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Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday 13th March 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh –despite stress on your mind you will be able to achieve a lot in this period, but if you remain more positive then your achievements cab be much better then what they are getting indicated
Day special – even from some disputed situation you are likely to gain, but by saying so I am not saying that you should get into disputes, your own focus can actually bring positive rewards for you at this stage
Vrish –if you are thinking of changes and alternatives in your career then this is the period which you can consider, but simultaneously you will have to use your knowledge and improve your performance to gain fully
Do –you may also be thinking of some emotional relationship at your work place, and for that you are being very firm in your attitude,
Don’t – in whatever you wish to do at this stage don’t have indecision of your mind overpower you, that can be a negative factor which can put unnecessary pressure on you, hence don’t let that happen
Mithun –extremely auspicious period for financial prosperity, but differences of opinion within the family can also surface on account of this very indication
Day special – generally you will gain immensely from these forces, but professional angle and especially linkages of partner need to be handled in a more pragmatic manner
Karka -you may be thinking seriously to involvement better for improvement in life, but somehow you are not able to convert those thoughts into reality and you are not able to achieve much
Do – first and foremost requirement is to improve your professional performance as there is lot of weakness in that, for that you will have to plan your time and put in more efforts to achieve your goals
Don’t – don’t unnecessarily think of changes or alternatives at this stage, even travels may not give you all that which you expect, hence don’t plan unnecessarily for something which is not going to happen
Simha –extremely auspicious period for you to gain from all kinds of forces, if you remain mild towards others then your prosperity can be further improved,
Day special – relationships are not shaping up in the manner in which you expect, that is the weakness which you except at this stage and only then you will be able to derive happiness
Kanya –stressful period as there can be many obstacles at this stage, they can lead to differences as well as conflicts,
Do – indirectly this period is indicating loss to you as a result of those conflicts; you have to protect yourself from that
Don’t – don’t create any dispute from your side, you have to remain in mild towards others so that you can protect yourself from those indications, even in professional matters there are differences of opinion which need to be handled better
Tula –your entire focus is on relationships but you are getting worried and dissatisfied, your relationships have many factors of stress and pressures which is not making you happy
Day special – one of the reason of this uneasiness is that you are too forceful, you are making others uncomfortable around you and in turn you are getting distressed yourself
Vrishchik -generally favorable period for your involvement towards your home and family, you are even keen to invest in some property and that factor is also important to you
Do – generally favorable period for financial gains from your career, that is the goodness which you have to maintain at this stage
Don’t – don’t expect too much from your emotional relationships, that can depress you and lead you to distress, hence don’t move on that path blindly and without thinking
Dhanu –you need to improve your knowledge and skills to fulfill your professional requirements, for that your focus towards your career has to be total and pointed
Day special – somehow over a period of time you have become a little lethargic, that attitude needs to be changed or moderated and only then you will achieve your goals in life
Makar –highly auspicious period for financial prosperity at this stage, but the gains of this prosperity should not be wasted with your impulsive expenses as that is another form of loss only
Do – in routine matters you have to protect yourself from getting into differences, that kind of carefulness has to be incorporated in your life now
Don’t – don’t have unnecessary differences with your boss, you are yourself responsible for this and this is a mistake, don’t let that happen
Kumbh –your own focus towards life can give you enormous gains, in terms of love relationships as well as professional goals both ways you stand to gains
Day special – but side by side you are not very happy or convinced, there are procedural delays and pressures which you may have to face, that itself is not making you happy
Meena –the gains and auspiciousness of this period is being lost by you because of your own faults, for that reason your own people may get away from you and that can be a very distressful situation
Do – you have to stay committed with your own people and show your care towards them, that only will protect you at this stage
Don’t – don’t let your money to be wasted without proper planning, unless you understand this factor you will continue to make those mistakes and that can be unfortunate, don’t let that happen

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