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Monday, December 31, 2012

Annual forecasts (Rashiphal) 2013

Year Ahead Special 1st January 2013
Profession and Finances

Profession - Career is stable and strong although you are not fully satisfied with it, not only your obstacles may be bothering you in your mind but you may not be happy with your partners as well. If you want to achieve better success then you have to remove these dissatisfactions from your mind, by November and December you will be more focused to take your career forward.

Finances - Financial aspect is such that you have to protect yourself from any kind of risk, you may make investments in the first four months but between May and December you have to protect your money getting into any kind of risk. In the months of February, March and June carefulness is needed to protect your money.

Profession - Disagreements in workplace are there because you are not able to trust others, and this lack of trust is actually increasing during the year which requires carefulness. By November and December your profession will give you higher financial inflows as well. You must control your dissatisfactions connected with your work from now to October 2013.

Finances - On the financial front you are having adequate motivation to work hard and gain financially, but as you achieve that goodness of financial prosperity you will become careless also side by side, some amount of carefulness is definitely needed between May and December to avoid wastages and even losses.

Profession - On the professional front you may be stressed but financial inflows are generally well placed, but after April you will have to avoid any kind of disagreements at your workplace also. Your commitment towards your work will definitely improve between June and December, in that you will start getting the support of others also which will make you happy.

Finances - On the financial front circumstances are generally supportive and favorable, but some amount of carefulness may be needed in the months of January, June and September.

Profession - This is a vibrant year for professional circumstances, it is also a rapidly moving situation where many things will unfold before you and those will have opportunities as well. There can be professional obstacles in February as also in July and August, but there is also a possibility for growth, promotion or achievements in April and May.

Finances - Financial aspect is generally well placed and rewarding and there is nothing to worry in terms of luck helping you and supporting you in this financial auspiciousness, still you will realize that money may come from many sources in November and December.

Profession - Work related situation shows that you have to face many challenges, but the more important aspect here is that you have to condition your mind to be more stable and positive especially between January and April, thereafter from May onwards lot of success and achievements may be there for you which will be a blessing.

Finances - Financial aspect is generally well indicated and without any big problems, but testing your luck unnecessarily may not be advisable especially in the months of January, March, April as well as September.

Profession - Work related advantage is available to you as you have enough help and support from others, even to the extent that financial advantage will be available as a result of these good forces, but from May to December you will have to consider your obstacles as challenges so that you are able to move forward.

Finances- On the financial front you are not able to plan as effectively as it is needed, that is why your savings may not be as adequate as they can be. Some amount of improvement will be visible towards the end of the year in November and December because you will be able to associate with your loved ones and take their help and guidance as well.

Profession - In the first four months of the year there can be disagreements at your workplace, lot of peace is needed so that your dissatisfactions do not bother you, even thereafter between May and October this uneasiness may prevail although you will be trying to do better from your side.

Finances - On the financial front you may be taking too many risks and chances, especially between May and December you will have to take that care from your side so that it does not lead to any financial disagreements as well. Putting your money into risk in this period is not advisable and lot of protection is needed. Some carefulness in handling your savings is needed in the months of March, April as also in June and December.

Profession - Work related situation shows normal ups and downs which is not so much of a problem, you need to improve your motivation and remove that uneasiness which you carry in the form of dissatisfactions, despite your growth and achievements you may still be stressed as far as that motivation is concerned. From May onwards your knowledge and your skills will be supportive towards you and will give you the accomplishment of your desires.

Finances – on the finances, luck will continue to help you and support you. You will also be able to help others with your prosperity. Giving back to society or meet the needs of others is very essential.

Profession - Work related situation has no adverse story to tell, and for that reason your dissatisfactions between January and April must be kept under control. Even from May to December you will have to take decisions which bring more of stability and less of upsets on the professional front.

Finances - In terms of finances you are passing through a period which continues to show a lot of goodness, but your impulsiveness in expenses and not handling your money carefully is getting reflected, that is where constant care may be needed all through the year so that wastages do not increase, especially in the months of June and September this care is all the more needed.

Profession - Work related situation seems to be strong and happy and without any problems, but as far as the rewards from work are concerned you may not be as happy as you should be, but there will be an improvement on the pattern of your thinking in this regard in November and December.

Finances - As far as your financial aspect is concerned leading to savings you may not be as happy, but you have to understand that this is still a good period both on the professional and financial fronts in many ways. Your wastages must be avoided in the months of July and August as well as in October and November.

Profession - Work related situation is showing very rapid developments all through the year, there will be more of advantage and some periods of carefulness which you may have to remember. In the months of April and May your motivation must remain very high, but there may be stress and misunderstandings in September. Similarly you have to face your professional obstacles bravely in December.

Finances - On the financial front you have luck on your side in many ways, you are able to plan your finances and convert your savings into assets, but despite all this goodness your financial dissatisfactions may be there up to April, thereafter from May to December you will be in a better state of mind to remain motivated and to get financial auspiciousness as it is needed.

Profession - Work related situation shows lot of advantage for you because your knowledge and skills are helping you immensely, this is a motivating period which must be used properly so that you must get full advantage, luck will smile on you between May and December and you will generally be happy with that.

Finances - On the financial matters this period requires lot of care, you may earn a lot but you may also loose in the same proportion, that is why a lot of planning is needed to handle your money and to avoid your wastages. Towards November and December circumstances will become stable and make you handle your financial situation very pragmatically, therefore it is very essential that you do not put your money into any kind of risk as it is not required, special care of this front is needed in the months of February as well as in October and November.

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