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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Friday 21st December 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your own thinking is leading to disagreements as well as problems, and on account of that you are not able to associate with others the way it is needed.
Do – You are getting away from your loved ones and that is the problem of this period, and the bigger problem is that your thinking is becoming negative.
Don’t – Don’t let a situation emerge where you hurt others in whatever you say to others, because that can be a bigger problem of this period which must be corrected.

Vrishabh – Some love relationship is strong and you are committed towards that, and whatever pressures you carry on your mind with regard to that will also have to be removed.
Do – If you are thinking of converting some friendship into a bigger relationship then there may be some ups and downs in it, but the fact still remains that this period is vibrant for thinking positively about others.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you will have to trust others if you want something better to happen, in relationships that aspect is always very essential.

Mithun – Personal life issues are continuing to be troublesome on account of small issues, you are yourself creating those issues in your mind which is not right.
Do – The negative impact of this period is that you are harming your professional situation as well, that is the reason that your investment in business is also not giving the best rewards. Changes at this stage may not be as advisable, hence any big step will have to be taken with care.
Don’t – Don’t therefore find fault in others whether they are your supporter or your partners, you will have to also try and appreciate their point of view.

Karka – You are trying to come close to someone for whom you care, and accordingly luck is helping you to connect with your friends and well-wishers.
Do – Borrowing money from others may have its own pattern of ups and downs, and therefore whatever financial dealings you want to have may have to be avoided.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the need to plan your funds, that will remove the distress of your mind also

Simha – Money is important and you are able to utilize it properly, but you are worried and stressed that whether it is leading to any kind of loss.
Do – Hindrances at workplace will have to be avoided, and the one way to do is to improve your performance to a level that it becomes a bigger force for you to convey to others.
Don’t – Don’t therefore think that changes are going to solve your problems, that is something which cannot give the expected results at this moment.

Kanya – Work related situation will help you and your partners will support you, this period therefore suggests that you should try and be supportive towards others in the process.
Do – Partnership angle therefore is well reflected which can be beneficial, but the process of doing that from your side may have its own ups and downs.
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationship angle in family may be supportive, but love relationship may have its own set of problems.

Tula – Luck may be helping and favoring you but wastages are uncontrolled, and that is the reason that you are getting into stress in many ways.
Do – Work is important and for that reason you may have to trust others, because the moment any trust is lost it can lead to bigger conflicts and problems for you.
Don’t – Don’t forget that better financial inflows can be a factor of motivation for you, and that will help you to resolve the obstacles of this period as well.

Vrishchik – Routine types of issues and problems will continue to bother you, and on account of that you will be creating further financial pressures for yourself which can actually be avoided.
Do – Relationship angle is becoming vibrant and you will have to trust others, carrying any lack of trust at this stage may still continue to show those ups and downs which have been there for a long time.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that hindrances is the part of scheme of your own thinking, you have to become very humble from your side to accept the viewpoint of others.

Dhanu – Work related situation is such that you are not able to take decisions, there can be situations of alternatives which you may have to consider to give you that advantage.
Do – In the process there may be disagreements in personal life also, but those disagreements are there in an attempt to bring goodness in your life.
Don’t – Don’t therefore create distress for yourself on account of all these circumstances, various aspects will have to be seen and decided from your perspective as well.

Makar – Luck may be favoring you and professional circumstances are supporting you in terms of rewards, and to that extent your own positive performance will be supportive in many ways.
Do – Your knowledge and your hard work will bring results and that is the bigger reflection of this period, but you will have to not only prove yourself in your own eyes but also in the eyes of others in the process.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your seniors or bosses may be unhappy with the irregularity of your performance, and on account of that you may have to face some obstacles as well.

Kumbh – You have the ability and your performance will speak for itself, and as a result your luck will also favor you to get bigger gains.
Do – Bigger gains does not mean that you take impulsive decisions in any manner, taking any big decision will have to be done with lot of carefulness.
Don’t – Don’t forget that any decision towards family or property will have to be taken with firmness, if there are thoughts of instability then those decisions may not be accomplished.

Meena – Personal life issues are able to bring happiness to you in many ways, even to the extent that your associations or partnerships may be helpful in your work situation as well.
Do – You have the ability and that ability will reflect in many ways, even in resolving those obstacles which are cropping up you will be benefited.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your efforts and hard work should show some amount of regularity, with that kind of involvement your success will definitely be ensured.

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