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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thursday 31st May 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You may have to take care of the health of your loved ones, and in the process you may have to discuss your matters clearly and carefully.
Do – Generally you are positive and motivated from your side, but certain amount of stress always bothers you and creates those differences with others, that is where some protection is needed.
Don’t – Don’t forget that while communicating with others you have to maintain a lot of peace, because of diversions of your thoughts you may be under some amount of pressure as well.

Vrishabh – Personal relationships are important to you and you are making efforts towards that, and as a result you will see that lot of goodness is being achieved while connecting with others.
Do – Work related advantage will definitely be achieved, but some amount of regularity is still needed in that as that is very essential.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your success depends on your own hard work, and you have that ability in abundance which can actually benefit you immensely.

Mithun – Personal life issues are important and you are not able to handle your issues as well, and as a result some distance is getting created with others which is not advisable.
Do – Complications in home and family therefore needs to be addressed, more than anything else you have to convey your good feelings for others and convey your concerns for others.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have diverse pressures on your mind, those may include pressures of your professional work and connected with your love relationship, these are the issues which are causing those problems on your mind.

Karka – You have the ability to work hard and that is a remarkable situation, you can immensely benefit from that positive effort which you are trying to make.
Do – While there is so much of goodness in terms of financial prosperity you are being a bit careless also, your routine types of expenses or outflows are increasing which you are not able to control.
Don’t – Don’t forget that travels may prove to be advantageous, but some kind of loss may also be there as you are being a bit careless as well.

Simha – Financial prosperity is indicated and your savings can grow, but the inflow of money can be from many sources including borrowings.
Do – You must remember that you have financial responsibilities to fulfill, your work also requires funds which will have to be arranged.
Don’t – Don’t therefore expect any great advantage in terms of creation of any assets, this is a period to fulfill your financial responsibilities and your savings and asset creation can be wait.

Kanya – Your own well being is important to you and overall auspiciousness is with you abundantly, and as a result you have to understand that there are lots of virtues around you which are playing their positive role.
Do – Luck is helping you and your work is progressing well, and that is on account of the fact that these circumstances are shaping up to be highly auspicious for you.
Don’t – Don’t get into disagreements with others, and those disagreements can repeatedly occur on account of the psychological pressures which you are carrying.

Tula – Routine types of day-to-day pressures and problems are continuing for you, and as a result you may be getting away from your loved ones also in the process.
Do – Work related situation is such that you are thinking in terms of extremes, and that can be dangerous because lot of careful planning is needed so that you do not go wrong.
Don’t – Don’t therefore act in a hasty manner, don’t take any step which may prove to be harmful in the long run.

Vrishchik – Overall financial prosperity is indicated, and as a result you will be able to help others immensely in many ways.
Do – These are the forces on account of which your commitment towards work is very high, you are able to devote yourself fully and wholeheartedly and that will eventually help.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your motivation may be there but there is also irregularity in it, you get frustrated within you and that leads to these ups and downs which are not desired.

Dhanu – Psychological upsets can be there in your work situation and that has to be understood, that leads to unnecessary differences with others which is not desired.
Do – This is a period to remain involved in whatever you are doing, your liking for your work will improve your efforts and will make you work hard.
Don’t – Don’t forget that the overall period is a little stressful, and there are many reasons including your own mistakes which are playing their role at this stage.

Makar – Luck is favoring you in handling your personal life issues, and you are able to discuss your matters with others very well.
Do – The problem is that you are not stable in what you are saying, today you say one thing and tomorrow you say something else, and that is the biggest problem of this period.
Don’t – Don’t forget that disagreements are also there on account of these very reasons, hence whatever seems to be so stable in some love relationship may also have some problems attached to them.

Kumbh – Psychological pressures are there because your wastages are continuing, you are not able to control the situation to your advantage.
Do – Personal life issues may seem to be stable, but there are routine types of issues which are continuing to bother you on day-to-day basis.
Don’t – Don’t forget that psychological patterns are not as comfortably placed, you are stressing yourself in the process which is not right.

Meena – Some love relationship is such which you wish to take forward, and your positive interaction with others is going to help in this situation.
Do – You must communicate effectively and in a manner which is clear and transparent, if you keep anything hidden from others then it may lead to problems. Certain differences of opinion are also likely to be there, that requires carefulness in a manner that you must trust your own abilities.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have good people around you whom you can trust, therefore you must talk to them and convey your thoughts to them peacefully.

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