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Friday, March 27, 2009

Saturday 28th March 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh –You are somewhat worried about your own people and your family, this stress is indirectly for their financial needs which you wish to fulfill.
Do – but you must understand there are hidden needs of your business or profession also which are creating a demand on you, for that also you have to be aware to fulfill those responsibilities.
Don’t – continuing on financial matters you are a little dissatisfied, that is showing in the form of lack of hard work from your side at this stage, don’t let that happen.
Vrish – You are constantly thinking about changes or making travel plans, but there are many hidden forces which are not letting the smooth flow of things happen, for that reason you are a bit stressed.
Day special – if you are thinking of changes or travels connected with your career then you may have to think again, you may have to change your own decisions later and that will cause instability.
Mithun – Financial matters are generally stable and your needs will be fulfilled, but you are stressed because your savings are not appreciating and that is bothering you.
Do – you are also somewhat worried that your investments are not appreciating as much as you want, that includes your property value also which you think is not appreciating.
Don’t – don’t feel stressed on that because that is the situation for everyone, if property values have gone down then it is no bodies fault, you don’t have to be so much worried for that as situation will improve soon.
Karka – you are trying to involve in your career to improve the prospects for growth, but there is some amount of lack of self confidence in you which is not letting that happen, that is where your performance is not focus enough at this stage.
Day special – you own abilities are not being reflected in your work place and that is the problem, even in relationships at your office there are many reasons for dissatisfactions which have to be controlled, and that will improve your professional prospects also indirectly.
Simha – Luck may favor you adequately but you can not risk the stability of your life at this stage, changes or alternatives may have many hidden factors which are not going to give you happiness, you have to remember that.
Do – based on your own actions you are creating difference of opinion with others, that is where the entire situation is becoming weak for you and this is something which you have to understand.
Don’t – don’t also forget that this is a lucky period which will protect you in many ways, nothing drastically wrong will help and you have to be thankful to God for that.
Kanya – Your dissatisfactions are connected with monetary factors, but the real cause is else where and you have to target the real reasons for this weakness.
Day special – your career needs to be stabilized better than any thing else, financial flows is a automatic reflection of doing good and that is something which you must remember, devote yourself fully to your work and other things will be taken care of, also take care of your health.
Tula – The stress in your career is because of the fact that you do not trust others, for that reason there are too many confusions which you carry about people and that is the reason that you are not able to communicate with them better.
Do – control the ups and downs of thinking as for as your relationships are concerned, indirectly it is having a negative impact on your professional career as well as studies also.
Don’t – don’t let your own abilities get reduced because of your negative mind set, by having critical views about others can never give happiness, that is something which you should not forget.
Vrishchik – Luck may not favour you as much as you want, for that reason you are getting psychologically uneasy and dissatisfied.
Day special – stressing your family is also increasing because of your own thinking, you must remain very peaceful at this stage otherwise it can lead to conflicts in your life.
Dhanu – Somewhat stressful period in terms of emotions and relationships, but this period requires lot of focus from your side to perform better and to involve better.
Do – your own career needs to be improved by your hard work that is something which you have to remember constantly in the days to come.
Don’t – don’t loose your peace of mind at this stage, patience is the keyword for you to maintain happiness and that is precisely what you should focus, for those continue to be pleasant to others.
Makar – Marital issues are on your mind as you wish to create harmony and happiness your life, this is also a period which can be gainful for you as your family and friends are keen to support you.
Day special – but you are confused and uneasy and that is not a good reflection of the planetary influences, especially for your own people you have to be more considerate and mild, trust others and you will get that trust in return.
Kumbh – Health is an issue which needs to be handled better, but it is more of your own thinking and made up in your mind.
Do – work hard in your career and this period can give you an excellent reward that goodness has to be created with your own hard and that is the reflection of the chart.
Don’t – by your own thinking and your own actions don’t create uneasiness in your life, if you think in terms of extremes then that uneasiness is likely to increase, don’t let that happen.
Meena – Your own abilities are not up to the mark, for that reason your efforts are also not giving you good results.
Day special – if you have any stress in some love relationship then it can be solved with talking over your differences, but by doing so first you have to trust others, and that is precisely what you are not doing.

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