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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Annual Forecasts (Rashiphal) 2013

Year Ahead Special 31st December Relationships and Health 

Relationships - Rapidly moving year for you where your moods and circumstances are changing very fast, and for that reason you will have to keep greater patience from your side, in handling relationships you may continue to have dissatisfactions on your mind, but towards the end of the year you will be more confident and satisfied.

Health - On the health front however you have to take greater care from June to December. Especially in November and December, if there is need for some investigation or treatment, then it must be planned.

Relationships - Personal relationships in home and family are showing ups and downs repeatedly, and even in some love relationship there can be pressures as well as obstacles from June onwards. But care must be exercised to keep others happy especially in April and May as also in September. The quality of personal relationships will depend on how focused and caring you remain towards others. professional relationships will require lot of patience from your side for the whole year so that disagreements do not increase.

Health - Health related circumstances requires greater care, especially if you are confused about a particular situation you have to take investigations and treatment.

Relationships - You are not very happy with your emotional relationships during the year, however greater peace and harmony may be achieved towards November and December, but as far as personal relationships in home and family are concerned you will try to come closer to your loved ones after May and you will be happy with that.

Health - On the health front you have to take care in the months of January and in April and May, but as far as health of your loved ones are concerned your care is needed from January to May also.

Relationship - Personal life relationships in home and family shows the need to take care of your loved ones, certain dissatisfactions may be there on your mind during the year and that will be largely on account of your own negative thinking, but disagreements in any manner should not be allowed to turn into situations against you and especially from June onwards. Some love relationship requires care and protection in the months of February as well as in July and August.

Health - On the health front you have to follow a more disciplined lifestyle which must include constant carefulness, between June to December 2013 you must not neglect your health in any manner.

Relationships - Relationships in home and family requires peace from your side. In the months of January and March you have to keep patience so that situation does not get complicated. There is however some amount of lack of trust which you are carrying in some love relationship, and that will largely improve in terms of your involvement towards November and December, personal life relationships in home and family needs to be protected in January, in March as well as in September.

Health - On the health front the present running period especially up to October 2013 shows lack of diagnosis and deficiencies in treatment in the entire year, however your knowledge and understanding of the problem will become better towards November and December.

Relationships - Personal life relationships in home and family shows dissatisfactions on your mind from May onwards, and there can be obstacles also in the process, and situation may become complicated if you show your dissatisfactions or your anger, this kind of carefulness is needed from January to October from your side. In some love relationship you are not able to trust others fully as much as it is needed, that is why you are showing your frustrations from your side which is leading to more of problems. To get the support of your loved ones you will be able to associate with them only towards the end of the year in November and December.

Health - On the health front almost the entire year shows pressures on your mind, and therefore it becomes important to take another opinion if any such health issue is bothering you. By November or December you will be able to come out of any such problems which may be there.

Relationships - Relationships in general are showing strength as well as pressures on your mind, what is initially shown to be dissatisfactions converts into disagreements towards the end of the year, hence lot of care is needed. In personal life issues in home and family as well as in marriage there is need for carefulness in the months of March, June as well as December.

Health - Health requires care in the sense that you have generally been neglecting it from your side, as such it is not a period of any big problem but health related circumstances will definitely improve from June onwards.

Relationships - Rapidly moving year for you where lot many things are happening, on the relationships front circumstances may show normal ups and downs up to May but thereafter some love relationship may not be as suitable, you will have to take extra care to maintain goodness from your side. In personal life, in home and family you will have to trust others more than anything else, and as such you will realize that lot of goodness is appearing with your loved ones in the form of peace as well as care towards November and December.

Health - On the health front care is needed in April and May as also in July and August. If any surgery is recommended then you have to possibly think about that also. As such health may remain largely stable for you during the year.

Relationships- In home and family there are bound to be pressures and also ups and downs, you are stressed psychologically and that stress may continue up to April, thereafter circumstances can improve especially after May. Peace in personal life therefore has to be maintained between January and May. Some love relationship is showing lots of ups and downs almost in the entire year, but the periods of carefulness are indicated where you have to avoid conflicts with your beloved in the months of June and September.

Health - On the health front the period up to May 2013 requires carefulness from your side, and between January and April 2013 you must not agitate your mind unnecessarily.

Relationships - Relationship angle in home and family is generally strong and stable, you will find lot of happiness in the process and situation will remain comfortable, yet there is a period of carefulness in the months of July and August as well as in October and November. In some love relationship you are very keen to take some relationship forward between January and May, but from June onwards that forcefulness may not be visible.

Health - On the health front there does not seem to be anything wrong for the moment, but between June and December you will have to take greater care from your side so that there is no complication.

Relationships - Personal life issues are generally supportive and without any big problems, yet you are stressed between January and April on account of issues made up in the mind. From May to December your practical viewpoint will help you to see things with a positive bent of mind and that will bring happiness. Some love relationship may become strong and vibrant between June and December.

Health - On the health front you may be a bit worried in the first four months of the year, and to that extent some minor ups and downs may continue to be there between January and October, but still I would say that god is kind and there is nothing really to worry.

Relationships - Personal life issues are well placed in home and family and there is nothing to worry as such, your own care towards your loved ones will improve and will bring you lot of happiness after May, and the more you associate with them you will find peace and that is important. On some love relationship you may carry lot of dissatisfactions on your mind between January and October, but thereafter there will be comparative peace and less of obstacles.

Health - On the health front some carefulness may be needed in the months of February and August as also towards October 2013. But overall carefulness may have to be maintained all the year for your own well being.

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  1. wished to know should i read it acc to my moon sign or sun sign

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