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Monday, December 3, 2012

Tuesday 4th December 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Relationships are important and family happiness means a lot to you, you are devoted towards that and that is why you are getting that warmth from others in return.
Do – You will have to help others and support others in many ways, that may include financial help also.
Don’t – Don’t get into problems on account of your own rigidness, if you remain good to others then circumstances will continue to be stable for you.

Vrishabh – Excellent period for your efforts to be positive, but somehow the problems are not getting resolved even by doing good from your side.
Do – Relationships seem to be under stress and your positive outlook is also not helping you to resolve those issues, that is where the problem lies. Stay committed to what you are doing and that will resolve many issues, unnecessary changes may be avoided at this stage.
Don’t – Don’t forget that if you are a student then this is a positive period for you to work towards your goals, but diversions of mind can take away precious time and that is something which has to be understood.

Mithun – Financial prosperity is indicated and there is no problem on that, but that prosperity will have to be used in such a manner that people are happy with you and appreciative of your efforts.
Do – The strength of relationships in home and family has to be understood, because they are going to support you in anything which you may be trying to do at this stage.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your knowledge has to be used in such a manner that you convey that to others, you have to prove yourself at this stage and let others appreciate your strengths.

Karka – Your self confidence may be high and that can be a positive factor, but somehow you are using that forcefulness to take very diverse decisions.
Do – Anything which bridges the gap with your loved ones is welcome, and as a result you will be able to resolve those old and lingering problems at the same time.
Don’t – Don’t forget that this can be a happy period in your personal life, circumstances therefore are helping you and favoring you to solve your problems.

Simha – You may be thinking of financial gains but in effect you are wasting those gains also, that is where the problem lies because you are not able to control your extremes of thinking.
Do – Your friends are helping you and supporting you, but you are not able to appreciate that help as much as it is desired, but the problem is in your thinking and not with your friends.
Don’t – Don’t therefore loose your sleep over matters which are not as relevant, becoming aggressive in your thoughts is not desired.

Kanya – Financial prosperity may be stable but a better realization of this fact has to come, the rewards from work are well placed and that must be improved.
Do – Discuss your matters and convey your thoughts, but that should be to improve your overall planning in life at this stage.
Don’t – Don’t think that money can resolve everything, there will be disagreements and those will also have to be handled very peacefully.

Tula – Work related situation may be strong but there are many thoughts of changes and alternatives on your mind, and you have already taken those steps to move in that direction and there may not be any coming back.
Do – Still consider whatever step you are taking, luck may be favoring you but many aspects need to be considered.
Don’t – Don’t forget that this is a positive period in many ways, your overall sense of well being and prosperity is also indicated side by side.

Vrishchik – In your own aggressiveness you are becoming wasteful from your side, that is why the pattern is such that you are not taking adequate care from your side.
Do – Whatever aggressive plans you have must be considered favorably, anything done under the forces of confusions can lead to further problems.
Don’t – Don’t forget that there is need for you to have trust in yourself as well as in others, only then you will be able to understand the viewpoint which people carry about you.

Dhanu – Pressures and problems are continuing to be there, your past memories are also contributing towards this uneasiness which you carry.
Do – You still have to be positive from your approach and look at the brighter side of the picture, and that is only possible if you try to understand that people are generally supportive and helpful towards you.
Don’t – Don’t have a critical attitude of finding fault in others, that is not going to help because that can annoy people around you which is not desired.

Makar – Luck is helping you and circumstances are favoring you, but routine types of issues are continuing to bother you at the same time.
Do – Try to understand the goodness of this period which is reflected in terms of your knowledge and skills, and accordingly you will be able to accomplish a lot from your side at this stage.
Don’t – Don’t forget that this is a favorable period to show your complete devotion in whatever you are doing, that will provide that opportunity for you to achieve beyond doubt and that is important.

Kumbh – Relationships may be moving steadily but you are stressed, because you want things to be resolved urgently and without any delay.
Do – Stress and pressures therefore are going to be there, but that is because of your own aggressive and slight negative thinking.
Don’t – Don’t therefore look at the problems all the time, problems are going to be there and that is a reality, but then you have to look at the goodness which is getting created in terms of your relationships.

Meena – Some love relationship is strong on your mind but you are not realizing its problems, your own people in home and family may not be supportive of you in whatever you are trying to think.
Do – Problems are there on many fronts, sudden issues may crop up to cause upsets also, that is where care is needed.
Don’t – Don’t therefore think of your own desires and thoughts all the time, you also have that tendency of ups and downs where you may change your viewpoint.

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