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Monday, February 17, 2014

Tuesday 18th February 2014, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are getting into issues and differences unnecessarily, you have to maintain a lot of peace from your side so that these problems are avoided.
Do – In some love relationship if you get into problems then it is going to impact your personal peace, therefore you have to understand that to remain happy is a bigger purpose of life.
Don’t – Don’t think rigidly or negatively about your own loved ones, you have to remain caring and helpful towards others which is very essential.

Vrishabh – Your efforts are positive and whatever you are doing is going to give you success, for that reason your performance is going to be supportive towards you at the moment.
Do – Personal life issues in home and family are well placed, you will be able to implement your thoughts and achieve success, for that reason keeping others happy is very essential.
Don’t – Don't in the process become rigid in any manner, remaining caring towards others is very essential, don’t therefore find fault in others.

Mithun – This is period to take care of your loved ones, whatever you do at the moment is therefore going to be helpful in that direction.
Do – Some investment is possible which you can consider, you can therefore take steps towards bringing that happiness in your personal life in a big way.
Don’t – Don’t think that life is easy in any manner, but at the same time whatever you want to make out of life is quite possible and achievable.

Karka – Your positive motivation will help you and support you, your hard work should therefore be in the right direction.
Do – Remain committed and pointed in whatever you are doing, because that is where you can get that advantage in life which you want.
Don’t – Don’t put your money into any kind of risk in the process, if any investment is needed to implement your thoughts then you have to wait for the better times to come.

Simha – Taking care of your finances is very essential, and that is why you have to plan more adequately than what you are doing.
Do – This is a period which will make you help others, but in the process you have to consider your financial position also more pragmatically, whatever you speak must have that goodness inherent in that.
Don’t – Don’t be impulsive in any manner, because that will impact your savings also in the process, that carefulness is needed.

Kanya – Financial aspect is well indicated and there is no problem, whatever you are trying to do at the moment is therefore going to be supportive.
Do – There is a risk that you are becoming careless from your side, that is why conflicts or differences of opinion are appearing which will have to be controlled.
Don’t – Don’t annoy people around you, don’t be wasteful in the process, don’t let things slip out of your hands unnecessarily.

Tula – You may be very forceful in your thoughts with regard to your professional career, that is why you want some changes in the form of alternatives.
Do – Care is needed that you protect your relationships, constant change of thoughts or change of decisions is not going to be beneficial.
Don’t – Don’t try to test your luck unnecessarily, circumstances are generally stable but any impulsiveness on that front can lead to more of problems.

Vrishchik – Luck is favoring you and helping you on the financial front, and therefore you will be able to bring that happiness in your personal life also from your side.
Do – Routine types of day-to-day issues may continue to bother you, but if you keep a practical approach then circumstances will continue to favor you, have that goodness in you on a regular basis.
Don’t – Don’t at the same time feel stressed for issues connected with your work, if you are not in a mood to involve on a particular day then you can relax and wait for a better day to come.

Dhanu – Psychological issues can be there with regard to your work, but still it should not demotivate you in any manner.
Do – You have abundant ability in you which must be used rightly, but there are ups and downs of your thinking which are not letting that happen, that is where some protection is needed.
Don’t – Don’t think negatively about people around you, they are generally helping you and supporting you but may also be trying to guide you in their own way, you have to appreciate that goodness also from your side.

Makar – Relationship angle is generally stable and you can discuss your issues, that will help you enormously in taking your decisions.
Do – People may not be as happy as you expect, that is why there is some amount of carefulness which is needed and which you must understand.
Don’t – Don’t get into issues unnecessarily where peace can be maintained, you have to speak mildly and convey your thoughts in such a manner that you do not cause any upsets.

Kumbh – Stress is any manner is not advisable, because small issues can increase that stress in your mind which is not right.
Do – People are supporting you and helping you and you should take that support, as a result you will find that generally people are guiding you on the right path.
Don’t – Don’t create issues with regard to some love relationship, you are creating those issues in your mind and they are in the form of negativity of your thoughts, don’t do that.

Meena – Relationship angle is strong on your mind and you want to take it forward, but the circumstances are not supportive because your own loved ones are not helping you in any manner.
Do – You have to understand the views of your loved ones, you have to interact with them and connect with them, that will help you to find solutions which you want.
Don’t – Don’t increase any conflicts by any harsh word, anything said carelessly or in any angry manner can lead to bigger problems.

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