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Friday, February 21, 2014

Saturday 22nd February 2014, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are worried on account of changes which are occurring in your life, and that is why there are continued pressures on you as to what you should do.
Do – The most important thing at this stage is to maintain regularity in whatever you are doing, taking one step forward and two steps backwards is not going to help.
Don’t – Don’t doubt your own abilities in any manner whenever changes occur you have to connect with others and take the guidance of others.

Vrishabh – You are stressed for your financial position and your savings, the fact is that you have liabilities to repay for which strict financial discipline is required.
Do – Disagreements will have to be avoided as that is not going to help, and constant stress which you are carrying can have health related implications also.
Don’t – Don’t try to connect with others with stress and doubts on your mind, because the purpose with which you are taking those steps may get defeated with that kind of mindset.

Mithun – You have the ability to work hard and yet you are not able to do so, whatever you are thinking is not giving you enough confidence in your mind.
Do – Some love relationship is strong on your mind and yet you are having apprehensions, you think that people may not support you adequately.
Don’t – Don’t try to be careless as far as your financial dealings are concerned, even for trying to help others you have to be clear in your mind as to what you are doing.

Karka – Your worries connected with relationships is actually increasing your distance with others, even in home and family that conflict of mind is not looking good.
Do – Personal life issues take priority, try to understand as to what others think so that you are able to find solutions for that.
Don’t – Don't ignore the needs of your professional career, a very strong performance is needed for your success and that is where your deficiencies are getting reflected.

Simha – You are worried that your money may get stuck, but actually the fact is that your financial planning at this stage is not as proper.
Do – Make efforts in a manner that you are able to show your abilities and your strength, and that is how you can bring happiness in your life at the moment.
Don’t – Don’t be apprehensive about the motive of others, whatever your elders are trying to suggest may have some meaning behind it.

Kanya – You are neither happy with your own performance nor with your partners at the moment, and yet you have to understand them and connect with them.
Do – Financial aspect is such that lot of care is needed, because the needs are growing and your family may want you to support them.
Don’t – Don't therefore get into any kind of disagreement in any manner, if there are issues connected with property or inheritance then don’t get into conflicts.

Tula – Whatever you are speaking may lead to misunderstandings, and those repeated issues which are continuing to be there will have to be addressed.
Do – People may try to connect with you and that is the reason that you have to be open to the feelings of others, communication in any form is going to help you.
Don’t – Don’t be stressed unnecessarily with regard to your work, you have to find interest in whatever you are doing and only then that success will come.

Vrishchik – Relationships may not be as comfortably placed, and on top of it you are becoming very sensitive within your own mind.
Do – Thinking in terms of extremes is making you negative in your thoughts, that is where a constant effort is needed to remain positive in your mind.
Don’t – Don’t try to take any decisions in any hasty manner, this is a period where lot of patience is needed and you can postpone some decisions which are not immediately required.

Dhanu – You are carrying stress and pressures on your mind with regard to family and finances, possibly that is the reason that you have to look at the positive side of the picture also.
Do – Whatever efforts you make towards your loved ones is going to be helpful, and on account of that you will realize that every step forward is in the right direction.
Don’t – Don’t therefore be negative in your thoughts, don’t create issues in your mind unnecessarily as those are not going to help.

Makar – The stress which you are carrying on your mind may be on account of health issues, and that is why lot of care is needed at the moment.
Do – Work is important and your loved ones are important, you have to find a balance between the two and also find time to be good to others.
Don’t – Don’t be stressed unnecessarily as that is not going to help, if there are pressures on your mind then they have to be addressed one by one.

Kumbh – Your performance may not be enough and that is why you are worried for your career, but bringing about unnecessary changes in that out of pressures is also not right.
Do – Think rationally and work hard, this is the period to prove yourself in the process.
Don’t – The deficiencies of this period are evident, but don’t constantly depend only on others to help you, you will have to have trust in yourself to bring about those positive changes.

Meena – You are not satisfied with people around you in home and family, and constantly you are finding fault in others which is not right.
Do – The problems of this period are reflected in such a manner that you are putting yourself into some kind of difficulties, but thinking in terms of extremes is also one of the reasons of these pressures which you are carrying.
Don’t – Don’t put your money into risk and don’t say anything which is inappropriate, a lot of restraint is needed so that there is no real harm.

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