong and your efforts are pointed towards that, you are even trying to discuss your matters and communicating with others effectively.
Do – Work related advantage will be achieved because of your focused involvement, and that is the reason that your adverse situations will also start working in your favor.
Don’t – Don’t forget that gains may come from property or your investments in some form or the other, that is why financial situation can become favorable.

Kumbh – Overall auspiciousness is indicated in terms of financial dealings, and for that reason rewards from work are also well placed which is going to help you immensely.
Do – Don’t forget that changes and change of place may seem to be very lucrative, but may not be advisable that is why care is needed
Don’t – Don’t carry dissatisfactions on your mind, and for that reason decisions will have to be taken carefully.

Meena – Despite your distress this period can be helpful in many ways, especially in getting that desire to work hard you can actually be benefited.
Do – You have to avoid getting away from your loved ones, for that reason relationships will have to be nurtured very carefully.
Don’t – Don’t put your money into any kind of risk as this period is not favorable, especially in handling your money various aspects of life will have to be considered.

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