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Monday, February 10, 2014

Tuesday 11th February 2014, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – On one hand you are helping others and on the other hand you are not happy with others, that is where the actual problem lies.
Do – There are lots of ups and downs of your thinking and some irregularities of your efforts, despite these pressures gains are still coming, you have to improve them.
Don’t – Don’t let your performance get reduced just because you are stressed and dissatisfied, you have to understand that auspiciousness in life has to be built step by step.

Vrishabh – There may be lots of confusions with regard to your health condition, but you seem to be too busy in your work or in making yourself financially sound.
Do – You must try to understand the problems of this period, health issues are one and financial issues are other, both of them have to be addressed.
Don’t – Don’t let your relationships get into any kind of stress just because there are misunderstandings, it is better to convey your thoughts in such a manner that you portray your goodness in the process.

Mithun – You want to take some relationship forward and yet you are not having enough confidence in that, that is why there are too many mixed influences which you are going through.
Do – Luck may be helping you and supporting you and your loved ones in home and family are with you, hence whatever decisions you take you will get adequate support in that.
Don’t – People around you may have their own motive and their own agenda on their mind, that includes your friends also who are trying to assess you with lot of suspicion.

Karka – Disagreements in home and family are there because you are dissatisfied with others, that is why your negative thinking is causing all these problems at the moment.
Do – Find a balance between your personal and professional life, relationships as such will have to be kept peaceful from your side.
Don’t – Don’t try to test your luck in any manner, don’t for that reason put your money into any kind of risk as that may lead to more of problems.

Simha – You are getting all kind of support from people around you, and yet you are not happy because there are interlinking dissatisfactions also going on side by side.
Do – You have many financial responsibilities towards others, but you will be able to fulfill all those needs from your side without any problem.
Don’t – Don’t put yourself into any kind of difficulty by increasing your expenses, that can be a big hindrance at the moment which must be protected.

Kanya – You are not happy with your savings although you are able to meet all your needs, and therefore take your hurdles as challenges of this period.
Do – Try to take the help of others at the moment, that aspect will further strengthen your size in relationships.
Don’t – With your carelessness don’t create any issues and conflicts around you, people are important and you have to give them that importance from your side so that matters are kept under control.

Tula – There is a sense of dissatisfaction which you carry on your mind, under these forces any aggressive decision will have to be avoided.
Do – In any decision making you are giving a lot of importance to relationships, but you must have practical viewpoint on your mind in comparison to emotional issues.
Don’t – Don’t ignore to associate with your elders at the moment, whatever cannot be achieved with your hard work can still be achieved by taking the blessings of your elders.

Vrishchik – Your wastages are on account of your confusions and dissatisfactions, as such you are becoming very liberal at the moment which is not right.
Do – Peace has to be maintained at every step, any aggressive thought process can lead to more of problems which are not right.
Don’t – Don’t for that reason increase your expenses in any manner, don’t put your savings also into any kind of risk as that is not going to help.

Dhanu – Your financial position is strong and stable, but you are still not able to find that peace and happiness which is generally required.
Do – Associate with others to get the confidence and motivation which is needed by you, your performance is dependent on these two things very much.
Don’t – Just because financial position is stable don’t become wasteful from your side, have trust in your own abilities and your performance and you will achieve much more.

Makar – There are many dissatisfactions which you carry with regard to your work, that is why you are constantly under pressure and under stress.
Do – Maintain that peace and maintain stability in whatever you are trying to do, ups and downs of your thoughts are making you more and more negative in your thought process.
Don’t – Don’t let any distance get increased in personal relationships, you have to try and understand others and only then those conflicts will be resolved.

Kumbh – You may be blaming your luck but luck is helping you adequately, for that reason relationships are also stable and vibrant and there is no real problem.
Do – Work related advantage can be achieved with your positive hard work, that is the typical indication of the chart on account of which you must remove those doubts which you carry for yourself.
Don’t – Don’t get stressed for financial planning which you have to do, if there are any liabilities then you have to try to repay those loans also.

Meena – Your problems are on account of poor handling of your finances, on top of it you are thinking that circumstances are against you.
Do – You have to improve your circumstances from your side, you have to bridge that gap which has been created in relationships.
Don’t – Don’t consider obstacles of this period as problems, this period is trying to teach you a lot and guide you to move on the right direction, that is the bigger blessing which you carry.

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