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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sunday 9th February 2014, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – You may be getting gains but you are also likely to waste them, that is why a clear understanding is needed as to what you are doing.
Do – Depending on luck may not be advantageous, regularity of your own efforts is going to be more beneficial, that is something which you will have to understand.
Don’t – Don’t increase your wastages because of your ups and downs of thinking, instability in any manner can lead to unnecessary pressures also.

Vrishabh – Your positive efforts are continuing to give you rewards, but the fact of the matter is that you are becoming a bit careless also at the same time.
Do – Day-to-day problems cannot be ignored, you have to understand them and address them from your side to find solutions.
Don’t – Don't waste those unexpected gains which you are getting, they will have to be used properly for your personal and professional needs.

Mithun – Wastages are continuing and people around you and your loved ones have to understand that, their needs are growing which only you have to meet.
Do – Some love relationship is continuing to be strong on your mind, but you realize and understand the problems associated with it.
Don’t – Don’t be unstable as far as your work is concerned, lot of regularity needs to be maintained to get that bigger success.

Karka – Financial aspect is well indicated and there is no problem, but you have to become very mild so that differences of opinion are avoided.
Do – Try to strengthen your personal relationships as much as possible, for that reason try to understand the needs of your loved ones around you.
Don’t – Don’t get into any kind of conflict from your side, because that can lead to unnecessary problems for you which will be difficult to handle.

Simha – Changes may be strong on your mind but you have to understand as to what you can actually accomplish, your performance therefore is more important which requires your involvement.
Do – Friends mean a lot to you and you are always associating with them, but you have to understand the priority of this period which requires that you should work hard.
Don’t – Don’t ignore those unexpected opportunities which are shaping up in relationships, that is why whatever you communicate with others can give you happiness.

Kanya – Luck is favoring you and that is a blessing, and as a result your overall happiness in home and family is ensured.
Do – If you have to discuss your matters in home and family then you have to do it with lot of politeness, only then that goodness will be achieved which you want.
Don’t – Don't ignore the views of your partners towards your work, they may be unstable in their thoughts but still there may be lot of advantage for you in the process.

Tula – You have to find peace in your professional advantage at the moment, for that reason you have to look at goodness around you in every situation.
Do – This is a highly positive period because you can work hard, but in the process if you address those obstacles then your success can be bigger.
Don’t – Don’t be rigid in any manner, because that can lead to differences which are actually not there and hence the pointing finger is towards you.

Vrishchik – Luck is supporting you and helping you, as a result your financial position will remain stable.
Do – The problem of this period is that you are becoming too aggressive from your side, that is why you are inviting pressures and problems for yourself which is not right.
Don’t – Don’t put your money into any kind of risk unnecessarily, don’t expect that you can please others in any manner.

Dhanu – Your stress and pressures may continue for a while, but still there is lot of goodness which you are able to gather in the process, associate with others as much as possible.
Do – While trying to connect with others you have to show that peace and regularity towards others, that is very essential as that can help you enormously.
Don’t – Don’t show any rigid behavior at the moment, don’t be aggressive in your viewpoint as that is not going to help.

Makar – Relationships may seem to be strong and stable, but there are associated pressures which you are not realizing.
Do – Changes at your workplace will have to be undertaken with carefulness, you should not expect something which is difficult to achieve.
Don’t – Don’t ignore your health as that can be an area of concern, for yourself or for your loved ones that can be something which you will have to keep on your mind.

Kumbh – You can find happiness in your personal life with a little bit of carefulness, you have to condition your mind in a positive manner and think good about others.
Do – There is ample happiness available to you in the process, your friends, your well-wishers are with you and trying to support you.
Don’t – Don’t underestimate the positive role of luck at the moment, relationships can prosper as a result and you can be immensely benefited.

Meena – Your forceful efforts can bring you bigger rewards, your motivation can help you to achieve success in your professional career also.
Do – Obstacles of day-to-day nature will continue to be there, but that is something which is to be handled on a regular basis.
Don’t – Don’t think that peace in personal life can be achieved automatically, you will have to associate with your loved ones with regularity to get that happiness.

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