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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday 24th March 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are not satisfied with your professional career, more than dissatisfaction it is a situation of uneasiness which you carry and which is largely made up in the mind
Do – You have to think more rationally and not get dissatisfied on professional and financial matters, some minor ups and downs in life is very normal and there is nothing wrong in it, you have to understand that
Don’t – Don’t also expect miracles in your life, expecting more than what you work or deserve is not going to give you any happiness, hence don’t get into that kind of habit
Vrish – In professional matters as also in your personal life if you are totally depending on luck then you are likely to go wrong somewhere or the other, for that reason there seems to be some slackness in your own abilities at this stage which are not looking good
Day special – Constant focus towards your abilities and your knowledge is essential in the world in which we live today, life is very competitive and to stay above others is always a struggle, that is precisely what you have to understand now
Mithun – You are increasing your obstacles in life because of your sensitiveness, financial angle is largely stable and that is something which should give you happiness
Do – I can understand that there are pressures in your marital life as well as in your professional life, but that is a reality which has to be first understood and then steps have to be taken to improve that, it may be difficult to implement that but not impossible
Don’t – Don’t base your decisions as well as your dissatisfactions on money alone, that is the major factor which is causing upsets in your life and in your thinking at this stage, more than that you are also becoming harsh in your speech towards others, don’t do that
Karka – Marital situation can become weak because of some differences of opinion, you are losing your temper and that is complicating the matters further
Day special – Indirectly this situation is also causing stress and pressures in your professional career, even some love relationship is not shaping up as per your expectation, you have to realize the importance of all this
Simha – Certain conflicts which you create on your mind can make this period very weak, your strength at this stage lies in reaching out to others and trying to understand others’ viewpoint
Do - If you are able to appreciate others’ viewpoint then you will get adequate help in return, that is the only method in which your confusions and uneasiness can be controlled, do that
Don’t – Don’t create any kind of uneasiness with your boss, even in relationships you have to understand the weakness as this is not the right period to expect anything in that, don’t therefore complicate your life by thinking in terms of extremes
Kanya – There are inherent factors of stress and dissatisfactions in your studies, you are not devoting your focus at this stage and that is reducing your performance also
Day Special – Please understand that time is running out and clock is ticking, this time will not come back and then you may have to repent later, utilize this time judiciously
Tula – As far as relationships are concerned you are not happy, you expect total support from your own family and well wishers, but that is not coming
Do – You seem to be sincere in your emotions, your emotions are also strong, but you have to keep a lot of patience at this stage as this is a period of differences
Don’t – Don’t be too stiff and rigid in your attitude at this stage, that is making you forceful and also unfair towards others, your own views are changing rapidly with ups and downs of thinking, don’t let that happen
Vrishchik - As far as your focus towards life is concerned you are very dissatisfied, more so on financial matters indirectly you are carrying that pressure also
Day special – This is a period in which you are getting stressed about your family and your children, if you are unmarried you are thinking about your studies as well as your emotional relationships, but on the back of it you are thinking about money and that is a source of dissatisfaction
Dhanu – There can be some pressures connected with finances or travels on you, but for that reason you cannot be unfair to others or speak harshly to others, you have to understand that you are making mistakes
Do – Try to protect your professional situation by your own hard work, for that you have to study as well as perform better by increasing your knowledge
Don’t – Don’t say anything hurtful to others as it can cause stress in your own personal life, understand this importance and don’t create complications in your life
Makar – Weak period as you are not satisfied, pressures of expenses as well as losses can indirectly bother you
Day special – Don’t put your money into risk as it can increase your financial pressures, that is possibly another form of financial loss which you have to protect yourself from
Kumbh – Your thinking is becoming negative and that is not a good reflection at this stage, you have to remain very peaceful and not get into any kind of agitation of mind as that is not good
Do – Protect your finances at this stage, as such there are pressures on your finances and on top of it your unplanned ways are complicating that further, you have to understand that
Don’t – Don’t also ignore your health at this stage as there can be some lingering issues which may continue to bother you, psychologically also you have to be more at peace so that your health does not suffer on that count also
Meena – You are yourself creating stress in your life, family and marital issues are looking weak, and you are complicating those matters by thinking negatively
Day special – On financial matters at least you have to plan better, by unplanned moves you are actually putting your professional and personal life into more and more of uneasiness, don’t let that happen

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