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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wednesday 5th February 2014, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are undecided in your mind for various thoughts, you want to bring about major changes but there are many confusions on your mind.
Do – This is a period where concentrating on your work may be more advantageous, and for that reason people may be generally supporting you and appreciating you.
Don’t – Don’t become rigid in your thoughts as that is not going to help, in fact there are many obstacles connected with that rigidity which is not right.

Vrishabh – Your impulsiveness is leading to more of problems for you which are complicating your situation, and you are becoming very sensitive also for those very reasons.
Do – Disagreements in home and family will have to be avoided, but more than that you have to safeguard yourself from any kind of loss as well.
Don’t – Don’t make your mindset such that everything leads to problems, conflicts and disagreements are a part of that problem which you may have to face.

Mithun – You may not be happy with your relationships as well as your financial position, but the reason for this dissatisfaction is that you have very high expectations.
Do – Your efforts may not be adequate and yet your performance is stable, with that kind of goodness you can still continue to achieve a lot.
Don’t – Don't let disagreements increase in your personal relationships, some love relationship may continue to have its own share of problems, don’t let that aggravate.

Karka – You must involve in your work in a more pointed manner, for that reason you may have to remove any kind of doubts which you have on your mind.
Do – You have to create interest in whatever you are doing, whether in terms of your studies or with regard to your personal life issues, that kind of involvement is very much needed.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the strength of your abilities which you have, your knowledge will help you and for that reason you must have trust in yourself.

Simha – Luck is favoring you because you are able to work hard, and that is why whatever negative thoughts you have on your mind may not be as valid.
Do – Your performance is dependent on the forcefulness with which you wish to move forward, despite ups and downs of pressures and stress you still will be able to accomplish a lot.
Don’t – Don’t let any disagreement arise in your home and family, as such you are supportive towards others very well and that can be a blessing.

Kanya – You are becoming stressed and you are thinking in terms of extremes, possibly that is the reason that you are becoming angry also within your own mind.
Do – Despite all kinds of disagreements you have to still help others, this period can also be supportive to try and understand others from your side.
Don’t – Don't let your savings get eroded in any manner, and therefore you have to curtail your expenses also which are increasing.

Tula – Trust others and help others, and you will realize that this overall pattern is giving you a lot more in return.
Do – Consider whatever options or opportunities are shaping up for you, and you will realize that your financial position will also improve on account of that.
Don’t – Don't find fault in your partners or supporters, you have good people around you whom you can trust.

Vrishchik – On account of your own impulsiveness you are becoming wasteful from your side, but more than that it is a situation of carelessness which is emerging.
Do – Health concerns are increasing and that is something which will have to be remembered, you have to therefore find peace in your situation at any cost.
Don’t – Don’t let any misunderstanding arise just because you are trying to take big decisions, even discussing your matters at this stage may not solve your problems.

Dhanu – You may not be happy or satisfied with relationships, you have to therefore remain caring towards others in every sense.
Do – Your abilities can shine and give you the rewards, for that reason whatever you do can bring you success and that is important.
Don’t – Don’t let your expenses increase just because you are stressed, maintaining peace at this stage can help you in many ways.

Makar – Stress and pressures in personal life are getting reflected, that is why you are moving away from your loved ones and trying to involve in other areas of life.
Do – Work related situation can be strong and stable, that is possibly the strength of this period which can help you to grow.
Don’t – Don’t at the same time neglect your personal life issues, relationships will have to be nurtured and you cannot let any distance get created.

Kumbh – You may not be satisfied with the efforts which you are making, but still a lot more is achievable even with that small effort which you are able to do.
Do – Circumstances are supportive and luck is favoring you, and that is why you have to shed those doubts which you carry on your mind.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the goodness of this period which is getting reflected, work will improve and financial rewards will grow, and all this is a blessing for you at the moment.

Meena – You may be stressed for your finances and your savings, and despite that stress you are still putting your money into some kind of risk.
Do – Trying and testing your luck at this stage may be advantageous, you have to therefore maintain a lot of peace and avoid getting agitated.
Don’t – Don't increase your problems by saying something which can actually be avoided, you have to therefore understand the bigger purpose of saying something or doing something and if is not advantageous you should avoid getting into that.

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