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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wednesday 5th December 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal

Mesh – The problems of relationships will have to be understood, and there are many problems on account of which nothing is moving smoothly.
Do – Whatever you are speaking or saying is showing lack of trust, that is complicating the matters further and problems are increasing.
Don’t – Don’t be too aggressive in conveying your thoughts, you will have to keep a lot of patience for a while and not enter into conflicts at this stage.

Vrishabh – Personal life issues are not as well placed, in home and family there can be pressures which you are trying to resolve.
Do – You will have to create a lot of peace and faith in your own mind, only then you will be able to understand as to what others think.
Don’t – Don't be too aggressive and critical about others, finding fault in others all the time is not going to help.

Mithun – Changes and alternatives may be strong on your mind, and in that attempt you may be able to increase your knowledge and skills which can be beneficial.
Do – There is a fear that you may be quite directionless in your efforts, that is not desired because that will lead to unnecessary wastage of time.
Don’t – Don’t at the same time forget that if someone is trying to take undue advantage of you then that situation has to be protected, whether from your partners or at your workplace this kind of carefulness is needed.

Karka – You may not be happy with your financial situation as much as it is desired, but actually it is not a question of money but possibly your savings which you want to grow.
Do – Money may be one of the reasons of your problems in personal life at the moment, that is why you will have to discuss your matters and find an amicable solution.
Don’t – Don't still have unnecessary dissatisfactions on your mind, that is not going to help because that is not letting you appreciate the goodness of this period.

Simha – Work situation is strong and stable and there is no problem, but your dissatisfaction arise from the fact that you are not happy with the obstacles shaping up again and again.
Do – To create a balance in personal and professional life is very important, and to do that you will have to understand the strength of your work which is abundantly available.
Don’t – Don’t think of changes all the time, that is not going to help because that cannot create the stability which you wish to achieve.

Kanya – There are too many ups and downs in your personal life and that is why you are stressed also, but despite this you will realize that circumstances are generally favorable and without any problems.
Do – Avoid being too liberal in your financial outflows, that will put unnecessary pressure and create problems for you which are avoidable.
Don’t – As a result don’t blame your luck or your circumstances if you are under problems, basically you are creating those factors of stress yourself on account of your extremes of thinking.

Tula – You have stress and the fear of the unknown on your mind, you are thinking that something will go wrong and that is how you are becoming a bit too rigid also.
Do – Look at the positive side of the picture and you will realize that circumstances are generally favorable, whether on personal, professional or financial terms situation is quite comfortable.
Don’t – Don’t let anyone hurt you or harm you at your back, you have to therefore understand those hidden factors where people may be scheming against you.

Vrishchik – If you want to connect with others then you will have to support others, even if they are being wasteful from their side you will have to still be appreciative of their viewpoint.
Do – Work is important and your commitment is generally positive, and for that reason there is nothing really to worry and situation will remain under control.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your performance has too many ups and downs in it, you are not able to create that regularity which is generally required.

Dhanu – Issues which are created in your mind are causing problems, that is the reason that you are stressed most of the time at this stage.
Do – If you try to test your luck then something will go wrong, and that is why this is a weak period where you will have to keep a lot of patience.
Don’t – Don’t let any wastage overpower you, even if you are trying to be good to your loved ones you should not create that wastage from your side.

Makar – Relationship angle is strong and you are able to derive a lot of happiness out of it, but there is a fear in your mind that something will go wrong and that is not right.
Do – Stay peaceful and convey that peace in relationships, in home and family you have to be very careful that any extremes of thoughts do not overpower you.
Don’t – Don't also neglect your financial planning as this can be a problematic period, any risk at this stage must not be taken.

Kumbh – Issues in home and family are such that you have to have trust in others, whether for your own loved ones or your partners that will help you in many ways.
Do – Disagreements are such that you create them in your mind, and that is why your forcefulness is the main reason for your problems.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have to associate with others and support others, in turn you will get lot of goodness and happiness which will please you.

Meena – On account of extremes of your thinking you are not able to perform as much as it is desired, you have the ability but your efforts are becoming quite directionless.
Do – Health related issues can also be there because you are not taking adequate care, that is why investigations or treatment may be needed.
Don’t – Don’t therefore create any uneasiness in your mind as far as some love relationship is concerned, you have to understand that everyone has his or her viewpoint which must be considered from your side.

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