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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sunday 29th March 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – Financial position is strong but you are wasting it on you pleasures, travels or alternatives may not prove to be as advantages as you think.
Day special – still there is need for you to plan well so that you are able to improve your situation, there are many factors in your life which need lot of improvement at this stage, you have to try and achieve that step by step.
Vrish – You are trying to do a lot to improve your overall well being, that is a good attempt and you are on the right track of your efforts, but your expectations connected with financial prosperity are much more that you can achieve today.
Do – by moving on any path you have to keep patience abundently that seems to be a weak area at this stage as you are constantly getting stressed.
Don’t – in the bargain you are also loosing peace of mind and negatively affecting your health, don’t let that happen as it is not worthwhile to do so.
Mithun – Mixed period in your life in many ways, personal circumstances are weak, but your focus is to improve your studies as well as your professional career.
Day special – all this is well placed, but bringing about changes in your life or taking big decisions at this stage is not recommended, that may not give you the expected results and that may make you some what dissatisfied.
Karka – Very auspicious period for financial prosperity, you will be very happy with this situation of your finances and that will include your personal happiness in your family also.
Do – While doing so you have to understand that some involvement in relationships as well as in your work is absolutely essential, that is continuing to be a weak area which needs better care.
Don’t – indirectly don’t let your career come under pressure because of financial reasons, by your any action you should not risk your business fiancés in any way as that can be unfortunate, even in relationships don’t let any differences emerge to cause a break.
Simha – You may be working hard to achieve your goals in life, but simultaneously you are creating oppositions and obstacles for yourself in many ways.
Day special – you are yourself responsible for this situation as you are creating those situations which are not looking good; you are therefore yourself responsible for causing that stress which can lead to differences as well as health related pressures.
Kanya – Very auspicious period in many ways, God is kind to you to give you the overall prosperity at this stage.
Do – but there are many weaknesses which are continuing at this stage, on personal and professional life you have to increase your focus as there is lot of scope for improvement.
Don’t – don’t put your money into any kind of risk and as that can be unfortunate, spending without a plan and on wasteful expenses can be unfortunate, don’t do that.
Tula – There are many pressures in your life which may be connected with finances, that is indirectly causing mental stress and health related issues also, that is where you need to handle this situation better.
Day special – in emotions and relationships you are very involved, but there are still doubts and dissatisfactions on your mind which are making you unhappy, you may not be getting the support from others and that is where the problem lies.
Vrishchik – emotionally strong period and you are too involved in it, your involvement is even at the cost of ignoring your own work or career, but side by side you seem to be worried also.
Do – instead of devoting time towards some love relationship you have to devote time to protect yourself if some conflicts are appearing in home and family then that should be your focus and not any thing else.
Don’t – don’t ignore the need for your involvement towards your own people, in that efforts there should be no uneasiness and no confusion, otherwise you are unnecessary stressed and psychological uneasiness will continue, there is no needs for that, don’t let that happen.
Dhanu –some pressures on financial matters can be there, but still need to invest in home and family at this stage to improve happiness.
Day special – all this should not be done at the cost of your involvement in professional career, you have to find a great balance between the two and only then the future happiness will emerge, that is something which you have to remember.
Makar –extremely auspicious period as your own involvement can bring about major change and improvement in your life, you may gain emotionally and materially from your own people at this stage and that is a big blessing.
Do – depending on luck is not required and will not help, luck is not supportive but your involvement can bring prosperity to you and that is what you should do.
Don’t – don’t loose your temper in any case, that can lead to financial upsets for you which you must protect, don’t therefore create any financial risk for your self
Kumbh – extremely auspicious period for you for financial gains, but routine kind of pressures can still bother you and upset you,
Day special – You have to maintain a lot of peace in your mind as that only will maintain the goodness of this period, don’t let any marital issue spoil the stability and goodness of your life at this stage
Meena – On one had there are mild obstacles for you at every step, on the other hand you are risking your money to complicate the matters further
Do – Be very pleasant and mild to others, avoid any kind of pressures in your personal life as that can spoil the stability of your life
Don’t – don’t let any marital disputes surface as that can indirectly cause upsets in your life, don’t let that happen as that can be unfortunate.

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