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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Monday 3rd December 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Personal life peace and happiness is ensured, as a result you are able to fulfill the needs and desires of your loved ones also.
Do – Your work situation also requires that you should associate with your partners and well-wishers, that will help you to resolve those issues which you carry on your mind.
Don’t – Don’t still have uneasiness on your mind just because people are overpowering on you, don’t therefore expect that everything will be resolved automatically.

Vrishabh – Your efforts are positive and satisfying, but you are also becoming a bit too rigid from your side.
Do – Try to understand that success does not mean that you do not care for others, real happiness from success comes when you take others along.
Don’t – Don’t therefore doubt the intensions of others around you, that can complicate the matters further and take you away from your loved ones.

Mithun – Financial prosperity is indicated and there is no problem, but this situation is making you a bit egoistic also especially in any kind of discussion.
Do – This is a mixed up period as far as relationships are concerned, your goodness is getting reflected but there are problems also side by side.
Don’t – Don’t say anything where you are yourself not convinced, otherwise it may lead to a situation where your efforts also may go waste.

Karka – Your self confidence is high but still there are deficiencies in some form or the other, you have to therefore understand the need to fix your priorities.
Do – Personal life issues in home and family may seem stable but may not be so, there are many hidden factors which are in the form of hindrances which you will have to understand.
Don’t – Don’t forget that lack of trust in relationships is going to play its negative role, don’t let any such situation emerge where your differences convert into conflicts.

Simha – Your wastefulness is indicated because you are becoming too aggressive, that is where some moderation is needed.
Do – Adverse situations are motivating you to do better in life, especially if there are pressures and problems in relationships you will have to understand this factor.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have to trust your own loved ones, but somehow your own thinking is becoming a bit negative and you are not able to do so, don’t let that happen.

Kanya – Financial prosperity is indicated and you are happy with that, but at the same time this situation is making you disinterested in whatever you are doing.
Do – Your performance will give you adequate rewards, but it will also bring side by side certain conflicts which will have to be resolved.
Don’t –Don’t forget that carelessness in financial planning can lead to bigger problems, indirectly it is a kind of obstacle which you are creating for yourself in your personal life.

Tula – Work related situation is strong and stable and you are happy with that, but the factor which must be highlighted is that you have the ability and that must be used properly.
Do – Your loved ones are supporting you to improve your confidence in life, and that will further make your situation strong and stable.
Don’t – Don’t forget that the linkages of this period show that you may become unfair towards others, especially in what you speak you have to avoid that kind of negativity.

Vrishchik – Luck is generally helping you and favoring you, but your too much dependence on luck is also not right.
Do – This is a period which shows travels and changes, and you will find happiness out of those travels also in my view.
Don’t – Don’t therefore have dissatisfactions on account of your work, if you use your time in different directions then work is likely to suffer on account of that.

Dhanu – Stress and pressures and there on your mind but that is of your own making, you will have to avoid thinking in terms of extremes.
Do – Overall pattern of financial prosperity is indicated, and whatever you do will become fruitful in my view.
Don’t – Don’t forget that confusions of your mind can play its negative role, you have to think logically and remove those dissatisfactions from your mind.

Makar – People will be helpful and supportive towards you, your partners or well-wishers will also associate with you very well.
Do – Work related situation is strong and you will be happy with that, but the best advantage will be reaped with your continued commitment.
Don’t – Don’t forget that carrying distress on account of money is going to further cause problems, it will make you more impulsive and create wastages which is not right.

Kumbh – Health related issues will have to be addressed, but that is something which needs care on a constant basis.
Do – Changes may seem to be lucrative but will have to be undertaken with care, because there are many linking issues which are not as clear.
Don’t – Don’t forget that despite rewards you are not as happy with your work situation, even with your partners or well-wishers your dissatisfactions can grow.

Meena – Relationships are strong on your mind but may not be as stable, there are many hidden factors and issues which can be complicating.
Do – You may be putting your money into risk and that is not right, that can be an indirect loss which has to be avoided.
Don’t – Don’t forget that health related factors need adequate care, especially if it requires understanding of the problem then that must be done.

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