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Monday, May 14, 2012

Tuesday 15th May 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashiphal

Mesh – Luck is continuing to favor you in terms of financial prosperity, this is the result of your own hard work which is getting reflected.
Do – You must understand that disagreements are going to cause problems, and especially if there are disagreements where your expenses are high then you may be at fault.
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships are becoming more and more argumentative, and that is where some amount of patience and restraint is definitely required.

Vrishabh –You are becoming careless and wasteful from your side, even to the extent that you are yourself willing to cause losses on account of your own decisions.
Do – Work situation therefore requires carefulness otherwise many things can go wrong, your superiors, your seniors or even your subordinates may not be as supportive as you may expect.
Don’t – Don’t forget that this is a period to come closer to your loved ones, and for that reason you will have to shed your rigidness as well as your apprehensions which you carry on your mind.

Mithun – Rewards from work are indicated and your well wishers are also supporting you adequately, but more than that your own involvement is improving which is praiseworthy.
Do – The area of your studies or accumulation of knowledge is getting weak, because your efforts are not up to the mark and your efforts are now becoming directionless.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that lot of involvement is needed to maintain the positive factor, and for that reason you must also understand that lot of trust has to be created in relationships.

Karka – Luck may be helping you in your work but there are difficulties also which are going side by side, these may seem to be small issues but they are very important to be understood.
Do – Any changes at this stage must be avoided, for that reason any travel undertaken at this stage can cause loss or harm.
Don’t – Don’t forget that personal life issues should not be seen in terms of financial rewards only, you have to do much more for others than just think of money.

Simha – Relationships cannot be measured in terms of money, and that is why relationships for you have inherent weaknesses at this stage.
Do – The more you communicate with others it is going to be beneficial, and for that reason you must remember that luck is helping you immensely at every step.
Don’t – Don’t have any extreme thought or step towards others, don’t therefore act in any hasty manner as that can be harmful.

Kanya – Difficult period as personal life issues are becoming more and more complicated, so much so that your own mistakes are also getting reflected in the process.
Do – Psychologically therefore this is a weak period which has many problems to be faced, and that is why getting into any kind of unnecessary issues is not recommended. Take care of your finances also side by side, depending all the time on savings is not advisable.
Don’t – Don’t forget that psychologically this can be a difficult period, because every step may seem to be full of obstacles or problems.

Tula – Your efforts are generally positive and will bring you good luck, but the pressures and problems of this period are also reflected in many ways.
Do – On one hand your expenses are getting out of hand and on the other hand you are not able to control your disagreements with others, that is where some moderation is needed.
Don’t – Don’t forget that some past problems are likely to resurface causing upsets, hence every step undertaken at this stage will have to be done very carefully.

Vrishchik – Some love relationship is in difficulty as you are getting into pressures and problems, even to the extent that issues connected with your loved ones, your family, or even your children may be under stress.
Do – Try to connect with your loved ones as much as possible, that will resolve the pressures and will help you to appreciate the other person’s point of view.
Don’t – Don’t in the process be wasteful in trying to please others, that is never going to help as that is not the right approach.

Dhanu – Personal life issues are stable and vibrant, you are caring towards your loved ones and that is a remarkable thought.
Do – Overall pattern of fulfillment is there as you efforts are strong and stable, and for that reason you will get the adequate rewards the way you want.
Don’t – Don’t forget that issues connected with communication with others must have regularity in it, you cannot keep certain things to yourself and disclose others, you have to be very transparent in your communication towards others.

Makar – Any efforts made to come closer to your loved ones will be remarkable, and for that reason certain difficulties can also be faced happily.
Do – Money may be required to fulfill your responsibilities, especially towards your home or towards your career these factors must be kept in mind.
Don’t – Don’t forget that problems in some love relationship are emerging, what was earlier stable and good may get into difficulties now.

Kumbh – Financial angle is generally stable and you are able to help others in the process, and for that reason whatever communication you make in relationships is going to be understood very well.
Do – Some love relationships may get the approval of your loved ones, and to that extent the circumstances are likely to improve for you very well.
Don’t – Don’t still carry conflicts in your mind, these are of psychological nature and they must be avoided.

Meena – Rewards from work are adequate and there is no problem, so much so that your own loved ones are also coming forward to help you in every manner.
Do – Still you are not happy especially with relationships, your expectations may be high and you may be unnecessarily becoming negative in your thoughts. 
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that whatever upsets you are creating can actually cause harm, you have to therefore stay peaceful from your side.

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