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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday 5th March 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh –your own hard work can give you professional gains, your focus towards your work is excellent and that is what required at this stage
Day special –luck may not favor you as much but that is not required also, as stated your own conviction towards work can bring everything for you which is a blessing and which must be pushed forward
Vrish –alternatives or changes may seems very promising, but there is some amount of obstacle attached to all that which may make you confused and uneasy, that is what you have to understand at this stage
Do –lot of stability in your personal and professional life is required at this stage, your business may need funds and that is what you have to understand also
Don’t – don’t therefore let your mind drift here and there, psychologically also you need to be more at peace as changes and alternatives can not bring everything for you,
Mithun –your money may be stuck and you may be put to pressure of differences and conflicts, that may upset you and that is a stressful situation
Day special –but luck is now starting to favor you immensely, the period is opening up to give you gains and that is what you should look forward to, but don’t ignore the fact that your money has to be protected with careful planning
Karka -excellent period for you at this stage, professional and personal angle both are indicated very well, some love relationship can lead to happiness and marriage, your professional abilities will give you enormous growth in your career
Do – this kind of goodness has to be maintained with your patience, for that your family will also be very supportive and you have to gain from that angle also
Don’t – with all this goodness still don’t get unnecessarily dissatisfied, your expectations will be more but that does not mean that you reduce this goodness with your negative thinking, don’t let that happen
Simha –this may be a good period for you but you are reducing this goodness by getting into unnecessarily conflicts, that may include some issues connected with finances which have been lingering, but you are almost out of that period now
Day special – your attitude of being helpful to others will support you at this stage and protect you in many ways, simultaneously you have to understand that you can not reduce your own efforts at this stage as it can be negatively impact your career at this stage
Kanya –in your career there are pressures because your abilities are not up to the mark, that is where you have to understand that these pressures can further increase unless you take care
Do – discussing your issues at this stage can actually help you, that can protect you from getting into differences of opinions and conflicts
Don’t – don’t ignore the views of your boss as any negativity on that can actually harm your own interest, you still have to keep your focus in tacked on your career and that is what you should remember, don’t ignore that
Tula –your entire focus is towards your family or some property, you want to invest in property at this stage and that can be a very beneficial step forward
Day special – remember that this is a generally auspicious period for your career to prosper also, even in some love relationship your focus is increasing and that will give you happiness
Vrishchik -you are a little stressed at this stage and that is showing, you are being too rigid and forceful but that is not actually required at this stage
Do – the most important thing is to keep your patience and not unnecessarily get into psychological conflicts, that can reduce your peace of mind and that is not required
Don’t – don’t get into any conflicts at this stage, there are conflicts showing in your emotional relationship as well as your financial matters, that is where a lot of protection is needed
Dhanu –you may be a little uneasy or distressed, but for that reason don’t loose your anger as that is not required,
Day special – forget everything else and concentrate on your career, that angle is now likely to shape up and that is what you should look forward to, forget everything else
Makar –on personal matters you are distressed, these are aggravated issues which needs careful handling and which need to be resolute now, but if you remain dissatisfied it may not work out
Do – keep your patience and keep your cool, that will solve many problems at this stage and that you have to accomplish now,
Don’t – don’t get into any psychological stress with your married partner also, that is not necessary and you are unnecessarily getting into conflicts and arguments which you must avoid
Kumbh –on professional matters as well as your own performance there are factors which are not moving smoothly, you may be performing well but it is not giving you the rewards in the manner in which you expect
Day special – some love relationship is getting stronger by the day and you are thinking seriously to convert it into marriage also, but psychologically you have to be more at peace and only then you can carry this relationship further otherwise mental pressures will keep on hurting you
Meena –financial situation can be excellent, this is the reflection of a very good period which you are running at the moment, small and minor issues connected with pressures may still be there
Do – stay connected with the stability of your life, unnecessarily thinking of changes or change of place can increase your pressures, you have to plan properly for that
Don’t – don’t ignore the fact that there can be need for investment in your business, to improve your sagging business situation you need to invest and you may have to plan for that adequately, don’t ignore that immediate need at this stage

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