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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thursday 7th February 2013, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Support from your loved ones is available to you in whatever you are doing, but you are still not able to have that confidence in yourself that everything is alright.
Do – Overall financial indications are well placed and your involvement in work is there, you are able to get the happiness with your loved ones also which is very essential in life.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have financial responsibilities towards work and towards others, that is why it is very essential to keep a strict watch on your finances and protect them as much as possible.

Vrishabh – You are stressed and worried, and logically anything which disturbs the stability of life can be stressful.
Do – Safeguard your situation in such a manner that no one takes advantage of you, for that reason it is essential to keep your own extremes of thinking under control.
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial gains will be there but a lot of carefulness is needed in decision making, anything which puts your money into any kind of risk is not right.

Mithun – You are not happy with your overall prosperity even though there is no reason for such a thinking, and that is why many of these negative thoughts are made up in your mind.
Do – You still must understand that the needs of your loved ones are higher and you have to meet them, but you must also talk to them to convey your concern and to convey the importance of protecting money.
Don’t – Don't for that reason look at alternatives blindly, you will have to speak to others and understand that decisions connected with changes must not be taken impulsively.

Karka – Lot of peace is required in your workplace because there can be stress on your mind, and that is why you have to avoid creating those issues in your mind.
Do – Money can be arranged but must be used judiciously, and if money is required for home or family then it must be in the form of investment.
Don’t – Don’t create any psychological upsets in your mind, especially if there are health related issues you will have to take adequate care from your side.

Simha – Your work related performance can improve by bringing about certain positive changes in your mind, and that is going to increase your financial rewards as well.
Do – Your seniors or superiors may be generally supportive of your efforts, but they may also have a critical viewpoint to look at you as to what you are doing.
Don’t – For that reason don’t get into any complications at your workplace, whatever seems to be right may not be as comfortable because there are challenges to face.

Kanya – There is lot of stress and anxiety which you are carrying on your mind, obstacles appearing suddenly may have problems associated with them.
Do – Your supporters and well-wishers are with you at every step, and that is why many of these stressful situations can be brought under control.
Don’t – Don’t create routine types of day-to-day issues in your mind, don’t say anything in a harsh manner which may lead to bigger problems.

Tula – You are not able to trust others as much as it is desired, that is why all your thoughts are becoming somewhat negative.
Do – Work related situation can guide you or motivate you to do better, but you are not able to accomplish all that which you have on your mind.
Don’t – Don’t let deficiencies of your involvement spoil your situation, differences are on account of the fact that you are not able to perform as adequately as it is needed.

Vrishchik – Certain health related issues can bother you where lack of understanding can be there, you will have to discuss your matters with others to find solutions.
Do – Some love relationship is strong and you are conveying your thoughts, and you are also able to convey your goodness and your liking for others in the same manner.
Don’t – Don’t let any complications arise in the peace and stability of your personal life, that is something which will have to be remembered from your side.

Dhanu – Care for your loved ones is definitely needed, and you are worried for them in some form or the other.
Do – The pressures of your day-to-day nature are making you apprehensive, your worries are of your own creation which may not have any real substance.
Don’t – Don’t forget that this very situation can help you to do good for others, especially in taking care of your loved ones in home and family this can be a positive factor.

Makar – You are thinking of various options or alternatives or far off linkages, and that is why certain thoughts of travels may also be there on your mind.
Do – If someone is trying to help you then you must also try to understand and appreciate that fact, any help from anyone does not come easily, there must be a lot of goodness and good intensions behind it.
Don’t – Don’t think that alternatives can lead to any improvement in your performance, your own positive efforts are needed to get that advantage with your hard work.

Kumbh – You have the desire to do better in life but you are not sure whether it is possible, but you definitely have a good thought to make some favorable investment.
Do – You are able to borrow money for your needs, and that can be even for helping others.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that people who are important must stay associated with you, if they move away from you or create distance from you then you have to reassess the situation.

Meena – Financial aspect is not comfortable because your wastages are continuing, and more so if someone is trying to take advantage of you which you are not realizing.
Do – This is a period of positive motivation which you must get in the process, you have the ability to actually work hard which can do wonders for you.
Don’t – Don’t forget that out of difficult circumstances also you are looking at advantages, and for that reason your motivation is playing its positive role.

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