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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sunday 24th February 2013, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – You have the ability to work hard and that will work well for you, but you are not able to create any regularity of your efforts at this stage.
Do – You are having some over self confidence and false self confidence which is not right, that is why there can be issues of routine nature which you are facing.
Don’t – Don’t think that only helping others is enough, there is a bigger need to trust others also in the process which is very essential.

Vrishabh – Your performance is such that you are able to help your career grow faster, if you are in business then you are able to invest money in your business and get linking rewards.
Do – Your motivation therefore is high and there is positive flow in the process, and that is the reason that you are thinking of alternatives also side by side.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that whatever you are trying to convey is not stable, you may change your views and you may have ups and downs of your own performance which is not right.

Mithun – Apparently this is a very positive period in which you are able to get the auspiciousness of luck favoring you, and whatever you speak to others is also going to be appreciated especially in your personal life.
Do – There is however a pattern to show that you may be thinking of bigger changes and bigger decisions, and that is the reason that lot of carefulness is needed because depending on luck is not right.
Don’t – Don’t forget that the goodness of this period reflects in terms of financial prosperity also, and based on that many factors can be controlled in my view.

Karka – Your self confidence will help you but may also put you into difficulties, especially where you get into wastefulness or losses then this can be a weak period.
Do – You must remember that your motivation must remain pointed, if it is getting waste then you are wasting the goodness of this period also.
Don’t – Don’t forget that upsets and obstacles are from many sources, hence lot of carefulness is needed at the same time, just because you think that everything is alright does not mean that there will not be any problems.

Simha – Your rigidness is causing upsets and despite your goodness towards others you are not getting the best rewards, but at least you are thinking positively what others.
Do – Financial prosperity is well indicated and with that you are able to help others, and with that goodness you want to get the benefit and advantages in the form of help from others.
Don’t – Don’t think in terms of extremes as that is not going to help you, in fact certain wastages and losses are of your own making which must be avoided.

Kanya – Financial prosperity is indicated and you are able to plan your funds effectively, but there are bigger issues which must be handled more carefully.
Do – Disagreements at your workplace are not looking good, in fact you are being too critical about others in finding fault or deficiencies in others from your side.
Don’t – Don’t therefore ignore that work related situation may have several ups and downs at this stage, but whatever seems to be stable may have its own share of problems.

Tula – Work related situation is strong and you are able to work hard towards it, the best advantage is in terms of your performance where you are able to use your knowledge and skills.
Do – This is also a period where you may be thinking of changes at your workplace, but that is something which needs care because you may change your views at a later date.
Don’t – Don’t therefore depend on luck in a manner that everything is alright, the strength of this period lies in the fact that you have the ability and you must use it properly.

Vrishchik – Luck may be favoring you and helping you, and to that extent you may be inclined to put your money into some kind of home improvement or investment also.
Do – This is a period where stress and pressures can be there, routine types of issues can continue to bother you in your personal life as well.
Don’t – Don’t forget that luck cannot solve all your problems, you have to be careful from your side especially in handling your personal life issues in a stable manner.

Dhanu – Psychological pressures can be immense because you are a bit rigid, that is why you are not able to see the goodness of others as much as it is there.
Do – There are factors of instability which you are facing, generally you have a positive outlook on account of which you are able to work hard, but still there are ups and downs which must be controlled.
Don’t – Don’t think that whatever you are thinking is right, and especially if you are not happy with the circumstances then you are thinking can be too drastic.

Makar – You have good people around you and you are trying to connect with them, but in the process you will realize that there are mixed influences which you are facing.
Do – Disagreements or routine nature are there because you are too forceful, that is the reason that some amount of stress is inbuilt in this period at the same time.
Don’t – Don’t forget that a little bit of mildness can help you to resolve your issues at this stage, the factors of psychological conflicts which you carry for others is not right.

Kumbh – Your own rigidness is the root cause of your conflicts at this stage, and you must understand that this is on account of your own weakness that you are not able to carry your relationships forward.
Do – Some love relationship may be strong on your mind but there are issues and problems in that, and therefore repeatedly you are getting into disagreements also.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that work related advantage can be achieved at this stage, for that you have to condition your mind in a very mild manner to get this advantage.

Meena – Some love relationship may be strong on your mind but may not get the support which you expect from others, especially from your loved ones in home and family there can be disagreements which you may have to face.
Do – You have to keep people around you happy and that may include your boss as well, that is why you have to understand that this period can be weak on many fronts.
Don’t – Don’t say anything which can be hurtful to others, don’t be wasteful to create loss for yourself, don’t therefore neglect this advice which is very important.

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